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No crush but shameless anyway ~ Joe Millionnaire - Page 2

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I knew curley hair would get dumped the moment Sara (the tart) hopped into the sack.

Well, he got his milk without buying the cow, huh??

Sorry to say I think Zorah is gonna win but he doesn't deserve her.

The curlyhead (Melissa?) and Sarah (blonde) were so catty we were all having a good laugh.

Now, serious question, why are so many men blinded by catty, nasty, slutty, golddiggers (oh, yes, the slutty thing is a givaway excuse the pun)

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I thought they really implied that he slept with both the evil twins... at which point I told my husband.... one of them is going home REALLY mad! I was pretty sure it would be Melissa also.
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I only caught the last ten mins. I am sooo happy the curly bit*h is gone!!!! She was horrible. Yes, he will probably choose Zora! My 10 year old son had named her his fav in the 1st episode. He doesn' t watch it but he did watch the first one!

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Well, she did say she was a mercenary. If she had any clue what it meant she would have realised that once her job was done she would be dismissed. No loyalty there.

Oh, and I loved how they showed the clip of her saying that in the 'previously' portion. Like they can't get enough of making her look as dumb as she is! She did handle her dismissal well, though. You have to hand her that.
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Yea, I'm pretty sure Melissa (curly) slept with him. She said "I don't want to get eliminated so I'm going to have to take it to the next level". And her flirtations (the lifting of the skirt, the laying all over him) were so blatant and just plain horrible. And then she even said "I'm about to make this very easy for you". They go into the bedroom and shut the door. So..there ya go, proof enough for me.

I think it was also obvious that Sarah slept with him. And what's with her smile? It looks so fake. She does the little coy, I'm a shy little girl type look around with the faintest little head movement. I can see right through it.

As always, I enjoyed Zora. She seems so real to me.

Yea, yea I know...I watched a leeettle too closely. LOL
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Curly: "Well, I think he sees me as a little sister, so I gotta do some strategizing. Invite him to go sunsetting." I never go Joe Millionairing for nothing Yep, and I agree, sh!t happens and in this show, so does incest apparently.

Indeed, bondage blondie is sooo fake. But so is Joe ("Now that I've kissed this girl, I really like her"), so he really believes she's not in it for the bux. Covering her hair while running the tarmac in southern France, WTF??????

I think Zora will "freak him out" too much at the end. A certain modicum of intelligence and straightforwardness does that to many men And he's already tasted the goods with bondage blondie, so he really believes he'll keep getting those even once she "knows" he spends his days on the excavator. "She's so cultured... so sophisticated...." She: "Uh, I'll have one of those, and one of those, too." WOW!!!! The sheer level of sophistication!!

I think that Zora would be relieved he didn't have all that money, or at least that her tv persona would be. So the whole denouement would be an anticlimax if she won. And she'd end up stuck with joe schmoe.

I can't wait for next week!
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Oh wow! I don't know what made me think of this but.... remember how before he had the big 'turmoil' (which was totally fake, IMHO) they showed him with what appeared to be a fixed position infrared camera in the ceiling of his room lying there in the dark, brooding or trying to figure out how to say gnocchi or something? Yeah... well, that means that they have footage of whatever happened in that bed. Even when the lights were off. He may have known the camera was there... but I really doubt the women did.
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Yeah... well, that means that they have footage of whatever happened in that bed. Even when the lights were off. He may have known the camera was there... but I really doubt the women did.
I can see it now -- Newest Fox Video Release: Joe Millionaire Uncensored -- The Naughty Outtakes!

I missed most of the show AGAIN! Rats. I am not a big TV watcher, but I did get sucked into this one somehow... it just seemed so incredibly cheezey that I had to watch it. One show and I was hooked. Unfortunately I have missed one episode and only caught the last bit of 2. I only caught part of Zora's date and all of Sarah's date. He is so into Sarah! She must have shown him one wild time... tie me up, tie me down.

