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Sorry to get on my soapbox everybody...being w/the inlaws apprently made me think everyone can/does give their 2month old cereal to help them sleep longer...sorry for the rant everyone!

Simply Natural Baby Food by MDC's Cathe Olson is a good book on starting solids as well.
Cool on the knitting class. I took a crochet class prior to ds2 and ds1 promptly decided that anything having to do w/yarn must need his "help" immediately. Needless to say ds2's afghan is now 1 long chain and in my post-baby brain fog I have forgotten most everything I learned. Good luck w/your homework!
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PP: Immigration vibes!! You have an Adam, too - and only a week younger than mine. So neat! Keep us posted!!

You all are so great - I share my "I'm a Freaking Idiot" story, and I appreciate the mama sympathy in return. I love this group. You guys are the best.

Not in any hurry to start solids here, either. I did buy some ice cube trays so I could freeze some food...but heck, I have no idea what I even want to make yet. I am dragging my feet a little -- just pondering how/when/what to start...and then I think, naaah, we'll just nurse for another week or two or five while I think about it.

I liked the DH "checklist" -- mine had one, too! He is only now just "playing" with Adam, but I actually caught him reading Shakespeare to him last night. It was the funniest thing - (Backdrop: I love WS, but my husband is NOT a reader. At. All. Ever. I can't get him to read articles I cut out of the paper, or print....and forget having him read any child/baby-related research or developmental considerations! Mostly very frustrating, since I am a reader. --Pause to ask my self jokingly how I actually married this man? ) Anyway, I come downstairs and find them snuggled on the couch reading...I smile - ooh, that's nice. Until I hear lines from "The Tempest" -- wha???????

Is that my dh?

OMGosh - who are you, and where did you take my husband???


But, the strange sight passed all too soon and I tucked my little guy in...and he slept for 4 hours. Oh, heaven. Will it ever happen again?

BTW - welcome to the new mamas here!

And, Nancy, the phrase "knitting homework" is making me smile. I'm excited for you! I want to learn to knit one of these days.
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I'm hoping to wait until 9 months to do solids. Everytime I think about it, she does something new... now it's a contact reaction to dairy. Josh blew raspberries on her tummy after eating yogurt and she got a rash and hives.. a week later he bumped into her wrist with an unwashed spoon that had been used with yogurt and her wrist was covered in a rash.. so.. we're waiting.

my grandmother fell today and is in the hospital awaiting surgery as she broker her hip.. she's 80 and I'm scared.
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Em -- What a pain! But I probably would not have thought of it either since crossing the border used to be no big deal. We don't even have a birth cert for the baby yet. They made a mistake with her name so we had to send it back and I don't think it's shown up.

Welcome to the new mamas!!


How do you keep from getting plugged ducts when your baby sleeps through the night?

I've been depending on night feeds to keep up my milk supply since I work during the day. DD slept 6 hours the other night!!!!! I hardly knew what to do with all that sleep since I'd not slept more than 5 hours in a row since August.

Well, that lovely 6 hrs without nursing led to a plugged duct, which led to the mastitis I probably have now. Yuck.

I'm achy, have chills and possibly a low fever. I need to drink more but putting anything into my mouth requires an enormous effort. I don't want to eat or drink but I know that I must. Double yuck.

We all went to sleep at 5 pm today and DD slept until 10 pm. Shoud I be waking up to pump when she doesn't get up??
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K's Mom --

I'd love to have a copy of your study guide for the continuum concept!

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hopefulfaith, that was a GREAT story! It is strange when you catch them doing something that is totally out of character . . .i love it. my dh was against cosleeping in the beginning and just the other day i got fed up with the the tv and his restlessness and it was waking the baby up so i went out to make the bed in the other room and when i went to get the baby he said . . "oh, you can leave her here and put his arm around her". this from the man who said she should be sleepin in her crib
I havent thought much about the solids either, except she watches me intently every time i eat and if im holding her she grabs my drink and swats at it. I had let my mom give her some breastmilk in a shot glass once (reading somewhere about how babies will drink out of a small cup like that and wanted to try it) and she drank all of it that way, and ever since has been grabing whatever im drinking and trying to put it to her mouth. Dh keeps trying to give her tastes of bacon which i get upset about but he thinks is funny : I have the super baby foods book and will probably start sometime after 6 mo.s
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Hmm everyone seems to be waiting longer to introduce solids... Anyone else other than me started feeding solids already?

Awww I'm waiting for the night when my baby can sleep 6 hours straight! so I can finally tell others yeaaa he sleeps through the night!
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hopeful: i'm waiting for the day my husband does anything with my baby other than smile at him, holds him for 10 min, kiss him and give an excuse to hand him back to me because he's sniffling. *SIGH*
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I'm going to start solids when he's super interested, after 6 mos...and only if he wants it. He's not even noticing our food but he does like sips of water from my cup. Not much actually gets in his mouth and much less gets swallowed. We do hold stuff up for him to smell, but he is completely uninterested and I don't think the sniff to smell mechanism is working yet either. I'm thinking that avocado is a great first food. I'm not making more plans than that until he seems more ready though. I guess we need a high chair...hadn't thought about that.

Which book has info about making baby food from sprouted grains?

I had super baby food from the library, but had to return if before I read much. I think I might buy it.

Korwynne...I hope your grandmother is doing better!! Hip fractures really do suck.

Debi: good work on the the freelancing!! Must make you feel good to have work rolling in, even if you don't want that much. How do you like SAHMing otherwise?

I'm tired...I had a stressful trip to the dentist for a toothache...thankfully the pain is in my jaw from grinding and it's not my tooth!!! YAY!!! I'm a HUGE whiner at the dentist. I'll give birth without meds but don't touch my teeth!!!
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By the way, my crotch still doesn't feel normal. Anyone else? It feels like my bones didn't come back together enough.
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To all of you mamas who want a Continuum Concept Guide, please pm me your email addresses. I will email them to you. To those I have already sent guides to, did you receive them?

