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I went to the greatest birth this week- and just wanted to share the beauty of it. I wish every woman in the world could have such an uncomplicated, beautiful experience.
It was a home birth, with her husband, daughter and her parents right there. She had two midwives present and two doulas (one being me). Her labor was a little under 4 hours, short but intense. She gave birth in a birthing tub to a perfectly healthy girl.
It reaffirmed for me why I choose to be a doula. Beautiful and perfect in every way.
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Well, that's WONDERFUL!!!

It's so great to hear of the births done "right". I know that some births require medical intervention, but most don't, and it's nice to hear of the strong mommas that trusted thier bodies so much!

Not to mention it's great to hear of babies that start of thier sweet little lives in such a gentle manner!

Thanks soooo much for letting us know!

How many births have you attended?

Congrats to you, too! With your help...!!!

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