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No crush but shameless anyway ~ Joe Millionnaire - Page 3

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When I first heard about this show I thought..oh brother another dumb bachelor-type show but John(hubby)got me watching it. Since hubby lays down and watches tv all night while I play with Julia/cook/clean etc I miss most of it. Last night I watched with my mom and I was nice enough to record the last hour for John.
My mom and I both didn't like Sara and, even though if Zora won she would still lose...we figured she was still nice and that the twist would be money anyway..which I figured the butler was going to have. Anyway, we are happy Zora won and we figured she was so nice that she would still be with him. There's going to be a follow-up you know..it never ends! Neither does the MJ stuff!
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HOw many of you are going to watch next week?
I was really irritated with the twist thing. THat was the lamest twist ever. I was hoping for a "Joe's actually a woman" kinda twist. I know, he is the least feminine man on TV, but you get my drift...

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can anyone clue me in?

I missed it... we were in CA visiting the in-laws and just got back last night..

so he picked Zora.. what was the twist exactly? and what did Sara ask him that he didn't answer?

is this thing supposed to repeat tomorrow?

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Don't know about the repeats, but the twist was that the butler gave Joe and Zora a check for a million dollars (that they can split.)
Didn't really give reasons, other than he thought that Sara was more into Joe Millionaire than the real Joe. Which I guess is reason enough- but he wasn't brave enough to tell Sara that. He just said he didn't choose her.
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well, i only saw the last two shows, so i didn't get to know the people in depth.. but i thot the last show was very sweet! more precisely, i thot zora was really sweet, real, interesting and kind, and i was glad she was picked because it made me think joe saw throo sarah's little manipulations.. (and that's more credit for him, right?)

what you guys say about joe being a shmo may be true; like i said, i only caught the last two shows.. i definately thot he was a cheezer, and maybe lacking a little in intelligence, but what i saw of him in the last show, he seemed to be a sincere and happy man. they seemed to have real chemistry, and i thot that was sweet.
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Chichi mama, the choice thing went like this: the girls were called individually into the salon. First Zora. He told her how it had been such a roller coaster, so on and off between them, and she was sitting there nodding, a little sad because it seemed like she was out. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he said "I choose you." And after that, he told her about the money (or lack). She rolled her eyes, and stared away. Didn't say anything.

Next scene (about 15 mins of commercials later : ), in room with Sarah. He tells her about how it'd been such a blast, what good times they'd been having, and then about the money. This is where the whole show was worth it. Sarah put on the biggest fakest Hollywood grin you'll ever see (Meryl Streep couldn't act it like that if she tried) and says, "Do you think the money was important to me?" After a long silence (Evan not knowing any one-syllable words to express his deep doubts about her), he says, "I didn't choose you." Again that fake smile, even bigger this time.

She was shocked out of her mind. And he just kinda took off. Didn't even thank her for the BJ

Zora was to meet him later that eve, to tell him what she decided to do. If "yes" she'd get the diamond ring. After some stressful minutes and many commercials, she (surprise!) decided to show up (in an awful gown). She told Joe that the deceit was too much to bear, esp after all his "trust me" things, but.... that the money had been a turnoff anyway, and she'd like to "continue their journey."

RIng, champagne (lots of booze in that show... Anyone notice that?), she even endearingly asks if she can kiss him. Then the twist: The butler has a $1M check for them. Talk about an anticlimax...

DD wants attention. The real twist follows in 20 mins or so.... (Ha! I learned from fox!)
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Part deux...

See, the real twist was (imo) that they'd gotten Mellisa (curly b word) over there again so Sarah could shed her heartbroken tears in her lap. Among the quotes: (many were whispered but subtitled)
Sarah: "Hi, I'm Evan, I'm a loser with no money."

Melissa: "So did you kiss (?) him?" Sarah: "Just a little" (grabs rolled up sock, makes suggestive moves at her mouth with her tongue visibly in cheek. "Do you think that made me look ... (uh I forgot the word here. I think it was: ) "cheap?"

Sarah: "I'm so pissed off at him."

All of those in evidence of her love, of course. They also addressed the bondage thing ("I thought the foot pictures were meant for coffee table books")

Nice final modelling related twist: we all know Sarah was a bondage model. Well, Zora is too good for words. She's a knitting model... She's really almost icky. Like one of those Olympic stories, with Mariah Carey singing on the background, of a girl next door who makes it big because of her sweet personality and her hard work. Oh, and her belief in God and the Republican party, of course. Too sugary for words.

