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Finally heard the hearbeat!


I know most of you have heard it already or even several times by now, but this was my first appt hearing it. It's funny even going on #4 - it's still a thrill and you forget what a lovely thing it is to hear.

Since I'm not feeling regular movement yet (18 wks) - it's a little relief, kwim? DH even said, "huh, you really ARE pregnant."

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Yay Leighann!

Tomorrow is our u/s!
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Leighann isn't that the best sound ever!!! i've got to hear it twice now and each time its made me teary eyed.

amy1st~good luck on the u/s, ours is scheduled for jan. 23rd. only a few weeks away but it seems like forever away!

leighann~regarding having good friends irl, i didn't know how much i needed that until i found a great circle of friends. they all parent like i do and one of them is who introduced me to mdc. since we're catholic too and there is not many catholics in central miss. it was nice and reassuring to have 3 very close friends who are catholic and have common interests. you sound like you have a great support system and very great friends!
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Hi everyone - I'm WAY late on the discussion this time, but also probably because I haven't done much, and won't really be doing much, until we find out the sex of the baby....

won't be doing a nursery cause the babe will be in our room for at least the first 6 months, if not longer (DS now goes to sleep in his own room and wanders into our sometime in the middle of the night, and #2 will be welcome to do the same, we love our middle of the night interloper!!)...

as far as baby clothes, I have to get new anyway because this baby will be completely off season from DS, even if it is a nother boy - summer in Upstate NY is WAY different from winter, and I can't picture putting a babe in a thick long sleeved onesie in late June/early July!!

everything else? Well, we have, from DS - no need for any toys, we have tons of books, I may get a new Boppy cause I loved mine last time with DS, and am going to get a MeiTei, but other than that, I'm nursing for at least a year so don't need bottles or any of that stuff (I work at home so don't need to pump)...

Sooo, I get to be lazy for another few months, which is just my style

Oh yeah, I'm totally spoiled in that DH cooks as much as I do (if not more, actually), so we'll probably tag team and do some meals in the month or two before we're due just to have some stuff on hand.

Not much else I can think of pertaining to the question for this post.

As far as GD friends, I have a couple that I know are already GD, a few that I think are interested in GD, and the others, well, I don't know, we don't talk often enough to really get into parenting styles....but I have my mom & dad, who raised me GD , and MDC of course which is a HUGE help...

Oh, and BundleFishMama, I wanted to send you hugs, too. I have hypothyroid, so not nearly as involved as your Graves', so I'm lucky to be monitored by the MW group - but I did end up with a hospital section for DS, - I'm goign to try for a VBAC with the MW in the hospital this time.....but if it's not meant to be, that's OK with me too - I had a great hospital/C-section experience last time because I felt in control of everything that was happening and the choices I made (no interventions while I labored or pushed), so if you need a "cheerleader" to keep you drug/intervention free as long as possible, I'm available up until you sign off MDC for a while and bring your new babe home!!! Feel free to PM me if you want!!

Take care ladies, hope everyone has a good week~
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I just wanted to come here and complain tonight - I want a midwife! I really really like my ob, but she's out until May on maternity. Until then I get to rotate between the NP and the two (male) ob's in the office. Today I saw the NP because usually she's pretty cool. But I think because they are all seeing new patients constantly that we all get treated the same - basically as if we don't know anything. First thing she asked was if I'm feeling any movement yet. I said yes, and have been for a good month now. She basically questioned me on that, informing me that women don't tend to feel anything until 16 weeks at the earlier (I'm 18 1/2 weeks), inferring that there is no way I would have felt any movement sooner. Sorry, this is my 3rd child - I know the difference between kicks and gas. : Then she asked me if we (dh and I) had talked about contraception for after baby - I said yes and we won't be using any chemical contraceptions, but instead NFP. I also mentioned that with ds#2 I didn't get my cycle back until 17 months ppd (and ds#1 at 9 months because that's when I let him unfortunately wean). I know my body. Then I had to get the lecture that your body releases an egg before your first period so you could get pregnant at 6 weeks ppd and that we need to be prepared. HELLO!!! My 3rd child here!!! Then she got a little bothered that I hadn't yet made my u/s appt - they supposedly want it done by 20 weeks (I thought my ob had told me by 22 weeks). I'll get the appt made ... it's kind of been the holidays - I've had other things on my mind. Then the kicker was the lecture I got regarding the glocuse test ... it did end with the "well, if you decide to decline it that's your decision" but in a defeatest attitude, not one that was wanting to actually talk with me about why or anything. Overall I left the appt very : : : and get to go back in 4 weeks to meet with one of the ob's there that I don't know, that doesn't know me, and that will probably try to push the GTT on me because I'll be nearing the time-period for that.

