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birth plan poll...

Poll Results: What is in your current birth plan?

  • 18% (9)
    Hospital birth.
  • 12% (6)
    Birth-center birth.
  • 41% (20)
    At home birth.
  • 0% (0)
  • 2% (1)
  • 12% (6)
    Certified Nurse Midwife.
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
  • 4% (2)
    Un-Assisted birth. (just you and your partner).
  • 4% (2)
    Water birth.
  • 4% (2)
    Epidural/Pain Med-Free birth.
48 Total Votes  
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i already posted this thread in the "i'm pg" section, but i'd like to get some answers from my august mamas. what birth plan are you leaning toward right now? if you're not completely sure it's okay, just vote on the ones you're most likely to go for. you can vote for as many as apply to you. (example, if you want a hospital birth with an OB and a doula, vote once for hos. birth and once for doula.)
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It won't let me vote for more than one.

I voted for at home birth, but would add lay midwife/no meds.

Doula and waterbirth are also possibilities.
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Homebirth with a midwife, doula, and possibly in the water (I at least will rent the pool to see if I like it at the time).
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Hospital with a midwife, probably a water birth.
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Originally Posted by Robynee
Hospital with a midwife, probably a water birth.
Hey! Me too!

Both my girls were born in the same hospital, attended by the same wonderful midwife. I'm planning another No-Intervention labor, birth, and postpartum period. My second was a waterbirth and I would absolutely do that again. We are considering homebirth this time (I say we, which means I should probably let DH know we are considering homebirth ). We'll see how things shape up this time.
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Birthing center with a midwife and no drugs/epidural.

I really want a home birth but dh is dead set against it. Our insurance doesn't cover homebirths and I'm not comfortable with UC though if we left any later last time that is what would of happened.
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Home birth with no meds obviously. We don't have nurse midwives, just registered midwives. I'm not sure what lay midwives are, but here RMs either go to school for a four year midwifery program with most of the work being at clinic placements or take a prior learning and experience assessment.
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I'm going w/the hospital/dr route. I'm a vbac hopeful.
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home birth no meds midwife. last time we had mid wife they were great we ended up at hospital for about 1.5 hrs no meds.
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Hospital birth with CNM....no pain meds, I'd love to labor in water if my water doesn't break first (which happened with all 3 of my other kids!).
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Hospital birth with a midwife. However, my last birth at the same hospital with the same midwives could not have been any more wonderful. No IV, monitoring, but on my own terms, labor and delivery in the position I choose, no coaching, the most accomidating nurses ever. Oh, PLUS, the hospital doesn't give out formula samples, or preform circs.
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Homebirth with a direct entry (or Lay) midwife. I am so thrilled to finally be planning my HBAC!
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WE are doing homebirth. It will be my second and even though I labored through transition in the water I got out to deliver becuase of my and his position. I really want to do the waterbirth thing this time.....so armed with more knowledge and confidence I am going to do it!
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oops- sorry, didn't realize this was an Aug 06 exclusive poll. I'm the Unassisted voter.
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The poll doesn't let me select multiple options : Sorry

Currently planning for a med-free birth in hospital, same as last time. This time I'm planning to use a CNM rather than an OB. They do water-births at this hospital too, so I may give that a try too, depending how things go.
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I didn't select anything in the poll because it's not set up for multiple selections.

My plan is:

* homebirth
* possibly water birth
* midwife
* no meds

The midwife and no meds aren't new to me, but the homebirth and watebirth are.
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We're planning a midwife (not nurse) attended homebirth. Possibly w/ a doula.
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Well, I was looking at a CNM attended hospital waterbirth, but plans have changed. Now I'm looking at a CNM attended home waterbirth! Last time I had a CPM attended home waterbirth with a doula and it was wonderful. Especially after my first two medicated OB attended hospital births. Having a doula again this time around is still up in the air. We really can't afford it, but I am going to look into getting one that's doing her training still and needs births for her certification (they don't charge for their services in those cases). We went that route with the last two. One was disasterous, but the last doula was amazing. I'm hoping to get as lucky again!
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Well, I'm unassisted... but I'm having a doula-friend so it won't be just me and DH - but it will be as we are in charge of the birth.

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Hospital birth w/ a CNM. I WISH it could be a water birth, but they don't offer that at the Naval hospital. I also wanted a birth center but ins. won't cover it - I have to go to the Navy hospital.
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