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goal for the week - around 25 miles.

goals for the year - run 1000 miles (only 996 to go - woohoo!), finish a 5K in under 21 minutes, propose my dissertation, enjoy the moment - and stealing from others - flossing more and being nicer to dh are probably things i can work on more also!

hope 2006 is wonderful for everyone
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Whew, I've gotten so far behind... with being out of town, going straight back to work, etc. etc. I may just have to wipe my slate clean and try to keep up better w/ this thread.

I have been running more consistently, which is awesome. In fact, I think I'm getting ready to go shortly... which will make 4 days in a row. Yesterday my body was a little like, "Um, hello, we were sitting on our butt for a month and now you want to do this three days in a row?" so I'm not going to push it today, but I know I'll be off tomorrow.

We celebrated New Year's Eve a little differently last night... in the ER. We had been shopping and DH was holding Emma Kate's hand. She kept going limp and dropping to the floor, and after several times of this he anticipated and pulled her back up before she'd gone all the way down. Turned out she had nursemaid's elbow. DH, of course, feels terrible (but this is her 2nd ER visit and I was responsible for her first... he says now he knows why I beat myself up for months after that...). It happened about 6:15 and after going home first, we were at the ER by about 7:30... got home about 10. Anyway, they took x-rays and everything was fine, and finally the doc was able to put her elbow back in place. However, she's refusing to use the arm. It is so sad to see her with it just hanging limply by her side... it's her left arm, and we kind of think she is left handed because she normally uses it a lot. This morning her sleeve was covering her left hand and I pushed it up... after a few minutes she said, "Cover it back up." The ER doc said if she wasn't using it within 24 hours to call... so right now we're kind of on pins and needles about whether our peds office will be open tomorrow and whether or not we'll have to go back to the ER tonight (please, no). I guess she's just really sore and maybe a little afraid but it's so sad.

Then my dad's van broke down as he was on his way to unlock the church this morning and he walked the rest of the way to church (instead of calling any of us )... so our family is getting 2006 off to a grand start!

Hope all of you are doing well. I will come back sometime soon (I have to work tomorrow) and try to catch up, post goals, etc.
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it's so inspiring to read everyone's goals. and congrats on the end of year races 2bbs & k~esmom! what amazing times.

k~esmom--maybe we can meet up sometime, when you are having an easy run day and i am having LR? you are much faster than i, yet it is still exciting we will be in the same race. like when i ran philly distance, and i was almost at 5miles when i heard the cheer for deena kastor's finish

goals for this week:
at least 15 miles. preferably split 3 ways.
1 speed workout.
2 days strength training.

to not cry and scream if dd refuses to nap :

goals for the year:
to actually use my training log!
half marathon april 30, another in the fall

to ride the waves of the day gracefully, gaining flexibility & calm
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New girl

Wanted to introduce myself to you all. I've been hearing about you for awhile from my best friend, 1jooj, who suggested that I join your running forum. I have been looking for a supportive and informative online running group for a while and settled for a bit at RunnersWorld.com, though I found come of the ladies there to be quite judgemental and unsupportive. Having heard about how wonderful you are here, I decided to make the move over here.
I am the mother of a 2.5 year old and 3 month old baby, and also had premature twins who did not survive. I've been running for about 1.5 years, though I had to take a few months off at the end of my pregnancy. I ran until I was 5 months along, and resumed when my baby was 12 days. I did my first post-baby 15k when she hit 2 months. I completed a marathon in September of 2004, but missed the same event in 2005, as I was giving birth. This year I plan on running two marathons (with 1jooj!!)...one in May, the other in September. (she's an amazing training partner, by the way...and an even better friend...and an even MORE amazing woman)
Thanks for letting me join in! I'm so excited to meet so many other moms who run!!! (and who don't chastize girls on the forum for spelling errors or asking questions about jogging strollers, like on my old board).
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Welcome, cRebRun! Glad to have you here!
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welcome crebrun! we're a chatty bunch so jump right on in!

eksmom - my dd had nursemaid's elbow before too - it really sucks to think you've broken your child's arm somehow my dh was getting dd out of the car and swung her playfully to the ground [she held on to his thumbs] and we spent the next few hours in the ER hoping she had no broken bones! hope it all ends up ok
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Oh, and I forgot to list my goals...
For January:
Run 22-23 miles per week and work on creeping my speed up a bit.
Lose 6 pounds.

For 2006:
Return to the weight I was before having any babies, which is about 15 lbs. less than I am now.
Complete two marathons, running most of the first (walking some) and all of the second.
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Let's see...I have the Houston 1/2 Marathon that I really want to complete in under 2 hours on January 15th. I am getting really excited.

After that I want to keep increasing my mileage and be ready for the whole marathon next year. Hopefully I will be able to work in another race or two just for grins.

I got my 40 miles in for the week, and I have 35 miles planned for next week.

