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We have been using cloth for the past few months, just for pee. I wouldn't mind using cloth for everything, but we don't have our own washing machine and have to go to the laundrymat.
So.. someday. My DD thinks it's really fun, so that's another plus!
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Originally Posted by Carlyn View Post
I did it! We have a little stash of cloths in the upstairs bathroom. Now we have to get in the habit of using them! And not throwing them in the toilet by mistake!
Haha! I did that for the first time last week. Took me a couple of hours to figure it out. But it didn't get flushed because I'm in the habit of waiting to flush until 2-3 pees.

Last night I went through DS's baby clothes and found a bunch of onesies that are too stained to be salvaged so I'm going to be cutting those up for family cloth. I found I like the cotton-poly material to the baby wash cloths we had been using.
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I've been reading about family cloth on here for over a year and was very intereted *someday*. But we have been on a tight budget the last few months, and when dh showed up with scratchy 1-ply toilet paper, I decided to give it a go this week. That stuff is NOT comfortable!

I LOVE it! I'm 4 days in, and it feels so much better than toilet paper. I just have suck a sense of satisfaction doing it. There are so many reasons why its better. I was sure my husband wouldn't go for it. But suprisingly, he was fine with trying it.

My set up is a little make shift right now, since I *couldn't wait* to get started until I had all the right supplies. I still need to figure out the ideal system for used cloth. And I just made my spray today.

I made some flannel paper towels at the same time, and I am loving flannel right now! It is so soft and absorbant. It works for everything!!!
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I just wanted to say that after reading this thread (some of it anyway), I went out to my garage sale stash, cut up some clothes and am now a convert.

I guess i never realized exactly what family cloth was. i had visions of each family member's cloth for the day hanging on a peg...not sure where i got that.

So thank you, ladies. You just saved the world a boatload of tp.
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I'll never forget the first time I heard "family cloth". It was here: http://ultimatemoneyblog.com/extreme...y-family-cloth I've given it a try and I like it!!
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Family cloth rocks! It's just me and only when peeing but I'm seriously thinking about doing it all the time now. I even had the woman I buy my cloth pads from make me 4 dozen pee wipes, which I love, love, love!
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Thank you ALL for sharing!!!!

The ease of my cloth diapering experience has caused me to contemplate family cloth. Tonight, with TP absent in my DH's bathroom, I was forced to use a finger towel. Wow!!!! I'm converted!!!!!!! And, your posts have made me all the more EAGER. Off to shred some shirts :-)
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I love it when this thread pops up
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My DH found himself on the toilet tonight with no tp in the bathroom. So he used one of the cloth wipes we use on 2 year old DS. He told me that he loved it!

Wow! I thought I would never bring up the idea of family cloth because he'd freak, but he was on-board. But he wants to use "real" cloth wipes, not washcloth or old t-shirts. Guess I'll have to order a lot more wipes with the new baby's order...
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Another convert here...I read through this thread, told dh what I was planning, and cut up some old tee shirts. He was all for it(for pee) which really surprised me. Haha, maybe he figured I was going to do it anyway...but he cares as much as I do. So yay...one more way to live better.
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I want to play, too!

But... I don't have any old t-shirts hanging around. I'm way too efficient at taking loads to the DAV. My dh does have at least a dozen t-shirts that are falling completely apart, but he's not willing to admit how far gone they are. And if he knew what I want them for... well...

Soooo... plain ol' flannel and some pinking shears? Shop the DAV for ratty ol' shirts? My concern with the latter is that I'm very sensitive to detergents and especially fabric softeners. My experience with Ebay is that every other person on the planet uses fabric softener, and it takes about 10 washes to get it out. So I don't think that'd work well for me. I have zero sewing skills... so anything that would not need hemmed would be the best.

I think I'll start using it just for pee... until the baby gets here and there are diapers to wash. And I do have a bean pot, but my MIL gave it to me... and I'm CERTAIN she intended it for actual beans.
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I bought cheapo flannel on sale at JoAnns and cut it up with pinking shears. Love it!

(we don't use fabric softener, either!)
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I switched a couple months ago. I sewed up a fleece bag that hangs where the TP used to and cut up all of the receiving blankets I've been holding onto for over 10 years. LOL. It took about a month to convert my DH. Just the other day he said "I saw toilet paper is on sale at work for $7.68. Then I thought 'Wow, that's $7.68 I can keep in my pocket now that we don't use it anymore!'" He finally gets it!
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My DH has been trying to convince us to switch to family cloth for a while and I finally said "let's try it." I am liking it so far, but have a washing question. It's AF time for me, and I have been rinsing wipes out in the sink before tossing in the cloth diaper pail for fear of staining. Do I really need to do that? Will it stain if I don't, we wash on hot. It would be nice to not have to bother, and I find myself using toilet paper to avoid having to mess with it.
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I have yet to see a blood stain on ours. You can always sun them if you were to have a stain that you wanted to get out.
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I also use mine during AF and haven't had any problems. Hope that encourages you to just put drop them in the pail.
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
When I originally got it this is what it called for (I can't remember where I got it though): Filtered water, Dr. Bronners liquid soap, Dash of olive oil, dash of tea tree oil. This is what I actually use now: Dr. Bronners Lavendar soap (just a splash or two), dash of almond oil, tea tree oil and then whatever other EO I have on hand that makes it smell pretty - lavendar usually. I also keep a stash of dry beside the wet ones - something to blow my nose with or sometimes dd prefers a dry wipe.
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We have a bidet with adjustable water pressure that is enough to take off all poop on its own, so there is no wiping at all. Just pat drying. Pat drying for pee too.
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I'm finally heading out to buy some flannel... 40% off sale today only, AND a 40% off coupon that applies even to sale prices.

My dd just got her first period, and I'm thinking that... eventually (like once she's made peace with what her bod is up to, she's currently less than thrilled)... she may find that soft flannel beats TP when parts are tender from rubbing against cloth pads. Cloth is gentler than disposable, but I still get a bit tender after a few days. I think cloth wipes would be maaaahvelous. Maybe she will, too. Hope I can find a print that she'll like.
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I made the switch and it feels so good! I already do a small load of cloth dipes and wipes for my LO almost every day so this really wasn't too hard of a change. I cut up a few old receiving blankets that are so soft, I only wish I did this sooner! Even my husband is on board (so proud ).
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