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Book Challenge: January 2006

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New to the book challenge? Just set a goal for the books you'll read this year and keep us updated on your progress in this thread and in threads for future months. Include the book title, a comment about whether you liked it (or a review if you want), and the number of the book in your running tally for the year. Don't worry if you've found us after your reading year's already started -- jump in anytime. And if you hit your goal, throw yourself a party!

For more info, check out the very first thread about the challenge.

Book challenge old-timer? Let's hear those challenges for 2006! I only read 29 in 2005 but I'm going to try for 52 this year. That should make a sizable dent in my to-read mountain! (Of course, that didn't stop me from buying 15 more books at a 20% off sale at my favorite local bookstore today.) : And don't forget to post a summary of your 2005 reads!

Goals for 2006

alaskanteach (12)
Bearsmama (20)
grumo (45)
Quillian (30)
Vermillion (24)

bricorssk (52)
devonc (60)
dziejen (52)
HollysMom (50)
kofduke (52)
LadyBug & BabyBug (75)
loftmama (52)
mamabird32 (75)
snozzberry (52)
Traci mom23boys (50)

Astrid (125)
chanale (100)
phathui5 (104)
rabrog (100)


earthmommy (200)
Indigo73 (200)

MamaBug (250)

No set goal
Queen Gwen

Updated thru post #128
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I read 35 last year, my goal was 50. This year I want to read 45 - one a week with a little leeway.
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My goal is going to be 200, mostly because I want to sprinkle more non-fiction into my reading list, which was my goal last year. I did okay at the beginning but started slacking toward the end. 3 in 10 books should be non-fiction, I think.

#1 Trickster's Queen by Tamora Pierce (read Trickster's Choice last year)

From School Library Journal
Grade 7-10–In this sequel to the well-received Trickster's Choice (Random, 2003), Pierce deftly weaves an unforgettable story about Alianne (Aly) of Pirate's Swoop. As the novel opens, the wife and children of the late Duke Mequen Balitang return to the capital city of Rajmuat from their exile on their distant estate. Aly has become a maid to Lady Dovasary, daughter of the late duke, and, more importantly, she is now the spymaster of the raka rebellion that is determined to put Dovasary's sister on the throne in place of the four-year-old luarin king. The light-skinned luarin have oppressed the dark-skinned raka for centuries, and the luarin co-regents now in charge of the Copper Isles are losing their grip on reality as well as on their kingdom. With Aly in control, the raka rebellion is able to stir up enough unrest to cause the uprising to begin. Aly, who is the daughter of Alanna the Lioness of Tortall (from the "Lioness Quartet" series), is delightful in her deviousness. The teen is exceptionally brave, sassy, and diplomatic. She is surrounded by a large supporting cast, which is well developed and necessary to the story. The plot sweeps readers along in a whirlwind of court intrigue, deception, murder, and romance. The humor is wicked, and the plot twists will keep the pages turning to the supremely satisfying end. Teens will be inspired by Aly's determination, her resourcefulness, and her heart.–Anna M. Nelson, Seabrook Library, NH
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52! I'm going for a second year of an average of one book per week. Some weeks, it's less, but hopefully in the summer I can catch up a lot. A book a week was a little more than I normally would've read, not much but enough to enjoy the push. I'm currently reading another Alexander McCall Smith book and loving it.

Oh and Snozzberry, where is the big sale? I normally only get my books from the library but I got a g.c. from a local bookstore called BookPeople. Is it the same one? I might need to head over there!
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Woo hoo, the new thread!

I read 114 in 2005, I was pretty pleased. I quickly learned that with a babe (and then toddler) I couldn't read at my pre-mommy pace.

I'm expecting number 2 this year so I know that come July I'll have even less time for reading.

My goal for this year is 75 books.
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Count me in! I am new to this but I am up to a good challenge! Plus I love to read so this will inspire me. I will set my goal for 52 books this year. Plus this will be a good way for me to get some good reading ideas.
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checking back in... didn't post for the last few months of 2005, just too much going on... but was still reading away :-))
no set goal, seems to take the fun out of reading for me... but will post the books I read in case anyone else might enjoy since I have found TONS of great books from this thread!!
have a peaceful month of reading enjoyment...
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I'm also setting my goal at 52! Hope to have my first done soon.
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Well my goal for this year is to write more and read less so I'm not going to keep count. I want to stay in the group though so I can get all the good recommendations.

Here's my first book of the year:

Daalder's Chocolates by Philibert Schogt

This book was not as good as I thought it would be - not enough about the specifics of making chocolate and the uptight, snobby main character really started to get on my nerves after a while.
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I found the Challenge at the end of last year but decided to wait til January to really jump in.... I'll make my goal 60 books because I really want to read more longer, in depth books instead of the usual fluff I bang out in two days.

Currently reading:

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova-- I'm sure it's already been reviewed but I am really intrigued by it so far!

Good luck everyone!!!

1) The Historian
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Originally Posted by loftmama
Oh and Snozzberry, where is the big sale? I normally only get my books from the library but I got a g.c. from a local bookstore called BookPeople. Is it the same one? I might need to head over there!
Oh no...you just missed it! On New Year's Day, BookPeople had a sale for 20% off everything in the store. It's my favorite store in the world, so I had to set a limit for myself so I didn't go crazy and spend our down payment money...but I stuck to it, so I'm pretty happy about that!
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Add me in!

My goal for this year is 104 books, 2 a week.
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My last years goal was 100 and I just made it at the end of December I am feeling bold this year and so I am going to set my goal for 125

My first book of the year:
In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith
# 6 in the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series I love this series and am sad this is the last one published so far. Hopefully the next one will be out soon! I should try some of his other books to get me by
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Astrid, I was in a bookstore tonight and saw a book by him that was recommended with something like "Sausage Dog" in the story. Have you read that one? Do you know the order of the books? I've gotten another one from the library, but it's clearly out of order. The books don't seem to mention any particular order, as far as I know.
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Aaargh! : I just got back and saw that I missed it! Oh, well. It's always fun to hang out and I enjoyed using my g.c. anyway! I just don't keep up with local new enough.
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loftmama, I haven't read any of his other books - just the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I believe this is the order of the books:
1- The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
2- Tears of the Giraffe
3- Morality for Beautiful Girls
4- The Kalahari Typing School for Men
5- The Full Cupboard of Life
6- In The Company of Cheerful Ladies

Happy reading!
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I am joining in this year! I also have no set goal....just want to get back into reading regularly (which is more difficult to do with a 3-year-old AND a 5-month-old!).

Not sure if this counts as #1 since I started it in 2005, but finished it yesterday. LOL.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer. A precocious nine-year-old loses his father to 9/11, finds a mysterious key in his dad's closet, and sets out to find the lock it fits. I loved some things to bits (Oskar, the nine-year-old, has a great voice and some of the sentences in the book just rang so true) and other things bugged me (JSF doesn't use paragraphs for dialogue, for instance.) I am definitely reading JSF's first book now though.
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I would love in....
This would help me relax a lot more!
Put me down for 75 books....
I just finished my first book,
One I got for the Holidays, Miss Julia's School of Beauty. It's a series of Miss Julia books. She's a funny older woman who speaks her mind!
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ooohhh....I want in.

I read quite a bit, so I would say a goal of about 200 sounds nice.

I am currently reading the second book of the Outlander series.. "Dragonfly in Amber". Also, "Caribou Rising" by Rick Bass.

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earthmommy, I am currently reading the third book in the Outlander series
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