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*\o/*~*\o/*~The One Thread January 1-7 2006!~*\o/*~*\o/*

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*\o/*~*\o/*~The One Thread January 1-7 2006!~*\o/*~*\o/*

Happy New Year!!!

: :

Waiting to O : :
bionicsquirrel (Bianca)
Blissful Maia (Sabrina)
Elowyn (Kate)
MamaJava (Christina)
Pycelan (Becky)


Waiting to Know :
Cheesedreams (Caroline)
Time4another (Heather)


Waiting To Be Ready :
Bethkm (Beth)
lexbeach (Lex)
Mavournin (Gillian)

January BFPs
myhoneyswife (Cara)

December BFPs
Peilover010202 (Steph)
SlingWearin'Mama (Jenn)
sailmom (Janet)
Henry's_Mamma (Amy)

and as always...Please PM with any changes that I miss.
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Morning everyone...CDummm...uhhh14here, 3 or 4 dpo. Too busy to obsess here...but since I'm el threadkeeper this week, I think I'll obsess

Many thanks to Pycelan for being a super duper 2 week threadkeeper (mainly because of my ignorance but also cuz she's the best!)

Best of luck to everyone TTC this new year...


(PS-who'll be the first BFP this year, I wonder? Anyone testing soon?)
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Yay! Thanks for the pretty new thread Heather! Could you move me to 'Waiting To Know'? I'm 3dpo today, so you and I are pretty close!

Happy New Year ladies!
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Good morning and Happy New Year Mamas!! I got called out of work last night and didn't have to go in, so it is a Haapy New Years Day for me!!

Thank you Heather for the beautiful new thread and the kind words .

CD 3 here. AF has lost some of her vengence...she is always worse my first 2 days.

YEAH CHRISSY for your O!! Hope you got that egg!

Here's to getting our new little beans in the New Year. I am going to go eat some ham...and greens...and black eyed peas...and donuts!!

Have a happy day and I will check in later!!

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Sierra, this past cycle I had dreamed that I took a PG test and it was BFP, and I had two separate dreams like that on separate days. But then AF showed up. grr. LOL. I'm going to "save" my dreams for the cycle that we do have a baby in.

Christy, ROFL at "piggin" out in the new year. That was a baaaaad cheesy pun. :P

CD5 here. My AFs are starting to be more like my pre-pill AFs, heavy and crampy and long. LOL. (It wasn't unusual for me to have a 7 day period when I was younger).

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Ooo! My first post in 2006!!

By the way, I am waiting to know. I'm on 12dpo. Thanks

My temps after O have been pretty consistent and level. I doubt anything happened this cycle. An October baby would be nice...
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All set Mum2be and chrissy! Youz guyz have been moved
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still in my pj's here...havent made it to the donut shop yet, lol. I'm working on it though!! and I'm going to get some ham at the store. DH is taking me out to dinner tonight, and i expect more BDing for the next couple of days, lol! However, i dont think any eggs are ready. oh well, we need to practice for when the egg gets here, right, lol!! Plus DD and I will be leaving for 2 weeks, so I have to make sure DH gets as much BD as he can handle, to tide him over, lol.

I'm so naughty!

here's some new year's dust for everyone:
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Can you move me to waiting to know? It looks like I just O'd and we've timed our bd'ing well.

Happy New Year to all!!
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Happy New Year!

Great new thread, thanks! Please move me to waiting to know... even though there really is no mystery. I Oed while DH and I were back home for Christmas and there was no BD action. Ahh well, such is life. There's always next cycle!

Peace and joy to everyone in 2006 Here's to making beautiful, healthy babies!
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Happy 2006, all! I've just finished with AF, and am ready to IUI in about 2 weeks! Woo hoo!!! Back on the TTC rollercoaster.

Hi to everyone, and best new year's wishes for lots of belly-beans!
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Great thread! Happy New Year to all the mamas and mamas-to-be!

You can move me to Waiting to be Ready. It's CD1 here and we just have to take one month off because Dh's job is crazy in October. It's hard for me to do this after all this time (we tried to take last month off too but neither of us could stand it!) but I know it's the best thing. I don't want any more stress than necessary surrounding the birth of a new babe. So, as usual, I'm depressed, disappointed, and overwhelmed iwth figuring out what we are supposed to be doing. 13 cycles down. This is riduculous. My kids will now be a minimum of 4 years apart, not what I was plannign at all!

