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Room for a newbie?

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Hi all. I am here after another disappointing month. I really thought that this was the month, but I guess my brain was playing tricks on me. I just started AF today, Again. We have been TTC for 14 months. I was diagnosed with PCOS in september. So now here i sit, wondering what to do next. I KNOW i am supposed to have more kids. I have never had a problem with getting pregnant in the past, so this is new to me. I even got pregngnat with triplets while on BC 6 years ago. and had 3 more kids after that.
I just dont get it,why now it is all stopping. MY ob and mw are thinkgin I need to starts "ovulation induction meds" I am not thrilled with this since iH ave a very hard time staying pregnant once I hit 5-6 months. and thethought of multiples scares me since i have lost mulitples in the past....

SO I am here to read and learn from everyone else...
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Welcome, Melissa. I am sorry to hear of your difficult journey ttc. Trying to have a baby shouldn't be such a painful process. My dh and I have been ttc#2 for 17 months now and it sucks.

This infertility forum is a bit dull (ie, not tons of daily traffic). There are a couple of threads in the TTC area where everyone chats, the 30+ TTC for an eternity thread would welcome you, and I think there is a PCOS thread too. I highy recommend joining one of those to get the support an advice you want. Though of course you are welcome to post here too, its just that I've found those threads to be better for me.

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Hang in there. I was TTC for 2 years when I finally became pregnant. I was also diagnosed with PCOS. I was given Metformin drugs (boy, it made me run to the bathroom a lot!), and finally was on Clomid...after a couple of cycles, it was a success.

Best of luck,
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My advice is get the PCOS under control first, then come back to ttc. If you try to ttc while you still have uncontrolled PCOS, you sort of end up in a cascade of meds...starting with Clomid. With your worry of multiples, I would hesitate to head there yet. Go check out the PCOS thread, and see what kind of tips they have for you.

Are you on Metformin/glucophage now?
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