Thing is, she is so outta there once she finds out he has no money... she is completely transparent and since that JM is not the sharpest tool in the shed, I don't think he can see it. DUH!

Sarah tries so hard to be something she is not -- classy and sophisticated. She is very attractive and well spoken, but she is also very one dimensional. And gimme a break, what is so refined about gnocchi?

So, although I want Zora to *win*, I don't think I want her to be the chosen one. In this case, I think being the chosen one is losing... does anyone agree?
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Oh yeah.. I said earlier this show creates the strange conflict of rooting against the woman you like. I was SO happy when Allison was booted! (She was the smart redhead who said many totally disrespectful, mocking things. Eliminated in Paris.) The show reruns Thurs. night if you care. Of course it will be agains the Wacko Jacko trainwreck, so....
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What a let-down with the clip show this week! I was sure they were going to reveal, but they just dragged it out and are making us wait till next week! ARGH!

But, they did admit that there will be a twist! What will it be? Let's speculate!

I think the girl wins some money, he will pick Sarah and he's gettin his ass dumped! But I'd like to think it will be more interesting than that.
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Two possible twisted scenarios....

Scenario #1 (which I doubt) Evan is gay...likes the butler (excuse the pun) but he was out humping with Sarah so I doubt it (unless he's bi)

Scenario #2, Evan is baing *paid* several milliions of dollars or else he really *has* inhereted a load of money but his regular daytime job is the construction worker.....girls are told he makes $19,000/year and if they're still sweet on him they get told the "rest of the story" like he's worth (fill in the blank) million dollars.

He'll pick Sarah because she's a cheap piece of ass but Zorah would have potentially loved him in spite of his humble means.


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Alright, I caught this entire epsiode for a change and thought I would be getting the answer to the burning question: who will joe schmo choose? When I didn't, I felt a little cheated. Whacha gonna do? Oh yeah, tune in again next week so Fox can make many more millions off of us poor suckers.

As far as the twist goes, I just don't know. I have been thinking about this more than any self-respecting woman should, seriously. : :

What has my life come to people?
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I know what you mean, tara...

I think he'll get a million or few for his efforts in bringing Fox multiple millions in unexpected advertising revenue. And that he'll pick Sarah ~ remember the shot where Zora cried in his arms, cut right after the shot where he tells the unknown winner that he's just a poe Joe? I think they cut it that way on purpose, and that the shot of Zora is where he told her off. After all, Sarah has already given him a "gulp... gulp..." BJ in the backyard ~ he's a simple guy with simple tastes...

Gay would be cool, but that's not something Fox will do I think.
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Ok, my theory is similar to DB's. He tells the girl he chooses that he has no money- she dumps his ass (or not)- he then tells her that he does in fact have the money, but that she just blew it because now he knows she is just after his dough. And is the surname Mariott just a coincidence, or is that maybe where his money is from?
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Do you really think she's a swallow-er, I sort of think she spits

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Spits. They just used the gulp-gulp for illustration.
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Spit. Or maybe she lets him paint the outside walls of the building.
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I can't believe this thread got buried, especially after last night.

I was not real surprised by who he picked, but I will be surprised if they stay together! :LOL

Anyone else surprised? I had a feeling that the twist would be that they'd get money. It makes sense that they'd reward the couple if they got together and all was forgiven.

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I was a little surprised that he picked Zora, his whole set up sounded like he was dumping her. I was a little annoyed at the repeated "mind blowing twist" to come at the end teasers. I wasn't all that surprised with the twist, my mind was certainly not blown.

He was kind of a jerk when dumping Sarah, he could have at least answered her question.

I'm glad its over, I got sucked in and it really wasn't all that great. But hey, they just started the new Survivor last week!
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I thought so too. I thought that the reason he didn't answer Sara is because the answer was yes. He did think it would matter to her, but he was too cowardly to say so.

I don't watch Survivor, I really like the Osbournes though, gotta love those dogs.

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