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Hi Meg's Mom,

No, I'm not Catholic. I was raised Baptist. Dad was a preacher. But I joined an Assembly of God Church that my husband attended before we got married.

Using a Biblical name was DH's only requirement for naming the baby. His sons are Caleb and Seth, both Biblical names, so he wanted to keep up the tradition.
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LoveLife feel free to PM that curriculum info.
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Hey there! I'm on vacation and not getting much internet time, but I wanted to say welcome to MDC!

There isn't much drama on the due date boards here, of course they're also not always as active as DDCs on other board...which is why I post at both! I'm a junkie, lol, what can I say.
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Hey Rachel! Glad to know there are others here that I "know". LOL
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Hi, and welcome!

I'm also a former teacher (high school math). I'm one of those statistics who didn't make it past 5 years before quitting. I spent a year doing something else before ds was born. Now, I stay home. But, maybe I'll go back one day. I loved teaching, but hated the politics.

Anyway, I used baby signs with ds. I just bought a book about it and then bought a used ASL dictionary for reference. It was such a wonderful communication tool. I basically just used it for communication purposes before ds was talking a lot. He gradually and naturally switched from using mostly signs to using mostly words, and now only uses a few signs in conjunction with words. But, I figure he'll learn them all again when we start signing for his new little brother or sister!
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ITU about the politics of teaching! That is one reason I'm not teaching this year. Nice meeting you!
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I'm also a teacher statistic - I quit after four years to do quality assurance and tech writing for a small computer company - it was supposed to be a summer job but they asked me to stay and I accepted - so much less stress!

That said, I miss teaching as well and probably will go back eventually.
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Count me in as another teacher, here. I'm an elementary media specialist, which means I have both a teaching degree and a masters degree in library science. I love my job, but I have serious issues with schooling in general, so I don't want to make it a lifelong career. My expectation is that I will stay with it for another six years until I am vested, and then quit.
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