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Do you think 6 weeks is

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too early to tell everyone? (I mean 6w LMP) Do you think it's tacky to tell everyone at my dh's Grandma's 80th surprise party? Would it be rude to take the spotlight for a minute that day?
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I always told my family immediately, but that's just because I can't keep my mouth shut: I know lots of people wait till 3 months just in case they miscarry. But telling at your grandma's b'day party might take the "specialness" (if that's a word) out of such a blessed event. Maybe at the end of the night right before everyone leaves, you could announce it. Just a thought.
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Wait a bit

I know from experience that it is so hard to wait. We found out that we were pg with our second while I was in CA to attend my brothers wedding. I did want to tell my dad and everyone right away but felt that it was my brothers time. A baby announcement is so BIG. WHat I did was waited until my brother and sister-in-law were driving away in their car, then I told my dad. Funny thing is though that by that time he had so much to drink he did not remember:

So, think about you Grandma. What would she want?

Congrats! Oh and by the way I'm about six weeks along too!

Take care-

mom to THeodore (3), Issac (1), and baby to be
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I think this is a very personal decision. I only told people who were extraordinarily close to me each time because it is sooooo difficult to untell people--for me. And I had two miscarriages, so I was glad at that point that I hadn't told the world. On the other hand, I know other people who believe in celebrating every single moment and sharing that joy or sorrow with everyone, and I think that's great too. It just would not have worked for me. kwim? Now, I also think that your grandmother is going to be thrilled to hear this news at her party, and if you're comfortable telling everyone then you should do it! Congratulations!
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I started telling people the moment the test was truly postive! I've told friends and family who I would tell if I did miscarry anyways, so I didn't see the point in *not* telling them until 3 months along... But thats just me... I'm worrying my head off anyways because I keep hearing about miscarriages, but I'm trying to do everything as positivly as possible... and telling people is part of that. And I already know that if something did happen, I really only need to tell one of my friends who has a HUGE mouth, who already decided to tell 2 of my friends that I was pregnant herself!

So just do what feels good to you! And think about what you'd rather have happen if you did miscarry... have friends and family not know or have to tell them? That should give you you're answer I'm sure.
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I think you should go with your gut. I just had a mc this summer and had thought we would wait to tell people when we got pg again. However, I started to tell a few people right away. I figured I would tell those people if I miscarried anyway, so why not share now. That way you get all the positive energy sent your way from the beginning. I haven't told many of my patients because I did that last time and it was hard when I mc. I'm going to wait until I'm 13 weeks to tell everyone (I'm 8 weeks now), but my family and close friends know.
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