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Weird Symptom...kinda scarey....

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The last 2 nights this has happened. Around 5-6 pm, after supper, I suddenly get very light headed. I feel stange all over, but mostly in my head. I can carry on a conversation, but I forget what I said immediatly after saying it and am often surprised to find myself talking. I try to go to bed and it lasts about an hour, maybe a bit more. I don't think it can be low blood sugar considering that we just ate and it does go away after I lie down for awhile....any ideas?
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Talk to your midwife... but my first guess is that your body is just adjusting to the new pregnancy and that's doing funny things when you have a shift in blood sugar? I know in the 1st tri of both my pregnancies, sometimes I would have *really* strange things like this happen that defied any of the assessments in my books. Plus, you already have 3 little ones... is it possible that more sleep would help?

I would love to hear what other mamas have to say... but talk to your MW... she'd know the questions to ask to rule out any problems.

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Are you having any nausea?? Perhaps it is your blood sugar levels raisig after being low all day.. I know that can make you feel weird and light headed...

It could also maybe be low bp.. The last time i went to my OB my bp was 92/58... I figuire between my nausea and my bp being lower either or both of those could account for my dizzy spells and feelings of disconnectedness from my body..

I agree with XM though, you should always tell your medical practicioner anytime you have anything going on that concerns you...

Warm Squishy Feelings...

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"disconectedness"-what a perfect way to describe it...it kinda feels like I am talking into to tin can....
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i am an er nurse, where half the patients that come do not need to! silly stuff....

but, because i see the worst, my advice to you would be call your doctor. i mean, what if this happened while you were driving? its not normal for you to feel like you are talking into a tin can.
could be a lot of things or nothing.
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I can't judge how bad it is of course, but it's quite normal to feel a bit lightheaded after a meal. Your blood is going to your gut to help digest the food, which means there's less left for your brain. Once the food is digesting, everything goes back to normal. i imagine that, with part of your blood already being redirected to your reproductive system, this "digestion" work could just leave your brain a little underattended at that time, but it should get better once your blood supply adapts to the pregnancy by increasing.

My dh just calls it the "after-dinner slump." He has it pretty bad

Have you had your iron checked? Anemia could make it worse.
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