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I am on CD 42! I will test tomorrow. However, I don't feel pregnant, and my period has been known to be a little wonky. AF was right on time last month, after a miscarriage, so I'm confused and frustrated. Oh well, I'll find out sooner or later, right?
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this morning, a faint line! EDD - Friday, Oct 13 (lol!)
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Well, I can't check yet, not for a couple of days, but I've started these massive cravings already - I've eaten probably two pounds of fruit a day this whole week and been wanting salad so badly. I think this might be it...but we'll see.

Congratulations seahorsie!
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I'm so glad I found this thread. I was trying to figure out where to post this. It's gonna be kind of long, but I need to explain it all.

I went home on R&R leave (I'm in Iraq) on 10 Dec and I was there for almost 3 weeks. There is a 9 hour time difference between Iraq and TN where I live. I tried to take my pill at 9pm everynight because it would have been 6 am the next day in Iraq. So, I was doing pretty good on this schedule until by boyfriend and I went to visit relatives on the 23rd and spent the night. So I missed a pill that day, but took two the next. Then on the night of the 27th (so really the morning of the 28th Iraq time) I ended up taking two pills (like 28th's and 29th's.) The next day I didn't take one to get back on track. BF and I DTD on the 31st and the 1st (we were stuck in Kuwait, so you know, we needed to find something to do )

I spotted for about 4 days starting around the 7th or 8th. I chalked it up to missing the pills that threw me off. For the last week and a half I've insanely tired, but I wrote that off as getting sick from standing in the freezing cold rain at 0315 for an hour last Saturday. Plus I've been cramping off and on-but I've also been a little backed up if you know what I mean-my boobs got bigger, and I vary between being starving and feeling sick. I decided to keep on track with my pills until I started the 'inactive' pills yesterday. So now it's Monday afternoon and no AF (I know it's still kind of early) but I took a pg test today it was negative. But I figure if I am pg, then conception probaly took place on or around 1 Jan so I'd be like 4 weeks after conception. With my DD I tested positive 12 days after conception.

I probably need to be patient (definetly not one of my virtues) until at least Wed. or Thurs. but this is driving me nuts!

What do ya'll think?
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Yay!! A fun place to post what our DH are SOOO tired of hearing I am sure!! (Awww - my sweetie just denied that claim! Teehee! I am so lucky!)

Well, to share in the fun: ds was born end of aug. Had 2 days of spotting in oct and 1 in nov. - NOTHING since. Had a horrid false (?) positive in Dec - I say that as every one of the multiple tests I have taken have been neg. Anyways, I've had all the fun symptoms: sore nips, cravings/aversions, emotions WACKED out, super tired, etc. Yep, that about does it!

I keep going back and forth telling myself yes I am and just believe and no I must be crazy. If only men could experience this once in awhile!!! Ok, going to bed now. Thanks for the vent!!

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I turned out not to be pregnant, AF was one week late and I was wishing too much. Boo hoo hoo. Next time, I'll try harder.
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Hi Mama's,

Well, I am one day late. This is only my second cycle pp so I might just not be on a 28 day cycle so who knows. I don't really have any symptoms other being tired but we had a really long week so it might just be from that. The only thing that really makes me think I am pg is that I had some thick CM this week when CM should be dry at the end of my cycle. I am going to test in a few hours (I am holding my pee so that it can get concentrated enough) Can you tell that I am trying very hard not to get my hopes up? Cross your fingers Mama's!!!!! I'll post again in a few hours
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Well, it was negative. Still no AF though so I will just keep waiting.
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Trish - unless tired, and big sore boobs are a regular part of AF...I'd say you're looking at a good chance for a new addition!!

seahorsie and attachedtoelijah - CONGRATS!!!

amy,annie, brenda, danelle - crossing my fingers for you!! here's hoping!!
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Day 30 and still no sign of af......

I am sure that I ovulated. On the 14th day of my cycle this month I had lots of fertile cm. So??????????
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What a great thread!

DH and I were thinking about TTC #2 in a few months, but we "slipped" one day last month and I'm now 6 days late for AF. The thing is I took a hpt this morning and got a negative response. So I just don't know. I don't want to get my hopes up, but it's also a little sooner than we had planned....I guess I'd be ok either way, but I wish I knew for sure!

How soon should a hpt give an accurate reading (I'm a week late for AF, but the "slip" was 21 days ago...with my first I had a really clear test result at 6 weeks, but not at 4 weeks)?

