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Healthy Superbowl Snacks

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My mom, sister, and her boyfriend are coming over Sunday to hang out and watch the superbowl, and I'll be setting out a bunch of munchies. But I don't want to set out the standard junk cuz then ds (20 months) wants to eat what we're eating, and I hate seeing him fill up on tortilla chips. But beyond veggies and dip, I'm kind of at a loss for healthy yet yummy snack food. (Besides, ds would choke on raw veggies anyway.)

I'd prefer to keep it finger foods so I don't have a bunch of dishes to do. Otherwise I thought about turkey chili. Any ideas?
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-whole grain pretzels, or are they a choking hazard too?
-i know you're not too keen on raw veggies, but ants-on-a-log are fun for kids(celery, traditionally filled with pnut butter, but you could use any nut butter, with raisins on top) i guess it depends on if your ds has lots of teeth yet or not
-the chili would be a good thing to dip the tortillas in, instead of plain salsa
-cut up a bunch of fresh fruit for a fruit salad-you can keep the pieces whatever size he handles best
- u could make mini pizzas on whole grain bagels or english muffins, with alternative or dairy cheese & healthy toppings (with no need to "bake" the dough, they cook fast-can use toaster oven if u want)
-if u have a copy of Super Baby Food, there's a whole section on toddler recipes, lots of them finger foods-u can probably get it at the library too
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You could always put out some hummus and/or baba ganouj with pita bread or pita chips. That's one of my favorites!
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Food Network has been featuring Super Bowl recipe ideas. I saw an awesome-looking sandwich/antipasto bowl on Rachel Ray's 30-Minute Meals. She made it with lots of meat, but it could very easily go veggie. Here is a link to that and the other recipes from that show: Antipasto Pie

On the Food Network Website, they always have lots of good recipes for appetizers, parties and stuff like that.

I stick to Sara Moulton and Rachel Ray for healthy, more natural stuff, substituting where necessary!

Happy Eating!

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You could make your own healthy tortilla chips.

I get really good organic tortillas at our grocery store and then spray each side lightly with cooking spray, cut into wedges and then bake in the oven until crisp.
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We are having some friends over to watch the Super bowl also. I must tell you that I don't even know who is playing in it!! But it is a tradition to get together and eat every year!! I am making grilled portobello mushrooms and red peppers topped with fresh mozzerella cheese and cut into smaller bite size slices. They had them at costco so I got a good deal on everything. We are also having veggie chili and corn muffins.
PS- I steam dd veggies when we have hummus and give her her own special plate so she won't choke.
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