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Waiting for payday to join. lol
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It's on sale for $4 until the end of the year. That is motivating me to join. I'll be back to let you know how it goes.
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OMG!!! It looks so easy I'm going to try it out ASAP, there's no time like the present I need some intervention. Thank you for this post!!!

Mom of two : babies one handsome and one beautiful

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I haven't checked out flylady get, but everyone seemed so into her for awhile. Why was it overwhelming? Guess I will procrastinate checkinging into her awhile longer after reading all your reviews!
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How is everyone doing with the plan? I have mine downloaded and finally got around to printing off a couple of pages to get me going. The mess has me seriously depressed and unable to sleep.

Does anyone know if the chores change from year to year (except for the date headers) or if I can just keep using the pages over and over?
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OK, you guys have convinced me to try this. For $4, I'm willing to take a chance. I have two little ones 18 mo apart... my house is in a constant state of chaos. I feel like as soon as I try to clean something, I get side tracked and then omg the clutter build up is the worst part of it all. I hope this works, my DH is going to grumble about how stupid it was for me to pay $ for a list of things to do, but I think my biggest problem right now is getting organized enough to try to clean. This will hopefully cut down some of the organization/prioritizing and allow me to just brainlessly follow the list the best that I can.
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I've really been enjoying using it so far. I don't always get to everything, but it really helps. I print off one month at a time, and keep the current week on a bulletin board in the hallway where it is easy to see. I keep the rest in my control journal.
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MM slacker here! You've all re-motivated me to get back on it. Was on a trip for 7 weeks, came back, unpacked like crazy but now have piles everywhere. I need this thing again!
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I looked at Motivated Moms & loved the concept but, looking at the sample one from several years ago that they had as a free .pdf I found too many things that wouldn't have been accurate for me (ie. errands were always on Wed, which might not work best for my schedule. It had wiping out bathroom sinks as a daily chore which didn't make sense to me. Maybe if we used toothpaste &/or dh shaved in the sink, but we use baking soda to brush teeth (so no toothpaste gunk left in the sink after we brush) & dh shaves in the shower (so no little hairs everywhere from shaving in the sink). If I put on makeup I do get makeup in the sink (mineral makeup so the powder tends to go everywhere) but I rinse it out when I'm done, don't need a checklist for that. So for me it works better to have "clean bathroom sinks" as a once a week chore then "wipe out bathroom sinks" as a daily chore . . . Anyway, I used the old, free .pdf as a guide & made my own list. I set up 4 weekly charts to rotate every 4 weeks & then made a seperate list of "quarterly chores", "bi-annual chores" and "annual chores" that I can check off as I do them, rather then "having" to do them the week that MM happens to decide they should be done. At this point my "extra" time is going into decluttering so not many of the quarterly, etc. chores are getting done but as I get things decluttered & into a better routine w/ the weekly checklists, I hope to slowly add in the other stuff as well. I think MM is a great idea, but to buy it I'd rather have it cost a bit more & be customizable, since it wasn't I made my own
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I joined yesterday I do think a few things need tweaking, we could care less about made beds, and do bathroom towels need to be changed so often, I mean your clean when you use them right?

However it is nice to have a checklist it makes me feel that all I'm doing is accomplishing something.

Day one we accomplished everything.
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Read this thread last night and got inspired. I decided to splurge the $4 and went for it. However, I'm putting off getting started till I give the kitchen a deep clean--it's the worst room in the house (and the most used) and needs to get to a starting place first. I'm planning on tackling that tomorrow and starting my first MM week tomorrow or Monday.

I think this will work for me. I work well with checklists; if I don't have something in front of me saying "This needs done today; this needs done tomorrow," it just doesn't get done b/c I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start. (Wow, that was one crazy run-on sentence.) Anyway, I thought about making my own, but honestly, I just don't know everything that needs done around the house (and when.) I mean, I know what common sense tells me, but I can't break it down for myself into a schedule, you know?

GL to all!
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Reading this thread inspired me, too. I am also a flylady dropout and had been thinking about ordering her control journal.

I just ordered the MM list. I think for me it makes sense to use both, the MM for the day to day stuff, and the flylady concept for the deeper clutter. Has anyone tried this? Is it working for you?
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Just wanted to say that due to my own error, I needed help from Motivated Mom's customer service today. Her response was rapid & I am extremely satisfied.

I often fall off the wagon with the chore list & certainly don't get everything done when I'm paying a lot of attention to it, still I find it very useful & am even more happy to support a WAHM now that I know what a great job she does...
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Just wanted to add that I know the gal who started MM (well know her virtually at least). She is on another board I frequent for financial peace, www.llnoe.com She is such a sweetie though. I've looked into doing it and it seems like a neat program, just not as feasible for me with a home daycare, my chores are dependent on which area they trash each day lol
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found this old

thread because I was looking into motivated moms and the 2007 e-book is on sale for $4!! How is everyone doing with this?? I just purchased it this evening but had trouble with the download so hope to hear back from them by morning.I was anxious to try it my house always needs help I am a disorganized mess.
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I just started Motivated Moms and I plan to buy the 2008 e book before long. Anyone else doing the MM lists? I am a flylady failure(many times over!) I really like Flylady but it seemed so overwhelming to me. I do want to keep the 15 minute in Zone or Kelly's Missions for about 6 days/week plus whats on my MM list. I thought the MM list needed a bit more deep cleaning, so I added the 15 min in zone almost every day I thought that would give a little more throughal cleaning without adding much time. I can get quite a bit done in 15 minutes!! I also added a few things to the daily chore list. Other than that, I plan on doing everything on the MM list as much as possible. Some things arent feasible. I mean they have clean outside trashcan so often, and ours is setting out in the snow and ice. I decided when it says that, I am going to try to swap the inside kitchen trashcan for that when its not feasible to clean the other one. I used to almost never clip my kids nails either. Just those "little things" do make a difference in how we feel!!!!!!
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I only read the first few and last pages of this thread, but am I the only one who thinks MMis more overwhelming than Flylady? I dunno, I get the Daily Digest and just kind of do things here and there. W/ MM I got too scared--that's a big to-do list! Or are the people saying they're FL rejects saying that because they're also not doing the deep-cleaning, just the missions?
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I think I may try this starting in January. I'll use this month to declutter and deep clean.

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You guys convinced me!

Purchasing now ...
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I did MM yesterday and WOW, My house looks pretty good compared to what it usually looks like. (It usually looks like a tornado went through) I got The whole upstairs in decent condition, My kids bedroom closet and dresser pretty organized, 4 loads of laundry done, my kitchen trashcan washed, my kids nails clipped, Did some work in Flylady's Zone, wow, Now I just have to do it everyday. Flylady overwhelmed me, because there is so many aspects to her program. With MM, they have it already on paper for you. I Just followed the lists for the most part, plus a few more of your own things, and your good to go. I really like the idea of having someone else plan out my year for me what I am supposed to clean. Makes me more motivated to do it or something, does that make sense?
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