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Warning:This is gross!

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I have a rash. It started in my arm pits, then went to under my boobs and now it is all up and down the creases on my groin. I got the under arms under control and the boobs aren't that big a deal but my groin area OUCH! I think it's yeast because it STINKS! I've tried a couple different creams and it isn't touching it down below. Any suggestions? I am about ready to give up and go to the doctors. I use natural deo, natural soap and it's not from perfumes or such. I am at a loss as to what to do next. It does not itch but it hurts and burns like hell when I put anything on it like yeast cream or Mivita. Help! Tina~
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I had that only it stayed in my pits. I get it every pg. I've used a yeast cream (youch but eventually worked) or Grapefruit seed extract (diluted) on it to clear it up. Also cut the processed sugars and carbs (if you eat them) and try to keep the areas clean and dry. If all else fails I'd call your care provider to help b/c it is a painful thing.
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I'm not sure of the exact syptoms but have you checked out Fifth's Disease? I know it's a rash and you can get it during pregnancy. Maybe do a search or ask your dr. about it.
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I read about fifth disease and I am sure I don't have that. I am sure it is a yeast infection. I just read about it on line and it described my rash and its where abouts to a tee. I guess I will have to call the doctor in the morning and have her call in a script. My son and I have been sick with the flu/colds for over a week now and I am sure my immune system is pretty run down. Also because of the holiday weekend I ate way too many carbs and sugar and I have to imagine that just fueled the fire. What a drag! It really hurts. Thanks, Tina~
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Gentian Vioelt should help.
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Yogurt, lots of garlic!

Yogurt with no sugar or fruit in it, you can apply it topically and eat it.

Because you say your immune system is alreayd low, I would suggest increasing your intake of vitamin C, and taking some echinacea. Both are safe during pregnancy. I've done it several times for colds, etc. and no ill effects at all. Garlic is also an immune system booster, and naturally kills "bad organisms" like bacteria, yeast, and viruses. People use a whole garlic clove insterted into the vagina for yeast infection. I haven't needed to do this myself, but I've heard positive testimonials from several people that this helped a LOT with yeast infection. Maybe eat a salad with a vinegar/olive oil dressing and raw garlic... that would certainly give you a nice immune system boost!

Hope you feel better soon!

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