And are there any signs of early pregnancy that stand out from the sore boobs (I'm nursing a ravenous 10 mo old), weight gain (I'm at pre-baby weight but still have a belly so no help there), and tiredness (said 10 mo old is teething and learning to walk...what is this sleep I hear people talk about?)?

Any advice would be welcome! Thanks!
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Originally Posted by seahorsie
this morning, a faint line! EDD - Friday, Oct 13 (lol!)
Yay. My eldest was born on Oct. 13, 1997!
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Ah yes, this is the thread I've been looking for! Well said, Ellie... although I'm not sure if my dh is tired of hearing it, he just doesn't seem to process it. This morning as I was waking him up, I was going on and on about all of the for vs. against pregnancy symptoms I've been having, and then after a bit I said, "If I am, I'll have to get my health card updated..." he asks, "If you are what?"

I'm tandem nursing and my cycles started out again in July... they were 50 days long for a couple of cycles, then settled in to being 32 days long (which seems to be my norm). I had fertile-type mucous that ended on day 25, and I'm on day 37 now. I've been feeling Aunt Flo crampy... figured I would start on Thursday... then Friday... oh, I must start on Sat... thought I had started on Sunday, but it was, ah, the after effects of another activity , and today, still a bit crampy but no AF. I tend to start in the morning, between when I wake up and about 10 or 11. I would be fine either way (pregnant or not), but I want to know if I might start my period because I want to go out and do stuff and not worry! My varicose veins flare up during my period and I don't want to be out on the bus with the kids when it starts.

I have a feeling of tightness or crampiness similar to pre-AF, as well as backache... but we just moved and I've been lugging around boxes and scrubbing floors... but I've been very tired, falling asleep in the mid-morning, which is very unusual for me, and I've been getting pretty much 8 hours of sleep each night... but again, I have been working hard when I'm awake... my period is late, but that could be from nursing (though both kids nursed much less during the move) or the stress of moving (though, honestly, it has gone smoothly, & I don't really feel stressed)... I have been ravenously hungry, but that could be from working to unpack and not wanting to stop and eat, and then just chowing down when I do... I was wide awake before 4am, typical of pregnancy insomnia for me... but that could just be a fluke, or my sore muscles waking me up.

What we women go through! And it's not even like I'm really hopeful one way or the other. We don't use b/c for religious reasons, and right now I feel like there's a nice space between dk#3 and the next one if I am pg now, and I LOVE being pg, but on the other hand, a bit more space would be nice, we could get well settled in to our new place, we could check out the local homeschooling groups and get into a good rhythm with our homeschooling at home, all without the exhaustion/moodiness/varicose vein difficulties I would be going through if I am pg. So, I'm happy with either outcome, I just want to know what the outcome is.
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maybe, possibly pregnant? Tested saturday, and got a very super faint line. So I showed DH because he would be more objective. And he saw it too. Still I don't trust it, so I will be testing again this week, and next ( I like to be really really sure!

So here I am : : for
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Maybe some of you can help me figure it out. I had some major cramping on the 15th of february, was supposed to start on Saturday, had some brownish spotting, so I thought I was, but then by the end of the night nothing. I took an HPT Friday and it was a BFN, but I still have not started, I am crampy, but I am crampy with pregnancy and with PMS. The problem is I have PCOS and don't normally ovulate so while I felt like I ovulated I do not know for sure. Any guesses? I am now 19DPO if I O'd?
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this afternoon

baby expected early nov
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Congrats Brisen!
I'm in the 2ww, but It's taken so long for me to get pg with #3 that I find it hard to get too hopeful.
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On cd39 and got a this morning. Where is AF I want to try for a sagittarius baby! What should I do ! AAHHH!
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We aren't actively TTC.

We dtd right around my fertile phase, around March 9th, don’t know my exact O date….. it just sorta happened.

I didn’t really think anything of it, but I’ve been EXHAUSTED! I can’t think of a time when I’ve had more trouble getting out of bed. Really enlarged boobs, getting quite sore. I’m ravenously hungry in the mornings, and I have to get up twice at night to pee and get a drink of water.

Oh yeah, and my sinuses are CLOGGED, but I'm not sick.

Weird. We’ll see!
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Originally Posted by simonsmama
maybe, possibly pregnant? Tested saturday, and got a very super faint line. So I showed DH because he would be more objective. And he saw it too. Still I don't trust it, so I will be testing again this week, and next ( I like to be really really sure!

So here I am : : for
Did you retest?
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