Pity party over.
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Can I join? We're waiting to be ready- hanging out until May when we'll start TTC #3.

I've just resumed charting again after several months hiatus- and I never really charted CP but I am now. It's interesting, I am on day 8 (I think?), and I had a soft/open/high cervix on day 6, firm and low yesterday, and back to soft, high and open today. What's up with that? Trying to look at the forest and not obsess on the trees.
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Happy New Year

Let's all hope for BFP's this month!! I am on about 3dpo I think, I am not really sure when I did this cycle. I have BD at least the last 3 or 4 nights in a row however. I usually just go by CM and teh ovulation calendars I use. I am still unsure how many days my cycle is. They average to be abotu 30 days so that is what I have been going with, lets hope I'm right I will be able to find out around Jan 12th : Anyone else testing around then??

: : Best of luck to all TTC and in 2WW : :
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Ok so Happy New Year to all of you wonderful ladies....

i am in my new place, starting new drugs, and its the new year... so lets hope i will have a new baby...

been busy.. on a 7 day stretch at work right now... still waiting for AF to show.. im gonna give myself two weeks from my possible O on the cd23 to see if she shows.. that will tell me if the cyst i have is from O... (at least thats my reasoning)
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Hi guys, Happy New Year!

I am really hoping for a new baby this year, but since we're taking another month off from ttc while we wait for my cyst to absorb, that means we will only have two cycles to try for a 2006 birth. Coincidentally, we also only have two more cycles worth of our donor's sperm to try with--so, basically, we're REALLY hoping that it doesn't take more than two more tries! :

I spent the day watching baby movies of our boys (our video camera broke about a year-and-a-half ago, so we haven't gotten to watch them in a looooong time), and feeling so incredibly baby lusty. At the same time, the movies were a reminder of how fast it all goes and I've realized that I really want to try to take things slower this time around. This will be my last pregnancy, and I don't want to rush through the experience. As horrible as ttc can be, this is our last time ttc EVER, so I'm going to try to enjoy it in all its glory and not wish this time away.

I hope that some of you will be starting the new year off with great news of BFPs soon!!

Welcome back Elowyn! It's nice to see you here again!

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Originally Posted by lexbeach
This will be my last pregnancy, and I don't want to rush through the experience. As horrible as ttc can be, this is our last time ttc EVER, so I'm going to try to enjoy it in all its glory and not wish this time away.

Ooo, good thinking Lex. I seem to get annoyed at people who wish away their pregnancies or the early (sleepless) months of their baby's lives, but I never thought about that for TTC. Although we want at least 3, I still should be enjoying this time of anticipation, right? I think I've changed my outlook now

I tested this morning, BFN, but it's only 9 DPO. Gunna wait and test again on Wednesday. Anyone going to test then also?

I've been acting somewhat teenage-hormonal, so maybe this is the month Getting a little nervous, though, with all the stuff coming out with the patch giving so much more horomones than the pill, and I was on the patch for 4 months or so, stopping to TTC in June. I've had pre-pill/patch periods for 4 months now, though, so maybe it's mostly out. I dunno.

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Good evening Mamas! Had to come to work tonight to make some $. They called me to stay home again (we only have 4 patients) but I couldn't skip the whole weekend and still pay my bills, so here I am.

I love everyone's great new positive attitudes. The New Year can be so therapeutic.

Tons of New Year baby dust for us all:

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I forgot to say thanks to time4another for the awesome new thread!

well, i'm on CD68! I'm truly, truly losing it over here. I had some "flutters" on my left ovary a couple of weeks ago, and today I'm having flutters on my right side...but my temps/cp/cm/ferning are not showing any possible O action. If my AF doesnt show up when I get back on the 19th, I'm going to the Dr...which is something i dont want to do.

and I have misplaced my vitex! It was here before Christmas and now I cant find it. I've been off it a week, and I can tell the difference....my mood has been really bad. I dunno if the vitex effects your mood, but it seems to help mine.

wish me luck on tuesday...I'm flying into **shudder** the ATLANTA AIRPORT! I hope I can find the place where I'm supposed to meet my dad, lol.
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Hi I'm brand new to TTC...I've posted looking for clues I have heard of charting your temp and I see people here talking about it, can someone tell me more? It's supposed to be a little higher when you O right??
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