I WANT A MIDWIFE!!!!! (Can you hear me whining like a 4 year old?) Or, I want my ob back ... at least she knows me. I don't want to deal with this until May ...
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Brit - that sucks! I can so relate. I had pretty decent OB/GYN practices with my first three, but to an extent they were all like that and like you said, it's most likely b/c they don't "know" you and rotate seeing you so there's no place for a real relationship. And I hate that fear garbage they peddle! Like just b/c they have an MD or DO or even RN after their name, they must know so much more than you. Heaven forbid they get a patient that is researched or worse, experienced!! Argh. I can so feel your pain and you don't know how much better you've made me feel.

See, money is really tight for us right now and I've been feeling like maybe I'm being selfish to pay the mw $2800 out of pocket (we'll likely get reimbursed for 80%...eventually) when if I used our PPO and an OB, everything would be covered in full up front. But it is so nice not having to go through that rigamaroll every appointment and being treated like a sub-human idiot b/c I refuse the rubella vax and refuse the AFP and other tests and refuse to use ABC and have refused internal moniters and the like.

At my last birth when I refused the internal moniter, they totally went on about how if the baby died b/c they couldn't monitor it it was all my fault and when I suggested that was ridiculous (the reason they wanted to do an internal is b/c my dd3 was so active in utero she kept kicking off the external), the discussion ended with "alright, we'll just write down in your chart that you're 'resistant to treatment'" - ooooh. Like am I supposed to be scared? Is this like when you were in school and they said your detention would go on your "permanent record"? Oh I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I don't have to do that again.

mama b/c that sucks. It totally sucks the joy out of prenatal appts.
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Thanks so much LeighAnne - dh is good to talk with, but it also helps to complain to other mamas in similar situations. Part of me wants to call our insurance in the am to see if they cover midwifery, and if there are any near us ... I'm thinking it would probably be a PPO situation, but it's worth looking into I think ... though I"m not sure if a midwife would be willing to take a patient who is already 4 1/2 months pregnant, but I am seriously considering calling.
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Brit - I am so sorry to hear about your recent appt. At my back-up OB office, there is one mw that knows me pretty well that I have been lucky enough to see at all of my appts so far. If not for her, I would be much more stressed as well. As for finding a mw, I can't imagine why someone wouldn't take you at this point in your pregnancy.

Things are really crazy here right now, with money and I am trying very hard not to become too stressed about it. We are trying to sell our house and downsize a bit to make things easier financially, but having your house on the market isn't exactly stress-free either. And then there is the whole prospect of the house not selling. If it doesn't we are in even worse shape than we are now and that is scary. All of this while trying to figure out how we will pay for a mw and our hb. Luckily, we have already had one hb so there is no way I could talk dh into going back to the hospital, even if it is almost free. We have no chance of getting any of our hb expenses reimbursed here.

As for what I need to do before baby comes....EVERYTHING! I had planned to not find out the sex of the baby, but with my u/s date less than 2 weeks away I'm not sure I can hold out. That and I REALLY think it is a girl. The biggest thing we need to do is move and that should pretty much take care of all of my nesting and organizing. We need to find the bins of newborn clothes and get all of that together too. June is going to be here before we know it! YIKES!!!

Good luck at your u/s, Amy!
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Well had the ultrasound.

Everything looked great, we have a healthy little babe in there and we are thrilled!

And......we got the icing on the cake- we are having another baby girl and very excited!!
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congrats amy!! we go next week!
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Congrats Amy!! Two girls are so much fun!

I scheduled my Level 2 for two weeks from today. I have to get cleared to deliver at the hospital here since I had one baby with a heart defect. I was so SURE I didn't want to know the sex...now I am wavering. Maybe it would be sooo much easier. But maybe it wouldn't matter.....I just don't know. I could always find out and not tell anyone That would be mean, I couldn't lie and say I didn't know, it would be all over my face!!

