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Hi homebirthmommy, I'm Julie and I'm due Sept 11 will you add me when you get a chance? Thanks!
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I'm due around the 21 with #3
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First time user

Hey so glad I found a bunch of women going through the same stuff. I am due Sept. 18th.
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Hi everyone! Congratulations to all . I don't know my exact due date yet, but i am guessing dc #2 will be born around the end of September! Wishing everyone a healthy 9 months.

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Hi everyone! I am due in early Sept. with #2! I don't know the exact date, b/c I wasn't really keeping track and this one was a surprise!
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Hi there!! Please add me when you get the chance. I am expecting #3 in late Sept. thanks so much and congrats to all!!!
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My due date is Sept. 10th!

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September 18!

I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant!

(When does THIS stage end? LOL!)
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Ooo, put me down for September (no date needed lol)

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Hi! I'm Deb and expecting #2 in late September.
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I'm Kara. Expecting #4 !!!! on Sept. 29th. Yikes - how did this happen!
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#3 will be arriving mid-late september... still need to pin down an actual EDD.
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Hi, I'm Ginger and expecting #2 in mid/late September.

*Updated to add: Ultrasound on 2/2 gave 23rd of September as the edd. Baby looks healthy and has a strong and steady .
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Add me! Add me! My real name is Sabrina and I'm due 09/28!
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I dont' THINK I've done this yet...

Hmmmm, I don't think I've added myself here yet, but in my hormone addled state--who knows! I'm due with #3 on Labor Day!

No more morning sickness please....please?
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Oo, me too!

I know your directions say to PM you, but I'm following suit and just posting a reply... hope that is okay.

I'm Aletheia and I'm due 8/30, but since this is my first it'll probably really be a September baby.

Oh my goodness!!
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Add me to the list, please

Baby #4 due 9/30/06
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Throw me on the list. This baby ain't goin' anywhere.
I'm due Sept. 18th (or so)
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Hi and hugs and welcome to all you new mamas! So glad to have you here.

Originally Posted by Avima
This baby ain't goin' anywhere.
That's telling 'em!
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Me too! I'm due Sept 6
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