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Varicose Veins

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Looking for any birth stories from mamas with varicose veins, particularly on the vulva -- I have them there and down the backs of both thighs. I'm at 34 weeks with my second baby and getting really scared about pushing and the head crowning since I'm so swollen and it hurts just to go to the bathroom.

Any support would be appreciated!!!! Also, anything in particular that helped during birth. like hot compresses, certain positions, etc.?
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I've heard good things about the hammalis homeopathic remedy for this. I haven't tried it orally though. I had some painful labial varicoscities early on this preg. I took 60 mg. of bilberry herb & it went away! Bilberry is known for helping maintain vein & skin integrity, reversing eyes problems as seen in diabetes related complications and is an effective anti-oxidant. Compresses of witch hazel or aloe applied directly to your perienieum (SP?) (your bottom!) might be soothing & healing too. A nice topical cream that has the hammalis homeopathic in it is Nelson's Hemmoriod cream. Nice stuff there!
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my baby isn't going to be here for another couple mo., but I too have varicosities in my vulva and on my legs.

the things that have helped me have been:

vitamin E (400 iu additional to my prenatal in my 1st trimester, 200 iu additional in my second and now third, too much can cause retained placenta)

good support stockings. I hate things on my belly, so I was able to find some stockings that only come up to my thighs, but stay where they are put.

a v-support device. this was a gift (it was about $50, which I wasn't able to afford myself) and looks like, well, a jock strap. it isn't alot of fun to wear, but on days that I am aching in my vulva, it really is a helpful tool.

drinking water constantly and avoiding caffiene. even a small amount gives me problems.

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Thanks for the tips ladies, particularly the herbal remedies; on my shopping list. I also am wearing the V support garment.,.. just lovely isn't it?

and Celestial definitely let us know how the birth goes.
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