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August 05 - Happy 2006!!!

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Thought I'd start the thread for this month! Hope everyone had a good evening last night. Although it wasn't intended, CJ stayed up to ring in the new year. I guess it was the excitement of the party.
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Hi all!

I wondered who would start the first thread of the year. I'd decided to send that person a treat...so Kristin, pm me your address if you'd like a treat. What I had in mind was either gingerbread or homemade cookies. Can you eat those? If not, let me know and we'll make (or get) something different.

Happy new year!!

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Happy New Year! :
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Since the baby was born, I've been waiting for these people in helicopters to come rescue me. In the past few weeks, I realized THEY ARE NOT COMING TO SAVE ME.

Okay, seriously now...

Katie--Your family is GOR as in gorgissima! WOW oh wow! Oh, I pm'd you with my friend's info.
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Happy New Year!!!! Hope you're all having fun. Thanks for starting the thread, Kristen.

We decided to stay home last night since Owen has a cold and I have a toothache. Just waiting for the dentist to open tomorrow morning. I think I would rather give birth again than go to the dentist, darn it.

Just subbing and saying hi!
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Aw shucks, thanks so much! I agree, my girls are gor and so is my sweet, sweet husband!

Deb, thanks for the info on your friend. I look forward to calling her soon.

We had a nice, mellow NYE with some yummy champagne. I'm hoping 2006 is a nice, mellow year with lots of family love. Now that we are all settled here, I'm setting my sights on making the world a better place and working for peace, peace, peace!

Happy New Year everyone!
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Ah misinformed but well-intentioned mothers...
I have a thread about how ds and I aren't sleeping. Talking to my dear mother today about why ds might not be sleeping, she suggests that maybe he is just ready to sleep by himself. I say, good thought but no, he isn't napping either and I've tried sleeping on the floor next to the bed. Next suggestion: Maybe he needs cereal before bed. ACK! Um, no, I offer to nurse him everytime we get up, sometimes he refuses. He's not hungry. That would be the only reason (and still not a good one imo) to give him cereal before bed to help him sleep. I honestly think this works in most cases because of the insulin rush.

I love my mama, but sometimes I just shake my head.
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still here and reading always posting rarely. I look forward to being more active this month in the thread! I love reading about everyone's babes and seeing the pics. I will try to upload one of my boys this week.
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Kristin: sorry about the sleep challenges. All I can say is that Owen's patterns have changed too. He keeps waking himself up--he's really asleep, he wants to be asleep, but still cries out until he wakes up. It's either developmental, or gas, or teeth. But there's not all that much I can do except comfort. Good luck getting some zzzzz's!

Do your babies still have cradle cap? We cannot get rid of the darn stuff and Owen is still such a baldy that it looks awful. The doctor wants me to use dandruff shampoo, but that sems like pretty strong stuff for my fresh little baby.
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Happy New Year ladies!

Just wanted to subscribe before I forget.
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hello everyone! I hope the new year brings great things for our little ones

Good news here - my exciting diet of turkey rice carrots and pears is working - he is getting better! he'll actually nurse awake now (still fusses sometimes, but it is getting better), he is napping on his own in his co sleepr (sometimes for 2 hrs!!). it's so fabulous! i'm just watching bringing home baby on tlc right now - this poor young mom isn't even trying to nurse! she is engorged and in pain and just wants to make it go away meanwhile they show the baby is hungry.....
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Happy new year everyone!!! I went to bed at 9:30 New Year's Eve. Wahoo.

Adrienne! I just treated Zoe's cradle cap and it is GONE. I put some canola oil on her scalp and left it there for about 20 minutes, then gave her a bath and washed out the oil using a washcloth and some baby-friendly soap (no idea what kind, it was a gift). It actually still looked bad for the next day or so, but I noticed yesterday that it's completely gone! So maybe give that a try?

Whenever anyone asks how Zoe is sleeping, I say, "She sleeps like a baby!" If they are parents, they know what I mean, LOL.

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I have to leave the boards :(

*sigh* I have a "three line" life (signatures) yet I've been told to stay I have to cut it back to two. I don't know. I live in a country that is free and this kind of bothers me, perhaps in other countries restrictions are the norm? Whatever. I'm just kind of bummed that I can't be who I am here and that's very very NOT cool nor is it healthy so I have to bow out. sux....
*goes back to snuggling with babe*
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Kitty - i'm confused...i only see 2 lines in your sig.
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Hey Kristin!

Did CJ call up my son and tell him to party all day and night?!?!? Robby just quit sleeping altogether the other day. Slept like a dream when we were out of town and we get back home and he's taking naps that are 20-40 minutes long. Usually between 1 and 3 hours! UGH...this has been the worst day of our life together so far....I've cried off and on all day not knowing what to do for my little lamb.

Praying for peace.
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Do babies stop sleeping at 4 months? It took us 1.5 hours to get the baby to sleep.
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Hi all. I'm a faithful lurker though I missed the end of Dec. b/c we were at the inlaws and they have dial-up internet which seems sooo sslllooowww... I'm spoiled by DSL. Anyway, Deborah, I recently read an article somewhere (here? dr sears' site?) about how sleep patterns change at 4 mos. Something about how babies are more interested in the world, so they don't nurse as well durring the day and have to nurse more at night. I know that Clara hasn't had any of those nice 6-7 hr. sleep stretches in a long time... Hang in there!
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Sorry my son is such a horrible little ringleader and that some of you aren't getting sleep now either.

Kitty, what the heck!! What if you tried taking out all the smilies and taking N's down to 8/05, trisomy21? Yeah, once I was like two words over the two-line rule, and yet I see a kajillion lines on some people all the freakin' time. And at the time the sig mod's sig looked like 3 lines to me so I asked her about it nicely and she said something about how it looked on Cynthia's screen, so I don't know how I'm supposed to know what it looks like on Cynthia's screen, so I'm at a loss. I hate to lose you over something like that. Well I hate to lose you over anything!
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NO, KITTY!!!! Please don't leave us. I don't understand the siggy thing (since I don't even have one) but you're a part of our group and we need you!!!!!
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