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It is such a shame about the manditory epidural placement for VBAC. I guess where I work we are more progessive than I thought! . Staying at home as long as you can is a great choice, trying to put an epidural in a lady going thru transition is never fun!

We have our 20 week U/S on tuesday. I am excited but very nervous. It is at 8:15am so I wont have to worry all day!
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Aw Danielle- I hope your shopping trip isn't too awful bad. I remember shopping with my mom and MIL when I was pg the first time... I had to go back to work p/t so had to buy a good breastpump, and they each needed a carseat since they were my "daycare"... and other various stuff. Dd had her first night away just after her 2nd birthday- and it wasn't planned! I had a kidney stone attack at 28 wks pg with ds and spent the night in the hospital so dd stayed with my mom. She did great thankfully! Ds will be three in April and hasn't spent the night away yet. We may do a trial run sometime soon, but I don't think he's really ready just yet.

Now I'm rambling!
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[QUOTE=dshields]Rosa has been busy perfecting a move where she seems to be launching herself off of my bladder in an attempt to escape the womb head first through my belly. [quote]

Ouch! NewLump has just been wedging some body part (presumably his head) into my left hip bone, then bouncing.


I'm shopping tomorrow Plus, this time is going to be so loaded with what they think I should do, like not co-sleep and not use cloth.
Repeat after me "Oh, that's nice" "I'll keep that in mind" "Oh, interesting"

Especially "that's nice" because it secretly means "Go yourself"

Just tune it out. I have to do a shopping trip with my grandmother in 3 weeks. That should be a barrel of laughs.

A mandatory epidural placement? Ack! That would suck-diddly-uck for me! I'm going to have to have a chit-chat with Mr Anesthesiologist sometime around 32 weeks anyways so I will find out what the local policy is. My epi with DS was agonizing and I suffered nerve damage.

Ok, I have discovered that taking walks near my house is boring, especially when it's below freezing. I think i might head into town today for some retail therapy and check out what the locals have for cloth diapers.
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Thanks again for all the good suggestions and support. It's so nice to have a place where I don't have to explain why a VBAC is important.

Yes, a call to the L&D dept. at the hospital is a good idea. I was bummed because our appointment yesterday with a local family practice doc got scheduled over by the other clinic employees and I have to go back next week. I had such a huge adrenaline let down after we left the clinic, I was exhausted. Normally I'm super forgiving about office mistakes, but this was discouraging.

vicky72-here's sending some sun your way, I hate it when it's cloudy w/o snow here.

ellymay-hope your migraine is getting better

dshields-I agree w/ Throkmorton on just grinning and bearing. I get super-overwhelmed in those baby stores, though. The worst is what to respond when someone says, "isn't this cute?" and I think it's not. Usually I just smile and nod, but when I'm shopping w/ my mil I've learned I have to say if it's something I really don't want, because then she'll BUY IT FOR ME!!!! DH says I can always refer to him to avoid having to make a decision on the spot. That works well, too: "ya know, I don't know if we need a_________(insert inane baby product here), let me talk to Dave and see what he thinks."

Hooray for all the happy ultrasounds!
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Bad news today

Our family has two stay at home parents now... meaning dh no longer has a job. I'm kinda in shock still.
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OMG Michelle
Did you at least have some warning?
Oh I so hope this wasn't a huge suprise

We went through me losing my job when I was pg with ds2...it was so stressful--especially since I was the main income and insurance carrier for the family.

I have to say our budgets have changed a lot in the past 3 years, but we're still alive and kicking...and to be honest we used the opportunity to change a lot of things in our lives. And other than always knowing hindsight is 20/20, I'd say our lives are so much better now, kwim?

If you need anything, let me know

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Oh Michelle ~ I'm so sorry. I hope something comes up for him soon. That must be so stressful.
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Lauren- TOTALLY unexpected. He was let go when dd was a tot when there was a company takeover, they started at the top and let those with the most seniority (ie. most expensive employees)... but back then I was working 18 hr/wk and I was able to increase my hours to help us get by. Not to mention last time he got a nice severance package. This time- nothing. And he's very laid back so has no job prospects on the horizon... he'll be busting butt trying to find another job in the somewhat stinky job economy around there.

Sorry to whine, I think about the bills to be paid (I take care of the finances) and I freeze up. And excellent timing, all the credit card companies are increasing their minimum payments.
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I had good luck with the temp agencies in Indiana when I lived out there--that might be a decent option to get through the next month or so while he gets his resume out there... I didn't make a killing or anything, but it was money and it was decent work.

Are you near any IU campuses? They are nice to work for, if that is an option

On the plus side...we can all e-file our taxes on the 13th....will you get a refund? Will it help you float for a little while?

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Thanks for the tip on temp agencies Lauren. We'll have to check into that. We're near IU, but haven't had good luck with them... my dh actually worked there for awhile but he made more money and had better benefits here in our town than at IU- not to mention the commute is expensive. The salary and benefits at IU aren't good at all, we're losing our second set of friends to yet another university because of that very thing.

We actually make about $10-$15k less than we made when we married because I quit work to be a SAHM and he took jobs that were more family friendly... but if we make any less we'll only be making something like 50% more than the poverty level. We've learned to cut back quite a bit and don't pay for internet, cable or anything like that so there's no more corners to cut!

