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Running off the Cookies in the New Year

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All runners and running wannabes welcome! Come chat, get motivation and run, run, run into the New Year.

If you're just joining us, no need to read the whole chatty thread. Introduce yourself and jump in on the conversation.

State your goals for this week and 2006.

ETA: If you're just getting started with running and want to know how to build your endurance, a lot of us here have had good luck following the couch to 5k program (abbreviated c25k here). Go out 3-4 times a week, and just follow the instructions on the page. Some of the people that started with this program have run marathons in the last year!
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Goal for this week: 4 30+ minute runs
Goal for 2006: Keep my head above water, and maybe a 10k.
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Happy 2006, I did not stay up this year. Was rather bothing and went to bed but dd gave us a rare treat of sleeping to 6:30 rather than 5am so it was a great start to the new year.

Patti: how do you remember everything about everyone? Do you make a list? I was thinking of a cork borad where I could write ppls names, no of kids and what they are up to so I can keep track!

k-e: well done on your midnight run, sounds like you had a great time.

Goals of 2006: Run the comrades marathon in June
Balance being a WAHM and a mom and still keep on top of all the work for the business
Be nicer to dh
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Woo-hoo! Happy New Year, Mamas!!!

Goals for this week:

Mon: run 3-5
Tues: weights/swim
Wed: run 3-5
Thurs: bike/swim
Fri: off
Sat: 10 mile race

Goals for this 2006:

- 1/2 Marathon on Jan. 29

- At least 1 triathlon this spring.

It's my Runnerversary!!!!! This time last year, I merely read the Running boards. Now I'm about to run a 1/2 marathon! So come on all you Mamas out there. I know you're there reading and thinking about it. It's a new year!
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goals for this week:
5 days of 30+ minutes of skiing

goals for the year:
1. finish my phd.

and everything else is completely secondary:
2. workout 5 times a week
3. be more in tune with my family

my mom always says something like "as the 31st goes, so goes the new year." which means good things for us. saturday went something like:
wake up
pack up all our stuff and go skiing with the family and some friends
go out for a successful restaurant lunch
go to target for a successful shopping trip (got everything we needed in one trip and no melt downs)
have dinner
go for a family hike.

happy new year everyone. I'm struggling with dd1 on my lap right now, just logging in to see if kpinny had the baby yet.
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Hey Dingos!

I did my race last night. And I blew away my old pb of a few months ago by more than a minute. Ran the 5K in 23:43!! Placed 2nd in my age group, 80th overall. Met lots of folks who will be running the 10 miler next week too! And ds of course knowing that I was also up till 2am slept in till 8:30am(instead of 6am). Woo-Hoo!!!

K~E's- Awesome run mama!!! We had not near as many runners at mine, what a race!!

Goals for this week- Finish my 10 mile race on Sunday in under a 9:30 pace.
Goals for this year- Run 1/2 marathon in under 2 hrs.
Lose these last 10 lbs
Run as many races as I can!!
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Hi everyone! Finally subscribing after months of :

I've been running since September and had been doing 2-3 miles 3 times a week. That is, until last week - too much holiday, travelling, sick kid craziness around here. Was hoping to get out today, but the weather is not cooperating this morning.

My goals for the week - 3 runs (or skis if we get enough snow ) and yoga class on Saturday.

For the year - a new job for me, a new home and community depending where my job is, trying to be a more patient mama, and running my first 10K!
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Running goals for this week - get out there every day and move. Going to church this morning set off the coughing again (I hate it when people wear perfume : ) so when I feel like I am breathing normally I will go for a short run. I am aiming to be running 30 minutes, slowly , by next weekend. Will also do at least 5 minutes of yoga/stretching every day. If I eat well, go to bed on time and rememebr to use my inhaler every day, I should be able to do it!

Still have to find a few minutes alone to think of my other goals for 2006.
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goals for this week
~ run twice, 6 miles total
goal for this year
~ at least one 5k, race for the cure in sept.
~travel less, play with family more

loft -happy runniversary!
2bb - i wish i could have been out there running with you. next year?

happy/healthy/sane 2006 everyone!
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Happy New Year!

Goals for the week

Sun - 3 miles
Mon - off
Tues - 3 miles
Wed - 4 miles, some kind of speed work during
Thurs - 3 miles
Fri - off, take little dd swimming
Sat - 6 miles

Running goals for the year
Log at least 720 miles of running, total
Run a 5K at under 8 minute mile pace

Other goals
Not to completely lose it with graduating my oldest and sending him off to college

No specific plans for today. I think we'll laze around most of the day, and I'll run this afternoon. I'm off tomorrow, too, which just sounds so wonderful to me right now!
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Way to go K~E and 2BBs! Awesome job ladies!


Oh and if last year was the year to get better in the kitchen, this year is the year to get better with keeping the house clean.

Even though today's an off day, I feel like I need to do something to start the year off right, kwim?