Woohoo! Kai will be 3 on Friday!!!! :
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Yeah, I know it is best to delay solids as long as long as possible, but it is getting so hard to eat without him trying to eat off my plate. At Christmas time, he grabbed a handful of mashed sweet potatoes and shoved it in his mouth before I could wipe it off his fingers. He practically throws his whole body towards my plate trying to get it. Then he just watches every bite and sits there chewing his tounge. I just feel guilty even though I know it is just normal baby curiosity. : My original intentions were to wait until he was closer to a year, but now I don't know.

jodi - Hope your grandma is ok. s

I tried to get the Continuum Concept at the library, but the only copy they had is lost.
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Skana - my dd1 is super with the baby and, it seems, finally happy and at ease now that she's a big sister. I think being part of a family is making her more contented (her dad and I are divorced). I, too, love the eight year spacing. I feel WAY more confident as a mom having been through it all with dd1. Dd2, although unplanned, is truly a blessing to me and my new dh. He's 42 and a first time daddy. Now, will I be having any more?

You ladies are all so prolific that it's hard for me to keep up! As for the food, mouthing issue....we got Annabelle a Tot Loc chair now that she is able to sit up and she joins us for meals. The great thing about the chair is that it puts her right up to the table so no fear of her bonking her head on the edge of the table. A few toys on the table and she's happy as can be. I will be freezing some ebm this weekend and getting a mesh bag so she can chew on something while at the table. I'm also serving her ebm in a cup to get her more used to that. She never has taken a bottle, and dh and I are committed to a once a month date. This Saturday we're going out for dinner. Thank goodness my dear sis lives here and loves, loves, loves my girls.

Annabelle is back to her bad night sleeping routine and screeching and growling vocalizations. I think it's related to teething and development. I just keep assuring her that even though she's getting bigger and becoming more differentiated from me, I will always be here for her and I will always love her. From what I've read, this is the psycho/spiritual conflict for kids at this age with rolling and sitting. They are afraid of leaving us behind!

Peace to all dealing with sick rellies, sick babies, family conflict and their own physical pain. I think Andrienne asked about bone pain. I had some serious groin pain during my pg and it's back a bit with the cold weather. I guess I consider it a battle scar!
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Bad, bad nancy for posting during babysitter time when I'm supposed to be "working." so just a quickie post. Really, I can stop anytime I want.

Thanks, august mamas, for all the support. Family drama is the pits.

Kate, great idea about frozen ebm in a mesh bag--ds is interested in eating, but we're waiting. I bet it will help with the teething pain as well.

Anyone else's dc doing the growly thing? Jonas, when he's tired or edgy, will grap a handful of my skin on either side of my chin/neck and launch himself at my chin to bite it as hard as he can. I'm assuming it's teething, but MAN do those little pinchy fingers hurt. I'm trying not to yelp, but I do pry the little fingers off pretty darn quick.

babysitting went great yesterday--ds fell right asleep for her in the mei tai. huzzah!

and back to work for me.
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hi everyone. we are day 1 into trying hypo formula with ds he just reacts to everything i eat, even after 2 mo of a total elim diet. his wt gain is super slow, he is a horrible nurser. i'm really worried about him. so, it is bottles for him. ebm if he can every tolerate it. but i doubt it. if the nutramigen doesn't work, on to neocate. it sucks. i'm pumping and storing, and eventually will be donating. after 3.5 mo of a nursing strike, i just hope i didn't make ds's oral aversions worse. if he has a sore tummy he won't eat, so my goal is to make his poor gi tract happy at this point.

and yeah, no solids for a LONG time here!
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Anyone else's dc doing the growly thing? Jonas, when he's tired or edgy, will grap a handful of my skin on either side of my chin/neck and launch himself at my chin to bite it as hard as he can. I'm assuming it's teething, but MAN do those little pinchy fingers hurt. I'm trying not to yelp, but I do pry the little fingers off pretty darn quick.
too funny, my dd has been doing that. she attacks me chin like a little pitt bull. lately its gotten really hard tho...i assumed it was teethin too-i kiss her little nose while she does that and she laughs.
today she was cranky and sucking all day long. i gave her a frozen washcloth but i wish those teeth would break thru.
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Nancy, does your friend have some research on that "window" that you can pass along to me? Right now I'm planning on making grains the last thing I introduce per Dr. James Chestnut, who is the most research-supported nutritional expert I know. But I am very interested to learn more about this window.

CJ is verrrry interested in anything we eat or drink. So I succumbed to giving him a few sips out of a glass of water occasionally. He's amazingly good at it! He grabs the glass (not by himself of course) and everything! Although he too is lunging at our plates and grabbing my smoothie out of my hand, we plan to wait until he can sit up and pick up objects with his thumb and forefinger only before we start with the veggies.

We're in a healing crisis. After much thought, I'm sure we're toxic from my as-of-late over-indulgence in Starbucks. Bad mama! I have the cough from hades, and we both have a very mild conjunctivities resolving nicely with ebm.

Welcome to all the newbies! Glad to have you!
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And I'm with you all on the biting, although CJ likes noses best. And he bites hard!

Skana, our babes were born on the same day!
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Carrie Good luck getting Adrian's gi tract all happy & healthy again. I don't remember what a TED is, but I know Usmama (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) had many issues w/her dd2, Nitara and has/is overcoming them. Maybe she would have some tips on avoiding further damage to Adrian's oral relationship to food? I know her little one was associating eating w/pain and so was willing not to eat. Good luck to you...
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Carrie, I'm so sorry to hear about the problems. Keeping fingers crossed for you.
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