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Alaina Rennae Born at home 11.28.05

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PICS added
graphic- if you look please post.
When I was pg with ds I did not know that people had babies at home. Then I came here- found out they did- and thought- Nice-.... for them.
Not for me.
Then i got pg again.... and a friend from here who lived locally to me emailed her midwifes info... and I thought... hmmmm... and then I started to read birth stories- and I really thought- hmm.... that just makes more sense to me- and if all these women can do this- then why can't I??
Of course i can do this. So ... I did.

We were "due" to have Alaina 11-16-05. We were ready to have her since the end of October- she was down and engaged for weeks! Plus I was all the way thinned out! So by my due date and no baby- I was antsy. I know I know- babies come when they want. But what about what I WANT!!!
So I took some homeopathics and some primrose capsules to try to get things moving- what it did was make me feel really yucky.
Come to find out her head was just not going the right way...

My parents who live 6 hours away came to spend Thanksgiving and we all expected there to be a baby- there was not. They left Sunday about 3.
I was told to get in hands and knees position to help get her lined into the right position, so I did...and it hurt- so I kept doing it- knowing this was a very good sign.
I played with ds- and just hung around on my hands a knees for a bit. He thought we were playing zebras!
About 7:30 I went to dh( Jeremy) and told him that I thought he better go take ds for a drive to put him to bed that I thought this might be it. At this point I really did not believe it really could be it tho!

I called Joanne- my midwife to let her know= I told her I thought they were about 45 seconds long and 10 minutes apart- but I had not timed them and was just guessing... She said to call back in two hours.

I called my new friend Phoenix and talked to her for awhile- she is using the same midwife for her first birth this February.
Between 8:10 and 8:20 I had 4 contractions- thinking it is time to call Joanne back. I was starting to have a harder time talking during the contractions.
Dh got home and I went out and transferred ds back into our bed.
Dh got to work on the pool and I called Joanne who said to lay down and see if they slow down. Slow down- NO!!! I want to have this baby!
So I sat on the couch and all of a sudden I peed all over. Kinda weird right!! I knew it was pee and not my water for some reason.
So I went and ran a bath and got in it to clean up. Contractions started coming harder now-... Phoenix called- and I had her talk to dh I did not feel like chatting anymore! I then got out and into tub a ton of times- to go to the bathroom. I called Joanne and told her she better come now since she had an hour drive.
Dh went to the grocery store to get labor snacks( we did not even eat!)
Dh got home worked on the tub- had trouble hooking up the hose to the sink( I told him to test it out- did he listen to me???) I kept gettig in and out of the tub. I also had some diarreah- not fun with contractions right.

I liked the birth tub alot.
I finally could get in the pool and thought that was a load of fun! My tub had fish on it and dh and I joked about it.

I finally told him to sit down- that I needed him. The tub was in our living room and right by the couch- so he sat on that and I laid my head in his lap while he rubbed my back and I swayed my bottom from side to side. I would say- I can do this I just have to get to the peak and then its all down hill.....
I just have to get thru the peak.
then it would be done. I had Jeremy call Joanne again to make sure she was coming. She was about 10 minutes away. I told Jeremy please! - do not let her check me cause I will be really upset if I am just at a 1!!!!
Well she did check me which was fine- I agreed- and I was at a 5 almost 6!!! half way there! In less than 3 hours!! I could not believe it! This was way less painful then my labor with my son and I got an epidural when I was 3 cm dialated and in TERRIBLE pain the 3 hours without it. I took stadol while they gave me the cervidil to thin my cervix.... and here I was at a 5-6 and joking around some!
So Joanne thought that the pool was not blown up right- it kept defalting( pool problem not dh) so Phoenix had an air compresser- and she brought it over to blow up the pool she stayed outside and dh carries in this HUGE thing- and it was SO LOUD! How ds did not wake up is beyond me!!!!
While they do this I get up and get a glass of water... using the counter to sway back and forth. I dance around in a towel in the living room for a contraction or two- then say- this really sucks and get back in. There is a large mirror in our living room- and I liked looking at my HUGELY pg body in it. I could not believe I was actually doing this!!!

Things start to get a bit intense and Joanne has me roll over from being head down in Jeremy's lap to sideways kinda- so I can submerge more in the water... that felt good. She held my hand while he held me and I looked into her eyes and she got me thru each contraction. We talked about Alaina- and I tried to focus on her. I called for my mom a few times but then decided that she could not help me anyhow. I felt this major loving energy in the room. It was magical in a sense. Amazing. Almost euphoric.

Sometime in all of this ds 2.5 woke up! He thought this all was no biggie really and we called Phoenix who came to get him. Ds took him outside to wait for phoenix and then brought him back in cause I thought the baby was going to be born. Phoenix got here and we decided she should just stay at our house with him- so they went thru the side door and she took him in the basement. He fell back asleep- while she listened to me have a baby( poor girl- due with her first in just a bit!)

I started to tell Joanne how I was really fearing transition. That I just did not think I could do it.... That I was SCARED of it. She said lets check you- 2nd check. Ok....



