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I wear DD (20 mo) like that. She loves playing with my hair and laying her head on my shoulder. I do the chest belt and tie up near my chest area. Otherwise I'd totally selfconsious about how big my breasts look amidst all that tightly drawn fabric.
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Originally Posted by iris0110
I would love to try this, but what size and type of fabric would I need for it? Would a twin sized sheet work?
I think that would be too big. You would need something about the size of a beach cover-up/sarong. About 1 yd. and 1/2 long and 48" wide. If you do the knots, go with the 1 yd. If you do the twist and tuck, the fabric should be the longer length.
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When I first started with wraps, I used a Moby (stretchy) and had trouble with the over-the-shoulder carries, and found that back carries that way were no good with the stretchy ... so tied her lower down and around the waist, very similarly. It was very comfortable that way. But the wrap was way too long to do it easily, and I never left the house with it because it didn't feel too secure (and since a wrap is way too big for it, it probably wasn't).

After practicing and getting better with higher back carries have found the higher ones (as in over the shoulder, as in the Tibetan) better for me, so not doing the around-the-waist ones anymore.

There are wrap vendors that sell kanga-length versions of their fabrics, *much* shorter than the wraps. Or so I was told ... have not checked that out myself.
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wow what a great sourse of information you all are.

i am waiting 4 weeks for my tube sling, and have been using a long cloth kinda my own way, but i will try these methods, they look way better than what i was able to come up with, thanks
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Ok so I was so intrigued that I bought this http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1
to try out as a carrier. I guess if I don't like carrying ds2 this way I can always use it as a sarong or something.
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Very cool! Good luck. I'd like to know how it goes if you don't mind.
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so how do they hold newborns ? or do they use a different type of carry?
i just cant imagine holding my 2 month old this way, but maybe i'm missing something?
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In my culture, Igbo from Nigeria, you don't do the carry until the baby is at least 4 mos., where his legs can spread across your back and he can properly support his neck and head. It makes sense because traditionally a new mother wouldn't be out and about before the baby reached 4 mos. Up until ds reached 4 mos., I carried him in a Moby wrap.
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ooh ok. thanks:
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I used to carry Emma on my back all the time in a Tibetan, I guess. Like this. I got some fabric and just put her back there. When she was youonger, I hoisted her over my shoulder, but now i put her on my hip and kinda shimmy her around. Emma's legs starting getting red and she'd push up in my wrap, so I started just putting her in a mei tei instead. Once when I was at my grandmother's nursing home, one of the aide's, who is from Africa, asked about my wrap (which didn't have the baby in it at the moment, my mom was holding her in another part of the place). He said, "That's how my mom always carried babies. Is that from Africa?" I thought it was really cool, especially since I didn't even have her in it and he knew what I was wearing. When I first started, I practice with a cabbage patch kid and then I only did it with my dh or somebody around to spot me till I got more confident. I could never just let my baby sit there like they do on mamatoto, m ine wiggles too much, so I have to use one hand to hold her and then other to manipulate the fabric around.
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Originally Posted by Valz
How do you do the tibetan carry?
here is where I learned it:


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Originally Posted by thorn
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Wahoo! I am soooo excited to find this thread! My father grew up with the Yoruba in Nigeria and I have been looking for instructions on african carries. can't wait to try this! I have some beautifl cloth to use, too! Thanks for the mamatoto link! Now ds can make his Oga proud!
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You know, I have some really pretty red fabric that would work perfect for this. This kind of carry looks like it would be so comfortable and easy. I have twins though, so I would have to wear one and not the other...I hate that.
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You could wear the other one in the front in a mei tai probably. Or maybe in a sling.
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Those sarongs on Ebay are so gorgeous I mat just have to buy one now. I would love to put my little miss on my back so I can do laundry and stuff lol I'm sure my hubby would like that to he hs this thing about clean underware Who knew life with three babes would be so chaotic.
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