Geo, I like your 2006 goal. Keep it simple.

Kerc, Finishing your PhD? Wow! So by 2007, we'll be addressing you as Dr Kerc.

Shanti, is the inhaler helping? FWIW, about 6 years ago, I had to use Albuterol for about a year, then I slowly weaned myself off of it and haven't needed it since. I sometimes have a few attacks, but I've learned that with me, they are stress-related. I know it was one of the worst years I had teaching when I had to use the inhaler years ago. Now it's only accompanied by my marathon talks with dh. :irk
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Geez, I cross-posted with several of you.

Sallyz, Awesome marathon goal. I'm stewing on it but maybe I'll train for one and see...

Dr Jen, Inspired by you, I will log my miles for the year on a RunningLog website. I can't imagine sending my son to college!!!

Poppy, I like the travel less, play with family more. I need to work on the play thing, too.
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Originally Posted by kerc
my mom always says something like "as the 31st goes, so goes the new year."
So Ill be scrubbing toilets and cleaning the shower while Im showering as my family play in the yard?

Kerc- sounds like a perfect day

Patti - thanks for the wishes, I think you hit the nail on the head. And as always, very touching personals.

Loft - happy runnerversary!

2bb's - wtg on 2nd place!! You are such an inspiration

Chamamama - welcome!

goals for the week:
sleep, eat well, at least two runs of at least 30 min, and two resistance work-outs (yoga, body circuit, weights, something)

goals for the year:
keep a running log of mileage.
try to get back into a routine including running, cycling, lifting and pilates and/or yoga...
open my heart and mind to the inconsistencies and uncontrollables of life and balance my exercise iin there as much and well as I can

Happy New Year everyone!
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Goals for this week: run 5X for a total of 22-25mi.

Goals for the year:

1. Marathon in late May, perhaps another in fall, a few "fun run" types of events in between.

2. Lose the last 25-30 pounds and meet my weight goals.

3. Improve my flexibility--not just bodily, but also in life, to integrate positive exercise habits, eating habits, and overall attitudes into my lifestyle--as an individual, partner, parent. Learn to flow.

I am so thankful for 2005. I hope it's a springboard and not a fluke.
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Happy New Year Ladies!

I've missed you guys. Been way too busy w/holidays and travel. And dealing w/my pokey shin again ( : ).

Anyway, I'm about 9 pages behind on the last thread and hope to catch up soon.

Congrats 2BBs! Wow, awesome time!

And happy runniversary Loft!


Goals for the week:

4 runs: 30 min recovery run, 22 min tempo, intervals, and a 90 min LR (shin permitting). And....

Pick up my TM tomorrow!

For the year, my mantra will be RESPECT (my body, my DD and DH, the impermanence of life, every being I meet, etc). Also I'd like to do a half marathon then TTC at the end of the year .

I have no idea what's been happening in everyone's life in the last week so just to cover all bases.

Love you guys.
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Poppy- Yes you will be running with me next year!! I'll cheer you all the way there! And I too need to play more.

ChamaMama- Welcome! What an awesome goals!

Quoted from Saskia's: Open my heart and mind to the inconsistencies and uncontrollables of life and balance my exercise iin there as much and well as I can

I will be joining you in this too. This is going to be my daily meditation. Thanks mama!

DrJen- Off to college...I'm about in tears over my oldest turning 5 this year. I can't imagine. We'll be running along with you!
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subbing, check in later when no dh around
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Saskiasmom, your goal of an open heart, such a good reminder to me. Thanks.

Yipes, our 31st consisted of me gritting my teeth w/my MIL and travelling an extra hour and a half to avoid the flooded freeway between Sacto and here! Ugh....Maybe it means I'll have to join Saskiasmom and open my heart to all the "detours" life throws at me!

Also want to add for a goal for this year: figure out where we want to live already!
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happy new year everyone!

My goal for the week is to enjoy my last week of vacation for a very long time. and go climbing a couple of times and running a couple of times, and hopefully a bit of skiing.

my goal for the year is to floss more and to put 100% into everything that i do. i predict that this will be a key year for us that will involve a lot of hard work and i want to put everything i've got into it.
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Thanks for the new thread Geo.

happy new year!!!

goals for the week -

1) get this baby out
2) walk 2-3 times (before or after babe)

goals for the year -

1) 1/2 marathon trail race in Sept
2) as much as I can of Marine Corps Marathon in Oct (a lot of ifs there - if we get in being the main one)
3) 3-5 workouts a week (I'll keep that loosly described for now!)
4) balance and appreciate my life

happy runniversary loftmama!

welcome chamamama! you've got a lot going on, don't you?!

k~e's & 2bbs - AWESOME RUNS MAMAS!!!

yay on the TM lucenamama!

jooj - it won't be a fluke if you make it happen again this year - you can do it!

may 2006 be all you wish it to be!

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