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Endometriosis- need help

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Hi everyone. I just got back from visiting my SIL. I told her I would post her problem to see if you wise MDC posters had any advice. My SIL has severe endometriosis, to the point that she had her tubes evacuated about 2 years ago. The problem is, that she and my BIL have only been married about 10 months. She has visited fertility specialists who say she needs to do invitro fertilization, but her insurance doesn't pay (It doesn't pay for infertility and gender reassignment...don't even get me started on that one) and they really can't afford all of that. So, any suggestions? I am asking for all kinds...herbs, holistic medicine, funding options for invitro...you name it! Thanks for the help!
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Were her tubes removed? If so, then IVF would be the ONLY option. There are some states that have mandated IF coverage, but they are few.
If her tubes have not been removed then I probably wouldn't give up hope yet. However, endo can cause scarring and scars in the tubes make them more susceptible to ectopic pregnancies. IF really sucks and I am sorry she is going through this. We suffered with it for 3 1/2 years. Good luck to you guys.
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