We'll get a nice tax refund, but we have to pay the midwife and the credit card debt because we can't afford the minimum payments anymore. We're kinda in a catch-22 situation now.
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man, that stinks about IU
I worked for them for a bunch of years....but then again at that point I was in school full-time and a single parent and ANY job that was flexible, friendly, and PAID me was good

I also didn't have a commute...which definitely helped

I know what you mean about the tax refund...ours is already disappearing between the midwife and the work our cars NEED....

my DH is hoping to head back to school in the fall...and we were kind of hoping we would have enough left of taxes to let him leave his job earlier than just before the semester starts, kwim?
Doesn't really look all that feasible now though
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Hi ladies. Yesterday I bit the bullet and went ahead and spent the money to get a couple new pairs of glasses. I hated to do it but man they are sooooo awesome. And the staff was friendly, professional and helpful. If any of you guys wear glasses then you know how fantastic it is to get that new pair.

eorr, what are the basic questions that you have down so far?

ellymay, how are the migraines? Have you found any pain relief, even a little?

vicky72 I certainly hope you get some sun soon. When DH and I were in WI for about a year and a half, (no small feat for a GA girl ) I thought I was seriously losing it. And good luck on your u/s.

alexisyael, congratulations on your smiley baby u/s!

momatheart waiting as long as you can to go to the hospital sounds like a good way to go. I certainly hope you are able to have your VBAC.

JayGee I'm glad that you were able to get some relief from the stress over the Down's possibility. I hope the sick little ones aren't making you totally .

dshields, don't let 'em drive you up the wall too far.

OMG busybusymama! I'm so, so sorry this happened! How are you guys doing? I know how difficult this must be. We are pretty much a paycheck to paycheck family here and my part-time job seems to be trying to screw me out of hours : while DH's job think's he's a machine.
mama. Let us know how things are going. You guys will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.

Good weekend wishes to you ladies.
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I knew I forgot something! Good luck to you as well on the u/s next Wednesday KatSG. My : hoping that previa has moved.
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busybusymama-I am so sorry, hopefully something works out, sounds like you're allready cutting as many corners as you can

eorr-although I hate job interviews with situational questions, I would use those to ask your midwife about other situations she's handled, so, like, "what would you do if XYZ occured". That way you get a feel for her personality, as well as her techinical skills...kwim?
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Busybusymama, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. That must feel so stressful, take to time to focus on yourself too. I'll be sending positive job vibes your way!

Thanks ladies for the support on the shopping excursion. It went surprising well and little Rosa has more clothes than Imelda did shoes. We also found a new apartment that will work perfectly for us...little closet space but that's the only downside. It will save us $250 on rent which we find tremendous and my friend is the owner of the house, a double decker victorian that I just sold him last month! Fenced yard too for our dog children. Any thoughts on the safety of painting? I'm the motivated one in the family and I want to paint every room. Dh has offered to do it but I don't see it happening in a timely fashion and I have the schedule to allow me to get it done. Two more weeks until our trip to St. Martin and then we'll have a month to move at our own pace. I'm so excited to decorate a room for Rosa!
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Danielle- open the windows, wear a mask and buy low-VOC paint.

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. I cried all afternoon yesterday but I'm doing better today. I'm not a crier so I feel really funky now with my swollen face.

Anyone else noticed a change in baby's movements? The last week I feel more rolling movements like baby is beginning to feel more cramped already. Before it was kicks and such, now I feel a head or butt in my right hip a lot and big rubbing movements when baby moves to a new position. And an elbow or knee that is really sharp!
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Happy Sunday all!

Oh, eorr, have you tried checking out the midwives and doulas forum? I'm sure they would have some good suggestions also.

Yep dshields, gotta second those painting tips from bbm.

bbm, over the last week the wee one here has gotten more active I've noticed. I think I am now at where some of you ladies were a few weeks ago! More kicking and punching and the other day a hard jab to the left at the front of my stomach, ow, and that cervix hitting, ow, ow!
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i'm so sorry to hear about your dh's job loss, michelle. hope y'all find something soon.

yesterday morning i woke up to red spotting. i've had some pinkish spotting off and on pretty much my whole preg., but i just couldn't deal any more so we took a trip to the er. got poked and prodded and then got to see the babe on an ultrasound (i'm seeing a hb midwife who doesn't do u/s and wanted to avoid it, but more wanted to make sure nothing was wrong). it was really nice to be able to see my healthy babe hanging out in there! but we didn't find out the sex, though i think i got a glimpse of girl parts. in the end, they didn't tell me what it was, but said everything looks ok, so i guess i believe them. but now, since i told them i hadn't had any prenatal care yet (hb midwives are illegal here) i'll have to find a backup care provider to appease social services, at least temporarily. and also file for medicaid, since we don't have health insurance and i sure don't want to pay the er bill. oh, well. at least now my mind is more at ease, i think.

hope everyone else's weekend was more fun than mine!
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Oh my- how scary happypants! Good to hear baby looks fine, and best wishes on clearing up things with SS and such. I'd have to do the same thing myself if I came to need medical care. Rest up and take care of yourself!
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Big hugs Happypants. I'm sorry you had to have such a frightening experience but quite glad that everything looks A-OK. Yeah, social services can be a pain in the rear but as you said, at least you are more at ease. I hope your week goes more smoothly!
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