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Fetal Positioning

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I wanted to share some of the info I've found on fetal positioning. I'm paying more attention to "optimal" positioning than I did in my first pregnancy, especially since I am having an HBAC and don't want anything to interfere!

The medwives I saw for my first pregnancy didn't make any mention about fetal positioning or anything I could do to encourage the best position for baby, unlike my midwife this time around.

Here are some of the articles I've been reading.....


Key points:
* Pay close attention to your posture in the last few weeks of pregnancy
* Avoid reclining/leaning back on the sofa
* Avoid anything where your knees are higher than your pelvis
* Sleep on your side, not your back
* Don't cross your legs
(the 2nd link above has many other suggestions)

And especially for other VBAC moms...
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Great links, and great information. I am sure that someone could use this. My baby has been head down, but not all babies are easy to navigate, lol! MY daughter Victoria was breech, and they were ready to do manupulations to try to get here on track, day before that was suppose to happen she was in place head down, was such a sigh of relief let me tell you.
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Thanks for the links! I believe my baby has been head down consistently for weeks now, but I also believe he's been spending a lot of time posterior. I haven't been practicing good posture at all : , spending pitifully little time on my birth ball and lots of time reclining. So now that I'm in the home stretch I really need to concentrate on this more!
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Good suggestions. My baby has been head down for a while now, but sometimes she moves into a wierd position. Because my placenta is anterior, sometimes I don't feel her for a day or two. Yesterday she was outa whack, and I couldn't feel her all day. Today she seems to have put her feet up more again, and I feel a little movement. I'm sending head down vibes to every mama~~~
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My baby has been head down too for almost 2 months now, but the thing that I wasn't aware of with my last pregnancy is that not all "head down" positions are equal DS (pregnancy #1) was also head down for at least 2 months before I delivered.

I think all of the sitting at a desk 40+ hours a week & my 2+ hours commute in the car to work each day last time around (and my lack of exercise) really negatively affected DS's positioning. And all I did when I got home from work was recline - often with my feet up above my pelvis - b/c my medwives told me that was a good position

I'm going to try sitting on my birthing/exercise ball a lot more during the day when I'm playing with DS & some yoga poses too. My midwife wants me to walk a lot (briskly) in these last few weeks. I really am *trying* to gear myself up for that, but the 30 degree temps make it pretty difficult to get motivated!
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Also-- put a birth ball near your computer. Only go online when sitting on the birth ball. Try to substitute as many chair-sitting times as possible with the birth ball (while eating, watching TV, etc). Make sure your knees/legs are at a 90 degree angle, fill up the ball to the amount that makes this happen. Alternate sitting upright (good posture), bouncing, and as you get closer to your due date do more pelvic rocks and going in circles with the ball.

Above all-- NO reclining, EVER! Reclining is one of the worst things you can do for positioning. If you want to take a rest on the couch, lay sideways with lots of pillow support instead of leaning back. Investing in a body pillow is great!
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