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September roll-call

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I am having trouble keeping everybody staight, so I though I'd start a roll-call thread. Hopefully we can get the mods to "sticky" it at the top of the forum. So, go ahead and PM me with your name and due date if I haven't already added you. Also let me know if you don't want to be on here and I've already added you. Please include your "real" first name if you'd like as well.

Congrats to all you September mamas!

3_angels -8/29
jlpolzin-Janna- 8/29
Fluffyblueberry 8/31
GabeMom-Elaine early Sept.
marymamma-Mary early Sept.
VBMama-Julie 9/1
tdennison-Theresa 9/1
RSwildflower-Jennifer 9/1
Mimi37-Mimi 9/3
thepoet-Noel 9/3
Sanguine-Susan 9/3
liseux-Claire 9/4
newcastlemama-Jennifer 9/4
Michele in Italy 9/4
chaismom-Letty 9/4
tingras-Tina 9/4 *Labor Day!*
homebirthmommy-Paige 9/6
Piper's mama-Lisa 9/6
girlfactory-Terri 9/6
mojumi-Monique 9/6
gulatigirl -9/7
lobster-Lindsay 9/7
jtg-Teresa 9/7
chi821 9/7
blairinargentina-Blair 9/8
margauxmama 9/9
kimberhope 9/9
chewymama-Joy 9/9
jodilynn05-Jodi 9/10
JessCssy 9/10
fourpawsmom-Erin 9/10
EJWB-Edith 9/11
belleandboo-Kellie 9/11
gsmama2-Sarah 9/11
mom2mimi-Julie 9/11
sweetpeasmama -Kara 9/11
Autumn_Breeze- 9/11
connors_momma-Terri 9/11
Radhanuga 9/11
jesikaj-Jesika 9/12
dvons-Deb 9/13
m0385-Molly 9/14
Funmi- 9/14
Wicked_Elphie26-Elphie 9/15
myhoneyswife -Cara 9/15
nebraskamom-Kim 9/15
AesSedai-Kimberly 9/15-18
Cyneburh -Kimber mid Sept.
xina-Christina 9/16
AntoninBeGonin-Nay 9/16
Erin K-Erin 9/16
maciascl-Cheryl 9/17
MovingMomma-Shannon 9/17
gypsymomma-Denise 9/17
Avima -Dana 9/18
whalerider 9/18
AbiSolsticebaby 9/18
PajamaMama 9/18
Sara-FirstTimeMom-Sara 9/19
Diprincess-Diana 9/20
hpienkos-Heather 9/20
cammiesmom-Heather 9/21
wurzelkind-Valerie 9/21
HR FluffnStuff 9/21
Potatolover- 9/22
quinbearzmama-jmck 9/22
MamaKM-Kimberly 9/22
cheesedreams-Caroline 9/23
andrea -9/23
ish-Ginger 9/23
kayakjen-Jenna 9/23
gwinith -9/23
nessam-Vanessa 9/24
bmhpke96-Brandi 9/24
daisysmom-Marybeth 9/25
EStraiton 9/25
RainbowsMum 9/25
blissbabies 9/25
amaliaday-Molly 9/26
Leosmama-Lindsay 9/26
msnadia-Nadia 9/26
noteworthy 9/27
vloky-Sara 9/27
unitytree-Jenn 9/27
qjraven8-Jen 9/27
blissful_maia-Sabrina 9/28
Debstmomy-Cristina 9/28
jemar -Jeanne 9/28
jenmamahen-Jen 9/28
Kabes-Kara 9/29
Evergreen -Emily 9/29
jecaly-Jennifer 9/29
Milkymommi-Kristie 9/29
SaraBravo-Sara 9/29
kylewilliamsmom-Rachel 9/29
michray-Mich 9/30
mamatoablessing-Jen-mid Sept.
ErinBird-Erin Sept.
clovergirl -Mid/late Sept.
woodstar-Faye-late Sept.
Mama2Lennon-Rawshell late Sept.
TurboClaudia-Claudia late Sept.
katydid6-Angie late Sept.
MamaEm24-late Sept.
brendamr-Brenda-late Sept.
brewgirl-Deb late Sept.
littleteapot-Babs late Sept./early Oct.
time4another-Heather- last days of Summer/first days of Fall
CryPixie83-Crystal September
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Great idea! My edd is 9/11 (kind of an ominous day, but I tend to go early...)
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Thank you Paige for doing this! My due date is also 9/11 and my first name is Sarah .
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Looks great to me!

Thank you for doing this!
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I'm 29th August maybe

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Good idea....mine is 9/6/06
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Thanks for making this sticky. I'm due around 9/15
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I just tested positive, I'll let you know when my due date is when I know it, my guess would be between september 6th and 16th
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I'm Chrissi and my official dd is 9/10 but I tend to go 10-12 days early. I'm assuming it will actually probably happen on my bday which is 8/30!!
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You can put me down as 9/1. Ds was early so this babe might be an Aug babe, but who knows? My real name is Julie.
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Good idea! Real name is Celeste, due 9/1
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Hi, due on the 15th but seeing that this baby didn't seem to be in much of a hurry to implant or make enough HCG for me to test, I wouldn't be surprised if it stays in there til early October!

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I just found out yesterday that I'm having (another) September baby!

My due date will be mid September sometime.
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Hi Paige~ My name is Diana. I just found out for sure yesterday that I'm pregnant. I will be due around September 18th if my calculations are correct. My first one was a week late, and would have hung around longer if my doctor hadn't decided to start things rolling because of his size. Please add me to the roll call when you have a chance. Thank you

P.S. I tried to PM you, and your box was full, so I just posted here. Thanks again.
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Hi Diana! Welcome and Congratulations! Sorry about the box being full-I emptied it.
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Just got the + Friday night. According to when I O'd my EDD is 9/13.

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Thanks for doing this for us...

I'm Pfeiff99 - Kathi - EDD 9/4/06
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Great idea. I am kim and completely unsure about when i am due or if am even am pregnant now-- if I am pregnant i would be due around the 15th or so.
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Hi! Thanks sending me this direction, HomeBirthMommy! I am Keri and I am due September 18th.
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Hi Homebirthmommy...could you add me when you have a moment?

Heather-EDD last days of Summer/first days of Fall (don't have an exact date yet)
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