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GRRRR! Breastfeeding and NFP!

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I have been learning charting since AF returned 6 months PP with DS 100% breastfeeding on demand (which means every hour all night, every 2 hours all day GRRR!). My periods are so wacky- could I be PG?

1st period- Nov 29th, light but normal, 3 days long.

BD'd Dec 17th

2nd period- Dec 19th, only a 21 day cycle (I'm usually a perfect 28), very light.

Today is Jan23rd and no sign of AF. I have been having back and forth dry and creamy CM then 2 days ago after many dry days I suddenly had very eggwhite CM but I think too thick then it went away. I have felt several times like I was going to get AF- acne, bloating- but it never comes.

Are periods always this wacky PP while still BF? It's been years I don't remember. I don't think I was paying as close attention then either.

I guess when I read my stuff above it doesn't look like I'm PG (thank G-d) and I guess it hasn't been that long since AF, but it's really annoying. My chart just looks like a jumble with no rhyme or reason LOL!
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It's different for each breastfeeding woman, but I'd bet you are with the majority of us and having anov cycles. Patches of fertile cm is a dead giveaway of an anovulatory cycle.... bummer! If your temps are going up and down, that's what the deal is. Hang in there, your chart will start to make sense once your little one nurses less often.
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mara, hang in there. DS is 22 months old, my cycles returned when he was 15 months old and they are just now looking normal. My first cycle was 56 days long. I ovulated on day 49 and had a 6 day LP. Even if you are ovulating, I understand that nursing tends to shorten your LP. Mine have been 7-8 days long until just this last cycle, and it was finally 13 days long.
I guess this is an anecdotal way of saying that breastfeeding really screws with your cycles and makes charting more difficult, but I think if you keep charting eventually things will start to make sense. YOu didn't mention your temperature, but that was my best signal that I had actually had an ovulatory cycle, I could definately see the thermal shift. The CM is more confusing, for me at least.
Good luck,
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