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I am Dr. Jay Gordon's co-author for the book, "Good Nights: The Happy Parents' Guide to the Family Bed." Last week I was trying to get the positive word out about the family bed after the NIH study, and I got in touch with Time Magazine. Dr. Jay usually handles interviews, but when the reporter called back, I was in the middle of nowhere on my cell phone and she was on deadline, so I did it. I was happy to see today that the article made it into the magazine, and that although the article is short, the reporter quoted me on the little-known "side effects" of the family bed, such as many FB children having more independence later in life and being less prone to peer pressure. It was refreshing to see an article with very limited space actually discuss these findings, and not focus solely on safety.

Unfortunately, the article doesn't seem to be posted on the Time web site, or I'd provide a link. But if anyone happens to see the Jan. 27 edition of the magazine, it's on page 60. (The reporter also mentioned our book's web site, It's in bad need of updating, including a link to this wondeful Mothering site! That should come soon. If anyone needs a little reassuring reading, just click on the "Reassuring Reading" button when you're on our site, and enjoy!)

Happy co-sleeping!

Maria Goodavage,
Mom of a former family bedder who I thought would never, ever let me get a good night's sleep; she has turned into a champion sleeper. There is hope!