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tandem nursing question

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I have a one week old and a almost 3 year old toddler.

How do I balance out the nursing? Since my milk is coming in and one side seems to have more than the other side? With one child I would always make sure that I would start on the side I finished on at next nursing session.

With a toddler...how do I do that?

I try my best to nurse them both on each side so its even.

One side makes too much and its painful.

thanks for tips
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I know this is not what you're looking for, but I'd say not to worry about it too much. Whenever I had one really full side for the first couple of months I had to start the toddler there b/c the baby would choke during let-down and pull off. I'd just watch the baby's poops and if they get too green make sure she gets to finish off a side a bit more often.

I say, when you're tandeming, if the baby is growing well and you're not losing your mind, the details aren't worth worrying about. You're doing a great thing (that's what I keep telling myself) for those kids, keep it up!

and Take care of yourself, too.

nursing Emily (3.3) and Hazel (6 months)
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2nd to nancg's comments.

Have found that newborns sometimes have trouble with fast let-downs that come with engorgement, and it's so helpful to have that toddler there to "start it off."

As long as you check the diaper situation, really, don't worry about it so much. Breasts don't come with measurement indicators, anyway, so you'll just have to watch your baby grow to make sure it's working ... as you can be sure it will ...

Enjoy ...

- Amy
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First of all...congratulations! Secondly...welcome to tandem nursing!

Some tandem nursing mothers find that nursing the baby on one breast and the toddler on the other is the best way to even out supply. Others find that nursing baby on the same side several feedings in a row and then switching works best. It may take your body a few weeks to figure out how to properly regulate supply vs. demand...hang in there, you're doing great!

Mom to triandem nurslings: Alexander (4 yrs), Zachary (2.5 yrs) and Haley (7 mos)
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Tandem nursing is soooo worth it. Everything said so far makes sense, I'd agree that letting the toddler nurse when you feel really full first, helps ease the let down for the newborn. As far as the lopsidedness, maybe try to let your toddler nurse vigorously on the not-so-full side, while your newborn gets the full side, to see if this will regulate your supply. Keep at it, because in time your body (and your babies) will figure it all out! And remember to enjoy yourself despite the lack of sleep, because it won't be this way for ever! Good luck!! I have so enjoyed tandem nursing my two youngest, now 3yrs and 20 months, and both still going strong!
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