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middle name for Lily?

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I'm so glad we waited to pick a name because all of a sudden this name just feels right. It didn't 6 months ago but now it does (still could change at the birth I guess), but now I need a middle name. DH and I tend to like traditional, older names but I'm tempted to go with something totally different. The only two we've discussed are
Lily Claire and Lily Grace. Any other ideas?
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I love Liliy Grace, but Grace is dd's middle name so I'm biased!!
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Love both of those...I was going to use Grace a the middle name if this baby had been a girl, but Lily Claire also goes really nicely together. If you don't have a preference between them, maybe you'll decide once you see her?
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I like Lily Grace, but I also like Lily Paige .
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Lily Claire and Lily Grace are both beautiful. Also just depends on how many syllables your last names has so her full name has a nice ring to it.....

Some more ideas for you off the top of my head........
Lily Katharine
Lily Marie
Lily Anne
Lily Violet (if you love flowers )
Lily Suzanne or Suzanna
Lily Therese (not a)
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Depending on your last name I think Lily Fay sounds nice. Or Lily Irene. I'd suggent choosing a few that you like, then weigh out what they all mean. The meaning of a name is nearly as important as the name itself.
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Thanks for the good ideas! I love Lily Violet but I don't know if that is flower overkill! I think we'll wait until we see her!
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Well Lily Mae comes to mind but that is because I have one
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Ours is Lilly Ann. Yes two L's in Lilly and no e in Ann. She is definitely a Lilly too. We love her.
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SIL is naming her dd Lili Rose (her own name being Liliana) I think it sounds so pretty.
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Lily Jane
Lily Elaine
Lily Drew
Lily Ruth

That's all I can think of.
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I like Lily Claire the best. Grace is super-common as a middle name these days. It's the new "Marie".
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I like the name Lilly Ann also. It just flows perfectly.
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Originally Posted by musemor
I like Lily Claire the best. Grace is super-common as a middle name these days. It's the new "Marie".
I hate my middle name Marie! EVERYONE has it!

I absolutely LOVE Lily Claire, and I really really like Lily Jane, too. Hope to see what you decide!
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my name is Liliana and my middle name is Maria. not unique for an Italian chick but it's served me well
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Lily Evangeline
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I'd probably go with a longer, more substantial name to balance out Lily's short sweetness.

Lily Catherine/ Lily Katherine
Lily Elisabeth
Lily Valentina
Lily Matilda
Lily Sophia (Sophia is our choice for a girl )
Lily Charlotte

Grace and Claire are both nice. We were going to use Grace as a mn [it's dh's mother's name], but it has become SO common (like a pp said the new 'Marie') that we're not going to use it anymore.
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I like Lily with middle names that have 2 or more syllables. I always think of "Lily Marlene" (pronounced Mar-lane) from that Leonard Cohen song. I love that name.
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Originally Posted by JacksMomma
I hate my middle name Marie! EVERYONE has it!
Ha ha... I just got on here to suggest lily marie!! My sister just lost her baby at 18 weeks pg, and she named her lily marie... so when i saw the request for "middle name for lily", i had to respond.
I love Lily Violet, and Lily Claire.
good luck!!
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We chose one (I think)-
Lily Eloise
I really love it and I love that it is less common! I'm a reading specialist in an elementary school so the joke is that I couldn't get away from children's lit-
Lily (and purple plastic purse)
and Eloise (at the plaza hotel)!
thanks for the help!!!!
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