I had a decent resting phase-little contractions- but at this point any kind of contraction was not what I wanted.

I started to push and it felt good. I first started pushing in a semi squat holding onto Dh... then as the baby came down I flipped over into a reclined position. I wanted to see her come out- it did hurt a bit more- but I wanted to see her right away.
I felt a bubble burst in my lower belly and that was my water- this is still in semi squat. I could actually FEEL her move down- it was so weird and painful.
The ring of fire was not as bad as I thought - tho it was not fun.... but at this point you know it is SO close to being over- you can take anything...
I finally got her head out- and then I just PUSHED her all the way out- not listening to Joanne- and there was a cord around her neck and I just did not grasp it- I had her in my arms- and could see she just did not look right- it was all very surreal. dh got the cord off- since Joanne had gloves on and was all wet. She was pretty blueish and pretty cold. She did not cry right away and Joanne suctioned her. She works alone- without an assistant- and it was pretty intense for a minute or two.
She was a bit cold so we warmed her up by holding her body under the water , then putting a towel in the dryer and wrapping her in that- then we took a heating pad and warmed it up and put it in the towels-
Dh held her while i tried to deliver the placenta... no luck- so we went into the bathroom- so that we could warm up the baby and deliver it over the toilet. She began to nurse right away which was SO different than my son- who did not nurse for days and days after his birth( we had to feed him with a dropper!)
It took a while to deliver the placenta - I had to push it out- ugh. That was a huge pain- achey pain... I wanted the pain to be over.

Jeremy took the baby while Joanne helped me to shower- and I got a bit whoosy so she had me sit down in the tub and washed my hair. It was amazing. She was so kind and mothery, just what I needed then!

We all got in bed- ahhh... that was so nice! I began having birth contractions- NOT FUN AT ALL!!!!!! Really yucky.
We weighed her and she weighed 8'9 and was 20 1/2 inches long.
She was beautiful. Phoenix came up and ds went to his bed- still sleeping- in his little coat and all. He woke up a bit later came in and was amazed by his little sister- gave her a kiss and checked her out- he was so sweet and gentle with her. It was the best moment of my life.

Joanne hung out with me in my room- tried to help get baby to sleep. Dh took ds for a ride and to get food so i could sleep some. My mom would not be back till 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Ds woke up and would not go back to sleep - he wanted to nurse alot and be with me. I finally called a neighbor to see if she could help out- she could not but a lady from her church came- and played with ds so I could sleep for and hour or two. Dh was sleeping downstairs and I could have woke him up- but chose not to.

Having my baby at home was not that difficult for me to decide- I only needed a few facts and to reminicse on ds's birth... to know I did not want a hospital birth again.

It was the best decision I have ever made. I am so happy I had her at home.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me or pm me!
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Yeay! Congratulations on your super home birth! I'm so glad to see another mama from the land o' lincoln successfully deliver at home! I hope that when we take the plunge the next time, I'll have half the courage you do.

Hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed new year!
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What a great birth story! Thanks so much for posting it!
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kosheng- keep reading... get some books like Birthing From within- etc. That made a huge difference for me.

The more I knew the safer I felt at home rather than in a hospital!!!

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I generally don't read over here very much ,I hang out mostly in the vax forum.....but I have to tell you that your brand new daughter's name caught my eye. What a gorgeous name ! It's so regal !

You had a beautiful birth story , thanks for sharing.
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Awww.. you made my night!
Thanks for reading!
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COngrats Emilie! What a great birth story!
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Thanks so much for sharing your story! I'm due in about 2 weeks, but if this baby comes before then that would be great! We are planning a homebirth and it helps me so much to read all these great homebirth stories.
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yes- before would be nice..... baby will come when ready!!! i heard that alot!
good luck. look forward to hearing your story too!
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Congratulations! You go girl! You did it! Give Alaina a big kiss from Texas!
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Emilie, what a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I also have a 2.5 DS and I hope my birth goes this well. The part about him meeting his sister was so touching! Congrats on a great birth!
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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your birth story, it's beautiful.
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thanks mamas- i really need to rewrite this sometime
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what an inspiring birth story! thanks for sharing.
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Emilie, that was wonderful! It's really neat to read about how wondeful your DH was in all of that and you are an amazing woman. I'm sincerely jealous of your experience.
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I was wondering about you! Sounds absolutely perfect
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Oh,congratulations! Her name jumped out at me this morning-I'm the mother to an Alena Rane. Beautiful name you chose for her!
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What a nice birthing story to read. Thanks for posting it. I am usually not in this forum at all, (a little late for me since my kids are 37, 36, 34, and back then birthing was a nightmare...) but since dd is expecting a baby any day now, I am sooo in the mood to read about some positive birthing experiences.

Emilie, thank you!

Gosh, suddenly I wish I could do it all over again.
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thanks so much! Good luck to your dd!!!
WOW- Alena Renae_ that is so cool!
I love her name as well.
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