I'lll half-watch next week. Just to see Zora dump him after he fesses up about the BJ ~ I guess former pres Clinton has shown a whole generation of men how to do that :

Well, I enjoyed JOe M. And now, whenever I think that DH doesn't get it, I just think about Evan and realize how lucky I am. And I think of all those girls, and make him realize how lucky he is
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well, if they're all such pathetic laughable idiots, why waste your time watching it? zora seemed like a cool person to me, but maybe i missed something. sweater model? the fool.. :

and for the record, i didn't notice her roll her eyes when he said he had no money. she looked shocked, yes, and like she was absorbing the information. that's just my perception tho. who knows.

i just prefer to see the good in people.
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mamabeard, I have nothing against Zora. I'm sure she's a very nice person ~ I just don't believe that anybody who signs up for a "fight for a man you don't know" reality tv show to be broadcast by one of the most sexist channels in the country is ONLY innocent and well-intending.

As for the depiction of Zora as Miss Perfect: I believe that that's the producers, more than Zora herself. As with the "Sugary Olympic stories," it's the producers who show only the "disney" shots (that's what Evan called his afternoon with Zora and horses), and who put the soundtrack there, and who show all the b!tchy scenes involving the other girls. And don't suggest that I called her a pathetic laughable idiot. The only person I've called an idiot is Evan ~ and I stopped doing that when I found out that it's against the board rules to call people that I simply don't believe that I know somebody just because I've seen her on tv, and enjoy the speculation that these types of shows allow for and maybe even encourage.

I also did not suggest that she rolled her eyes for a particular reason. If you read this thread, you'll see that I wrote a few weeks ago that I though that Zora was turned off by the money. If you want my interpretation: I thought she rolled them because she thought that he was trying to woo her after lying through his teeth. Thassal. And I think nothing bad about sweater models. I just pointed out hte contrast with bondage models ~ who I have nothing against either, as long as they're honest about it.

Please refrain from putting words in my mouth or suggesting that you know what I prefer to see in people. Thanks
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okay, i guess i misunderstood you. and i didn't really see much of the show, so, i probably shouldn't have joined this thread anyway. your reasoning behind your previous posts makes sense to me, and i agree it was likely edited with the intention of us all falling in love with her, or whatever, so that we'd tune in again next time. also, i don't have cable; i was watching at a friend's house, so i never realized fox was a sexist channel. sorry, simonee, i didn't mean to put words in your mouth. all i really had to go on was the last show, which i thot, was kinda touching (at least moreso than i imagined it could be on a show such as this).. and the tone of the thread seemed so cynical. but i'm a romantic fool at heart.. so.. ignore me.
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.. oh and i still think zora was sweet.. and i think she looked like she could be demi moore and bruce willis' grown child..
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and :LOL on the Moore/Willis child
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So now I need the episode synopsis, can anyone fill me in on the last one - "the aftermath"? I missed it and am so curious to know if they are actually still dating, blah, blah. Maybe they will repeat again, like they haven't drawn the whole thing out long enough.

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didn't watch the whole thing, so am I not sure if i"m the best person to answer..

but it seemed like they (Joe or Evan & Zora) hadn't seen each other in three months and were 're-united' on the show.

so i guess now they will try to see how the relationship works out in the real world?
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Thanks! I guess it isn't all that great of a relationship if they haven't seen each other in 3 months. :
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i could be wrong, but I think they had to stay separate. protect the ending I guess
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You guys are right, they didn't see each other since the end of the show....3 months I think it was....so they were reunited.

I seen an interview with Evan somewhere else and he got a trip to Hawaii or someplace like that and the interviewer was asking him who he was bringing....and he just smiled....this was before the episode last night, so maybe he couldn't say anything yet....

I got the impression that they couldn't wait to get together outside of the show....they said something to the effect of getting a beer and getting to know each other outside of the context of the show.

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Zora was on Regis this morning.

She said they are not engaged and muttered a comment about Darva Conger under her breath (she has a sense of humor!)

She said he is happy on the West Coast and she is happy where she is. She said they barely know each other.

She said more than once they are FRIENDS.
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