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planning your days

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DS#1 is 4 and DS#2 is 7 months. I stay home full time with both of them. The first two weeks I over did it going out and about too many times during the week and I ended up with a plugged duct and a tired body. I want to try and figure out a plan so that we spend a few days of being at home and other days of a trip the library or other outings. I just find carting both kids in and out of the car too many times makes me so tired.

Just wondering what if any schedule you have.
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I suck at keeping a regular weekly schedule--improving on this is one of my goals for this year. I seem to do good for awhile and then someone gets sick or we go out of town for a few days and the whole schedule just gets lost. Winters are harder for me to stay on schedule.

This was our schedule during the summer:
M-library, park with picnic lunch, home
T-YMCA, home for lunch, park, home
W-playgroup at park
TH-same as T
F-farmers market, park w/ lunch, home

every other friday I would try to plan something exciting:zoo, childrens museum, walk around the capital etc. anything that didn't cost much $$
We did really good with this schedule last summer; I find it more important to stay on schedule when my oldest isn't in school there tends to be anarchy when all the kids are together and bored!

We have yet to get a regular schedule going this winter.
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I have no regular schedule at all - not a weekly one, or a daily one.

I try to make sure we have at least one whole day at home each week - either just hanging out, playing games and such or trying to get enough housework done that the place doesn't look like a complete sty. And, I try to make sure we get at least one "outing" a week...usually to the farm up the street. Other than those two things...anything goes, really.

Today is going to be a challenge. DH has been home almost every day since Christmas Eve (he worked from home a couple days and was in the office twice). DS1 (almost 13) has been home since the 16th of December. Today, they're both back to their usual routine and won't be home until about 4:00. So, I'm back to full time SAHMing, after being used to having them both around. I think I'll take the little ones (2.5 & 5 months) to the farm today, so that dd can burn off steam. She's going to be really upset when she wakes up and discovers that her daddy is at work again.
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I tried to do a schedule, but I just sucked at keeping it. We follow something like this

Tuesday- playgroup
Thurs- 4 yr old has preschool, grocery shopping with the other two
Friday- 4 yr old has preschool, afternoon we usually meet with a friend

And that's it! Sometimes wednesdays I meet with my Tuesday playgroup for the occasional wed playgroup or I try to take them somewhere (errands at Target, or a park). During the summer we go to more outings like zoos, etc, but they all close for the winter. Sometimes we pack up and go somewhere else during the week. I am not a social butterfly and have no network of great friends here so more often than not we just hang at home and chill. I have no problem not going anywhere, I agree, it is tiring lugging everyone around all day long! I much prefer to have fun at home and go places when my husband is there with me!
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I'm also really bad at keeping a schedule, but its something I have been trying to work on more and more over the past couple of years. My oldest goes to preschool MWF afternoons so that is one thing that stays the same. During the winter months we are pretty much homebound except for drop off and pick up from preschool. We only have one car and its hard to take them both out anyway. We tend to run errands and do outings on the weekends when dh is home from work and can go with us.

One thing I have managed to do is have a morning routine, and so now I'm working on an afternoon and evening routine as well. In the mornings:

-DS2 nurses in bed and then we get up go downstairs, go potty, change R's diaper
-Get the boys and myself each a drink, then 30min. video/computer time so that I can wake up
-Then I make breakfast, we all eat and take our vitamins
-I then clean up from breakfast, and will start a load of dishes if needed.
-Go downstairs and start a load of laundry.
-Get boys dressed, wash faces, brush teeth and read stories
-Then I take a shower, get dressed, etc.
-Do a quick pick up of the main living areas
-Switch laundry and play w/ boys

That's all I've managed so far but it is a start. It probably wouldn't work for anyone who doesn't like a lazy start to the day. I have also been trying to have lunch and R's nap at around the same time each afternoon but it can vary. I'm also trying to get dh and the boys themselves more involved with our evening routines of dinner, picking up, baths, etc.
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For me (and I know everyone is different) the more scheduling I have/do the better. That isn't all activities, even if I schedule cleaning the kitchen while the kids play legos at the table. For me it helps to have a "plan"
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Originally Posted by Eman'smom
For me (and I know everyone is different) the more scheduling I have/do the better. That isn't all activities, even if I schedule cleaning the kitchen while the kids play legos at the table. For me it helps to have a "plan"

We are the same way. I do better and the boys do better. Which is not to say we always have running around as the plan, but I feel much more in control of my day if there's a general plan.

I have a few scheduled activities for the boys and then we fill in the days with playdates, the park and the library. We are home every day from about 1:00 to at least 4:00 for nap/quiet time, so that gives them enough of a break during the day if we are out the rest of the time.
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My "plan" is to be a SAHM not a SITCM (stay-in-the-car-mom)
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I've never heard of a SITCM, but that was me yesterday. I'm SO glad it doesn't happen very often. Life was a lot different with ds1. I had to WOHM (I had a fairly useless husband at the time), and I didn't drive. So, ds1 and I spent all off-work time together, and he ran my errands with me...but we did it on foot. I'd improvise - walking home with the groceries became a "quest" to get the provisions home safely without angering the weather gods (when a storm was moving in) and stuff like that. I had no schedule, though - there was no time to think about one.
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