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Holy EWCM!!! Question included (possibly TMI)

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So my fertility is wacky. I had what I think was my first PP AF on the 2nd. I've never really gone through the normal cycle of CM but I'm consistent with what I do get. Lately though things have been off and I'm not sure if it's from my body trying to readjust or not. I have had TWELVE (yes 12) days of EWCM. There is no mistaking this either. It looks as if I dumped white out on my panties (sorry if TMI but that's the only real way to describe it). There is no question or hmmm's about whether or not it is. It's lasting all day too. Soooo....could this just be my body trying to reoragnize itself or something else. My cycles pre-pregnancy were 31 days and I am coming up on that. I say I think it was my first PP AF because it was very similar to the accounts I have read of implantation spotting. Don't know if that counts for anything in regards to my question. So tell me, am I just an overachiever in the EWCM field or is it something else?
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It sounds like your hormones are re-organizing themselves. My guess is that you'll ovul any day & notice a dramatic difference. I used to always start seeing ewcm 7 days before ovul. A couple yrs ago I went thru some hormone treatments that were wrong for me (didn't get updated lab work 1st). I had 3 cycles w/ 3 wks of lots of ewcm before ovul. When we stopped the tx, it went back to 7 days.
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I used to get loooong periods of EWCM as my body was gearing up to ovulate. Or I'd have a couple of days, then it would go away and come back.
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Well, I certainly can't offer you any info, as I rarely if ever see EWCM. But if you get tired of the EWCM, please feel free to send some my way. ;-) I have less than a day of it, so that makes ttc much more difficult.
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