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Yucky Hospital Rooms!! I need advice!!

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Dh and I finally got to go see the maternity floor at the hospital last night...and I was sooooo disappointed!!
Apparently they redid the neonatal unit last year and the nursery (which my babe will never see!!), but they did nothing with the birthing rooms or whatever you want to call the post-delivery rooms. They are all standard small stinky hospital rooms...and worst yet (IMHO) the post-delivery rooms are all this HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING shade of green. ALL of them. (Can you tell that I really don't like green? Well, at least not pukey, minty green. A nice dark forest green I can deal with!)

The hospital I had ds1 in was so much more cozy (it's many many states away, so there is no chance of me going there...not to mention that the care there STUNK despite the rooms being nice!)

Anyhow...I need advice!!! What can I do to make the rooms more cozy? I really don't see us staying there any longer than absolutely necessary--and they do 'allow' for early discharge--but I need the space to be decent while we are there, KWIM?

So please oh please--if you have any ideas, let me know!
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I've heard about a lot mof moms bringing all sorts of stuff to decorate: pictures, pillows, a nice quilt, anything cozy. I even heard of one mom who brought a bunch of Indian blankets with her and just draped them over everything in her room. Maybe that would help?
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Well, if I had to give birth in the hospital, I would try to find one that would allow me to bring my own lamp, because I cannot bear fluorescent lighting at all. Or else I would try to sneak one in.

Aside from that, I really don't know. I know exactly what you're talking about -- I had to go to our local hospital recently and I was really struck by how cheap-looking and institutionalized it was. It was totally depressing and repelling, and I only had to be there for a couple hours. While I was there I started feeling sick. Psycho-somatic? Probably partly. But regardless, I wouldn't want to spend any more time there than I absolutely had to.
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Yes, maybe bring some art, or some photos to "decorate" with. (Maybe you can bring a friend or have your dh or doula help.)

Also, some hospital rooms have stereos - if yours doesn't, maybe you can bring your own and a lot of good music too.

Colorful blankets, shells, leaves, crystals, stuffed animals, stones...maybe?
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Do you have the option of using a birthing center? They are much nicer than most hospitals and I just found out that my insurance will cover ours here (I didn't think they would).
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They do have cd players in the room, which is a plus, and apparently the lights in the labor and delivery room are on dimmers. But other than that, they are standard gawdy hospital rooms. I have no clue how to go about making the space someplace that I can relax and focus on birthing my child (rather than having a medical procedure).

I'm guessing they can't complain too much if I cover the walls with things I want to look at, right? I don't think they would take well to holes in the walls though. Any ideas on how I might get wall hangings or something up with out damaging the walls?

I figure to bring some essential oils and a diffuser with me, so at least I don't have to smell that bleh hospital smell. Maybe that and music and my own pillow and blankets or whatever will help...

I'm really just so disappointed I had such high hopes once I heard that they had labor tubs and stuff. Now of course, I learn that they have ONE tub...that is first come, first serve...and ONE shower, that is the same.

I wish there were a birthing center anywhere close to hear, but I think we'd have to drive at least 2-3 hours to get to one. Not something I really want to do when I'm in labor
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I bet you could get some of that gummy stuff at an office supply store. I've also seen plastic hooks with a non-damaging adhesive on the back--you could probably get that at the same kind of place.
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oooooooooh good idea!!!!

The gummy stuff doesn't always last a long time, but who cares when you only need it for a couple of hours!

I swear my brain shut off as soon as it saw the pregnancy test go positive.
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I brought my own lamp that clipped onto the bed and a fan that clipped noto the bed. The fan was a lifesaver! It was too damn hot in the hospital room, despite it being august and the ac was on. Love that mini-fan!!! (plus it blocked out the noises from other rooms).

Now the food.. well, I'm vegan and they didn't have 1 single vegetarian item on the "menu". The dumb nurses kept bringing me jello and a wilted salad with ranch dressing. Pathetic. Had hubby run to the store to bring me food.
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I have worked in several hospitals and they take a very dim view of blu-tak or other such gummy stuff used to stick things on their walls as it often pulls off the paint, but you could probably use it on a window or a mirror or other laminated surface eg a wardrobe door
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Well maybe you can take advantage of the dimmer switches in the room to tone the light down so you don't have to see the walls so much? And your own comfort things, blankets, pillows, the difuser is a great idea too...
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