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What is WRONG with me???

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Oh, I've been feeling really awful today.

Feels like I have a pill stuck in my throat, and I've not taken a pill - and I keep trying to BURP or drink something and it doesn't help. After I eat it clears up for a while, and then its BACK....

It can't be a Preg. symptom I'm only around 4-5dpo

Anyone have any idea? Or how I can get rid of this LUMP IN MY THROAT feeling.....

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I've had that feeling too, sometimes, but I think mine actually occurs after taking a pill. But I've had a similar feeling of heaviness in my chest, as if I have air trapped in it. It happens sometimes when I sleep, and I have to pound on my chest to try and move the air up. Maybe this is caused by a hiatal hernia, I don't know.
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Oh, and I should say that the last time I had that feeling, I ended up getting a sore throat and laryngitis, so maybe it is a sign that you are getting sick. It's not a usual symptom for me, but maybe it's a different kind of cold virus.
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Thanks Amy,
I actually ended up burping for around four days, it just went on and on. Yesterday it started to ease up a little bit, although last night I started to feel like I was going to lose my voice. Very weird. I'm ok this morning.... so far (it normally starts an hour or so after I get up)
Thanks again
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Just wanted to let you know that I got my first PG symptoms (dizzy spells like I've never had since) at 4dpo with my last pregnancy.

edited to add that the dizzy spells lasted well into the second trimester, so I know it wasn't just coincidence.
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Wow thats pretty early.
Well the burping/lump in my thoat feeling went away FINALLY - after nearly a week. I'm so relieved.
Perhaps it was some kind of preg symptom - cause I now have BIGGER boobs, and they're slightly tender - something I never get, even if AF is on the way - and thats been going on since Thursday or Friday.
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Well, I finally had enough and went to the doctor today. He found a lump on my thyroid gland - so I guess we're not TTC anymore.......

I'm going in for an ultrasound on it tomorrow to get a better look, I just wish they could stop this nasty feeling.

I made an appointment with my homeopath for the 11th as well, perhaps he can help.

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I'm so sorry Chelly. I hope you get some relief quickly and that everything is okay. I will be thinking of you.

Please keep us updated. Hang in there.

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