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Huge, real ctx + more

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I'm aggitated, antsy... Been having ctx since about 4. They're huge and strong when I'm laying down. WHen I get up, they are still there but not as big. Lots of nice pressure either way though and baby is moving around a lot. I'm going to go pick up toys or something. I'm irritable. My DH is sitting there talking to me and I'm just like "shut up and say something useful" Ugh. My house needs more cleaning, laundry's not done... Which means its the perfect time for a baby to come. Oh and my tub? Water's getting murky. Fan-tas-tic. I got a whole houro f sleep and was awakened by this huge @ss uterine wave. I don't time these things, I'd guess them to be about 7 minutes apart? I hear third labors are unpredictable and if this is labor, it's already not what I expected. I hate being cranky. If this keeps up, I'll probably call my midwife to at least have someone to whine too and if it kees up, I'll also get to call Persephone so she can post for me Time to go do something. My DH suggested I "go find a quiet, dark hole, build a nest, like a cat" (p.s. Murphy's Law says that by virtue of hitting the post button, this will all go away....)

Namaste, Tara
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Tara, wow, sure sounds like the real thing. And not like you at all, which makes it sound even MORE like the real thing. Sending warm wishes your way for a beautiful labor (is it supposed to snow today???) and birth for Rythm OR an end to the way you are feeling and a relaxing, calm and comfortable day.

DH is pretty insightful about that cave thing. I've been feeling like that's exactly what I need for the last two days.
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How are you doing Tara? It certainly sounds like somethings happening! I was feeling something like that last night myself. Unfortunatly going to bed stopped all that.

If this is it, I wish you {{{{{ELV}}}}
Keep us posted!!!!
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I hope this is it Tara!!
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So.... Everyting irritated me. Cleaning pissed me off, not cleaning did. Ctx were just about 7 minutes apart, I finally looked a couple times. I'd lay down, get up. I whined to my DH, he went to sleep eventually. I sat on the ball and ate grapes. I got tired. I laid down, they kept coming. I evne went to sleep (sort of) and they kept coming until around 8 or 8:30, then they started to taper off. I was kind of happy because I realy was getting sick of being in a bad mood. I finally really went to sleep about 9 and just woke up (10:45). The pressure in my crotchital region is IMMENSE. I got up and sat on the toilet and my pubic bone cracked sooo loud to. I'm still kinda cranky, but now I'm hungry AND I have to go wake my DH up so he can empty the tub, which means these things darn well better stop because I won't have it for another 6 hours! I'm up now and just had another one and I'm seriously considering calling my midiwife to whine

Namaste, Tara
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O.K. Tara...just remember all the great advice and all the kind things you would tell all of us in this situation...take some deep breaths, have your favorite meal, stay positive, don't panic, have a nice hot shower or bath, get on your hands and knees and take some of that pressure off your crotch. Spend some time with your alter, say a prayer for your baby...all the good stuff that you forget to do when you're in pain and cranky! Your baby will come and it will be great.
Love and Light. Angela
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Tara, if you ever have ctx in the middle of the night again, go ahead and call me, if you want some company to complain to. I won't mind, I promise. I'm a doula, it's my job. (And I can then post for you if you like. )
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the suspense of it all........I hope things are calming down for you and what is supposed to happen is. Thinking of you and your family.
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I hope your baby comes out soon! Though, I'd be awful jealous! hehe
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