Monday-6 miles
Wednesday-6 miles (repeats)
Thursday-8 miles
Friday-5 miles (tempo run)
Sunday-10 miles

Have a great week everyone!
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happy new year to everyone!

goals for the week:
run at least 3 times, preferably 5
do abs 1x day

goals for year :
consistently run 3 mi/day 4 days/week
flatten my tummy (thus the ab work)
drop the baby weight!! (20-30 lbs)

off to run right now!
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Originally Posted by loftmama
Kerc, Finishing your PhD? Wow! So by 2007, we'll be addressing you as Dr Kerc.
if you check out my goals same time last year they were basically the same. then I was suddenly pg in late february. But yes, hopefully by august.
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cRebRun 2 marathons this year with a 3mo. WOW! You go, girl!
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Dr. Kerc...Captain Kirc : okay how lame am I?

Goals - egads women. I just want to run again. So my goals for this week are a little dependent on coughing. If it gets under control I will shoot for one or two very short runs. I did do pilates last night and am a mite sore today So I will keep doing pilates until I can run again.

Goals for 2006 - get out of debt, maybe get pg, keep doing 5/10k, maybe a 1/2 if no pg. Give up sugar once and for all. Today was my first day. I read an awesome article about sugar. At the end it says something like, you think it will be easy to give it up? Give it up for 48 hours. Face the monkey. Let's just say this is day one and the monkey has been howling loudly. But with that I hope to lose some weight, about 10 pounds (back to marathon weight).
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Oh and I haven't heard from most people for the final few days in December, but our totals for now are....drum roll please....477.73. Not bad ladies. Especially for the bug mamas (ha ha get it...we all had bugs snort. okay I am so lame and I haven't even had my cough meds with codeine).

So those that want to do it again...hopefully Patty's powermonging, uber mommies won't decimate us again let me know in this thread.
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Originally Posted by babybugmama
So those that want to do it again...hopefully Patty's powermonging, uber mommies won't decimate us again let me know in this thread.
I'm in (don't expect 18 miles a week out of me though!)
last week - 6.5

kathy who is loving all the goal setting going on here!
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Hello ladies and to Chamamama and cRebRun.

No time for personals, but wanted to send a to eksmom and dh and dd.

Goal for this week: at least 20 miles

Goal for 2006: Healthy baby . I want to run a 10K in March, but I'll have to see how I'm feeling. I want to stay as active as possible during this pregnancy and hopefully have an easy birth with a quick recovery.

I definetely want to be part of challenge again. It helps me keep my goals.
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BBM- Yep I'm in again 26 miles a week as a goal!

K~E's- I am too dreaming of a 21 minute 5K, although I think you are closer than me. Good Luck

Did 3 miles today as a recovery run. I am definitely sore after yesterday's race but not horrible after my run today. Hoping for 6-7 miles tomrrow on my day off from work... Then nice and easy runs for the week with my 10 mile race on Sunday.

Alright must get kiddos to bed as I am completely pooped after my lack of sleep last night. Awesome goals from everyone!
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I got my first run for 2006 in today. Last year it took me until the 4th! I ran 3 miles. With warm-up and cooldown, that leaves me 716.5 miles to go for 2006.

Welcome Chamamama and cRebRun! Hope you'll find inspiration and support here! Chamamama, I think we're in a similar line of work, right? Hope the job change goes well. I changed jobs in 2005 and it was a great decision.

Off to watch another Columbo movie with the family (I got dh the first 2 seasons on DVD for Christmas.

Plan to be off tomorrow, but since I'm also off work if I feel like it, I might take a short run. We'll see.

I'm definitely up for January competition, with a goal of 20 miles a week.
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Hi all..subbing!

Welcome ChamaMama and CRebRun! Chama..are you in NM?

Good luck on finishing the PhD this year, Kerc!

Eksmom..that's too bad, and I hope her arm gets better. Ds was also sick last night...some kind of stomach thing. I didn't stay up long enough to see the new year come in, but did end up awake a few hours later when Ds started getting sick. He went from throwing up a few times, to having a case of the runs...which is leading to a really bad diaper rash

My goals for the week.
Run 3x
Walk 3x
Weights 2x
Dance 2-3x
Yoga 2x (actual yoga workouts, and try to get some incidental poses in here and there)

For the year
I've been doing well with eating better, now I'd like to help dh to improve his diet and move the family into a more veggie based diet.

The main one is to find a job, sell the house and get settled into something different by this time next year.

I'm in again for the competition...how about 15 mpw for me!

Gotta run, promised a friend I'd review and edit her dissertation before the break ends.
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I'd like to get in on the competition, too, if that's okay. If I can jump in, please let me know what to do. My weekly goal is 22-23 miles per week.
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Ok, I did my totals for 2005:

689.5 miles by bike
139.8 miles running
335 miles walking.

Total: 1164.3 miles under my own power. I was within 98% of my goal to get 12,000 minutes of aerobic exercise for the year. I would have made it had I not spent the last week of December so sick. Can I count labor as exercise?

I hope to increase the running miles this year, something that should be easy without 36 weeks of morning sickness.
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