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Did anyone else get the spins just reading the Flylady site?

I just visited and I thought I would faint from the lists of things to do! Maybe I'm just the laziest person on the planet, but I can't imagine having that much stuff to take care of.

Maybe I just didn't realize how much stuff it's possible to have on a daily list. I don't have pets, plants, mirrors in bedrooms or hallways or living rooms, candles, or film; I don't bathe twice a day (shower in the morning and bubble bath at night); I only have sneakers so I don't polish shoes; I never send cards or letters; I only have to go to the post office about every 3-4 months and I only go to the bank once a month (no hurry to balance the checkbook - I leave in enough to pay the bills and take out cash for groceries and gas once a month - what's to balance?); no dishwasher to unload since we use 7-14 fewer gallons of water per day washing dishes by hand once a day; and Date Night? I let my honey know when I'm about to be fertile and then we do it like hormonal rabbits for three days and don't bother each other til next month! (But I am perimenopausal and we're old so it works for us!)

I absolutely DO love her morning and evening meditation/ prayer time, though. I think that's probably the most important "task" of the day, and it's usually the one we throw out first. (Does Mothering.dot have a spirit forum?) I don't need a "renew the spirit day"; I want to be spiritual when my daughter asks me if she can go to the mall and when I'm grocery shopping and when somebody cuts me off in traffic. That's when I need it the most!

I'm glad when I have nothing to do every day at least for some period of time. Even when I had little ones, the best days were the ones we made sure we had nothing to do time so we could go for a walk or cuddle or whatever we FELT like. But I just don't want to miss living today just to take care of stuff I won't miss when I'm dead! I don't mean to be critical; I guess I'm just a bit flustered and surprised at the scope of that site.
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Rabbithorns, you crack me up.

The most gracious and hospitable mother (of five, no less) I've ever known was also hands-down the least concerned housekeeper. Her kitchen was spotless at all times, but outside of that were dustbunnies that would frighten cattle and soapscum and hair in the sinks. Her home was always warm and gracious, though, and full of interesting people all the time. International students at Thanksgiving, gatherings for the university students every month or so, ladies' book groups, etc... Good hot coffee and tea and lots of books and chairs and end tables for drinks. Small animals and a big garden in the back yard. Happy, creative children.

That's the life I aspire to...
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I've figured out it doesn't take much to make my home semi-presentable and livable. Before people come over, I wipe down the skin and toilet in the downstairs bathroom, which takes about 5 minutes (the shower curtain gets closed;that gets scrubbed maybe twice a year when the in-laws come for an overnight); the kids toss the toys in a big bucket which gets dumped in the toy chest; my husband vacuums because we have a dog (which would take me 10 minutes; we won't talk about how long it takes him); and the kitchen counter gets cleared by any means necessary (dirty muffin tin back int he oven, etc.) and wiped down. And unless I'm feeling especially motivated, that's our housecleaning.
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srain, I like your style!

and klondikesky, I grew up around these family friends of ours. The parents were a doctor and a nurse who worked in his office. They had 6 daughters and the house was big for those days, but there were piles of stuff all over the house. Somehow it never made me feel as if it was chaotic, just piled. (my mother is a total neat and clean freak so our home was just bare and colorless)

But I remember going over for some holiday or another with my family and that year they had moved all the furniture in the living room against the walls and put a ping-pong table in the middle of the living room. This was about 1970 or so and it stayed that way until at least last year when I was back in town and visiting because the dad was ill and not expected to live much longer. Even though the girls no longer lived there (one had come back to take care of the dad), they had always made the priority a space that could be enjoyed. They never even got rid of the couches they weren't using. Just put magazines and laundry baskets on them!

I never loved a home more than that one.
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