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losing supply

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My dd who turned one yesterday is still nursing alot...for most of her food I'd say. I feel like I don't have enough milk for her lately. SHe nurses all night. I don't feel a strong letdown like i used too and they just don't feel full. But mostly the nursing all night concerns me. I am drinking Mothers Milk tea... what else could I do?
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You could pump in between your DD's feedings.

Good luck!
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Could you share more info? Has she always nursed a lot at night or is this more recent? Is she teethiing right now? Could you be pregnant? Are you a working mom? How are her diapers? Still wetting several good soaking dipes a day and pooping regularly? Not being very interestd in solids at one yr is actually quite common at this age, contrary to what many peds and Gerber would have you believe.
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She has always nursed alot. Come to think of it she is still having plenty of dirty diapers...like 4 or 5 a day, so I guess she isn't starving. I think she is between teething now having just got her eye teeth and molars in. But they might still be coming in more. So, maybe I just feel less full and less let down because I have been nursing so long.? She really is doing fine in the diaper area and is pretty happy usually so I guess i am not that worried. Thanks gals.
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Hey, you.

It is actually pretty normal for the breasts to feel less full after nursing for a year or so. They kind of adjust and aren't really an indication how how much milk you are making. FYI, I never once felt letdown AT ALL with Marian and nursed her for 15 months. So the super-strong sensation of letdown I've had with Leo came as quite a shock. Now at 10.5 months, I only really feel letdown about once or twice a week, but he still nurses plenty and I can her him swallowing.

As long as she is wetting/pooping enough diapers, growing well, swallowing while nursing, and seems content after a feeding, your supply is fine.
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