My dog is in the doggy hospital. She ate a whole bottle of Childrens Tylenol, the meltaway ones. Tylenol is toxic, so it could cause major liver/kidney damage. Luckily the vet has found out that a lever of 3400 mgs is considered toxic/fatal, and she ingested 2200 mgs. Right now her kidney function is elevated, so that is alarming, but not neccassarily that bad. I don't want to sound cold, but if she is going to have the long term damage that would need dialysis, well, I sort of hope she doesn't make it then. Of course, my first hope is that she is fine, but the thought of five kids and a dog on dialysis...forget the cost (we couldn't afford it), but the trouble for the dog and me. And she is an Akita, and right now she is the most gentle animal around, but if she is in constant pain or discomfort, well, I don't know how spatient she will be with the kids. Maybe a rescue shelter??

We don't even know what or if the long term damage will be, so keep some thoughts for our poor Kuma please!

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Congrats on the 2nd girl, Amy! Glad all went well. Mine isn't for almost 2 weeks...ugh!

Caroline - thinking about your sick dog!

I'm trying sooo hard to keep up and post more frequently!
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YAY AMY!!!! I loved two girls and the only thing better was three girls!! We'll see if I end up with four I should find out next Friday.

Caroline - ugh, so sorry about your dog. That's sad. I totally know what you're saying about hoping for the best, but if not, not being able to deal with something like dog dialysis. I hope it's a best case scenario for you and your fam.

Well, geez, everytime I think I have a few more things to get, my best friend gives me another bag of stuff. About a half dozen more diapers today and about a dozen cute newborn outfits and onesies and even maternity underwear and bathing suits!! And she said she's got post-partum pads for me too!! I am soooooooooo blessed.
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Ok LAdies- I am seriously bumming about something. Anyone who has used Motherwear will understand....

I bought Motherwear tops for my first. They were made in the usa, hand done and well worth whatever they cost. Esp since I will use them again next fall. BUT I have been checking them out again, they have starting carrying stuff made in china.

Anyone who can direct me somewhere else that maybe a wahmama started (just like motherwear!!) and is still doing this??
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Originally Posted by Amys1st
Ok LAdies- I am seriously bumming about something. Anyone who has used Motherwear will understand....

I bought Motherwear tops for my first. They were made in the usa, hand done and well worth whatever they cost. Esp since I will use them again next fall. BUT I have been checking them out again, they have starting carrying stuff made in china.

Anyone who can direct me somewhere else that maybe a wahmama started (just like motherwear!!) and is still doing this??
http://www.kjsl.com/~beanmom/nursing.html#L has a comprehensive list of nursing apparel links (and even a separate link for nursing advocacy). It lists many, many wahms - I can't think of any non-China ones - but this is a GREAT place to start. Love it!!
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Originally Posted by Amys1st

And......we got the icing on the cake- we are having another baby girl and very excited!!
Yay Amy! Congrats on another little girl!
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Oh Brit! I'm so sorry you had such a bad time. It sucks going to see someone that you don't have a relationship with because they'll treat you like you're new at this.
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Congrats Amy - 2 girls is so great!!!

I cannot wait, a week from Monday hopefully we'll know what we're having....

BTW, thanks everyone for your support with my disappointment over having to switch from a MW to an OB.....and sorry to those also struggling with not liking their OB situation....hopefully everything will work out for the best for all of us to have happy births and healthy babies!!
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Congrats from me too, Amy! I can't believe I have to wait almost a month to find out about our little bean...at first I was pretty ambiguous about finding out but DH really wanted to know, but now I'm getting excited too and wanting to know!

Hugs to you Caroline, and your dog...

Hope everyone has a good week - I have to start thinking about DS's 2nd birthday party at the end of this month!
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Thanks mamas for all the well wishes! I cannot wait to see what everyone else is having. Stacy- can we add to the stickys or just edit our posts to add?

A friend of mine is going for her u/s on Friday. She is due the day after me.

Its funny, we were going in for our u/s thinking all we were looking for was healthy, 10 fingers, 10 toes, nice heart, nice strong spine, etc. So when we were able to find out that all first we were estatic and almost forgot we could even find out what we were having. Then she said did you want to know and we said yes and it was like wow an extra gift! We have another baby girl!

BUT, back to stupid things people say....someone said to us kind of cautiously "Is that ok with you?" Like WTF??? : or "are you going to try for the boy again?" I need to cook this one first, my god!!! We have not even thought that way far ahead yet and we are so on cloud nine about our healthy baby coming that just happens to be a girl! We were in church thanking God today for this miracle coming and its like "huh?" with questions people ask/say.

OK, enough of my rant, but be prepared again for stupid stuff that can just fall out of people's mouths!

Leighann-thanks for the links for nursing tops btw! Also I checked out the natures website and I have been trading emails w Colleen. She is going to put together a package of organic diapers if possible. I told her you recomended her.
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