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There are a lot of threads on MDC about breech babies that I have replied to. Breech doesn't automatically mean you get a c-section. You can find a midwife who is willing to deliver a breech vaginally. I would recommend all the turning techniques listed except for the version. It's brutal and painful and hurt me worse than pushing out a baby ever did. When my babe was born (c-sec), she had bruises on her from the version. Too traumatic of a procedure to be worth it, IMO. If all of the other turning techniques don't work, it's probably because baby was simply meant to be in that position for whatever reason. This time, I'm using professional midwives who deliver breech at home in case it comes to that. I will NOT be cut open again simply because baby is breech, thankyouverymuch.

Good luck and don't sweat it. You don't need to be cut open if you don't want to be.
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Originally Posted by My Three Boys
Michelle - Which midwife are you using? I'm going with Charlotte. My chiro is Touch of Life. They are AWESOME up there! Yup - it's a hike! I'm in Grosse Pointe Park. Keep us updated about the position of your baby!

I'm using Charlotte too Ok, no going into labor the same day How funny is it that we are both using the same midwife? So I assume your seeing her at her new office? I have several friends who are using her, one just birthed with her on the 23rd of this month.

Have you done a mamatones class at all? I'm thinking of going again, it's what got baby in position last time!
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Wow!! So what is your official due date? One of my biggest fears is that Charlotte won't make it to my birth. I've been going to her house - I think it's closer than her office. I haven't tried a Mamatones class. I looked into them, but they were so far away and on a Monday night. I'm just too tired!!
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I wonder if we've ever run into each other? I'm seeing her Thursday at noon next, how about you? I usually have my little guy with me. I'm 'offically' due the 5th, but with baby being breech and not pushing on my cervix AT ALL and over 'overdue' last time I would expect you will go for sure before me. Do you go early or late? I'm sure we'll be fine, we'll just have to battle it out for birth tubs
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Hey, are you the same Jennifer that is 36 weeks pregnant and putting on the Le Leche League confrence. I figure there can't be that many Jennifer's 36 weeks pregnant around here This is funny, it's a small, small world
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I'm just bumping this up, wondering how all you breech mamas are doing. I have my 5th Webster adjustment today and she brought in an inversion table for me to use today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is another ultrasound at the OB checkup to look for position.

--Kelly (born & raised in the Detroit area )
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Kelly, I hear there are a lot Michiganders in CO, is that true?

So, how do you feel the Webster's has been working for you? I find the treatments to be rather relaxing and always feel better afterwards.

I'm going to my 3rd treatment today, also going to a DR to get a script for an u/s then the version. I'm having a hard time guessing the babies position, but I think babe is transverse with back out, riding high. I can't feel any arms or legs, only body and sometimes head. I hope the DR today will check me out to figure out position.

Good luck with the inversion table, I find the slant board to make me very dizzy.

Keep us updated!!
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Ok, I thought I would update again for anyone who cares. When to DR's yesterday for u/s script and had her check baby. She said baby is head down Woo hoo! Went to chrio afterward and he was impressed with my progress after only 3 visits and doesn't want to see me till next week. Just today it felt like baby dropped down a bit, going to MW at noon. Hopefully she'll agree.
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Fantastic news! I'm so happy for you.
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Yay!!!! How exciting for you! Whatever you do, avoid reclining and try sitting on a birth ball constantly to get baby to stay that way.
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Awesome! Hope that little one stays head down for you!
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Thanks for the update! I just found out yesterday that this babe has turned breech and am going to the mw's tomorrow to p/u some pulsatilla and see if she has any recommendations for chiropractors---and I also got two names from my doula this morning. Glad to hear your treatments worked!
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Hurrah for the head down mraven!

I gave up on the Webster's after six visits, and have been trying swimming and slant board. I also sit on a ball at my desk at work, take pulsatilla, and do pelvic rocks and get in knee chest position when I can throughout the work day. Oh-and the flashlight and music at my pelvis with hips elevated. I'm trying acupuncture tomorrow, and have an ECV scheduled for Monday. I'm still not sure if I'll go through with it though, I have concerns about forcing the baby into a position she's not going to naturally. But if it saves us from a c-section it will be worth it.

Good luck to everyone.
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Congrats Michelle!!! That's awesome!! So, when is your u/s?

Charlotte just left my house and I tried to get an appointment with her right after your next appointment and it was taken - drat!! Maybe the next week? Anyway, the visit was great! The babe is definately head down and has officially dropped. The only problem is that I'm spilling a bit of protein and ketones. She just recommended I eat more protein and take dandelion root and take it easy. Easy enough. She's not worried, so I'm going to try not to too!!
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I was just going to PM you to see how it was going. When I was at my appointmentS asked 'who's house are we going to tonight?' I almost answered for her

I hope the increased protein and dandelion root help Awesome news about baby being 'so ready'.

I have an u/s for tomorrow. Char thinks the baby is oblique (sp?) and really wants to know what position baby is in. So there maybe a version tomorrow. I'm bringing DH just in case it starts labor or something.'

Bummer about not being right after each other. I took the 10 and the 11 was still open. I know the person coming at noon too
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Turn vibes for you.
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Mraven, that is SO awesome!

((turning vibes)) for the rest of us.

I went to my ultrasound today and baby is still head up. I'm beginning to think he might have a reason to be this way. The chiro seems to feel good and not do any harm, but I've been 5 times for the Webster technique and no luck yet. She even brought in an inversion table and I did 5 minutes Tuesday and today on it.

My c-section is reserved for next Thursday, but I think I'm going to let the OB try a *very gentle* external version that morning right beforehand. She said she's never had a baby go into so much distress from it that she had to do an emergency C and put mom under general anethesia, knock on wood. I figure it's worth a try, but I told her we won't be forcing anything...

I'm kind of hoping I start labor before then because sometimes the contractions can help the baby turn. A little laboring on my own before heading the hospital is supposed to be good for the baby anyways, with the hormones that are released... Anyways, I'm rambling now.

Mommas, keep posting your updates. I'm rooting for everyone!

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Any news Michelle?? I sure hope you found out the babe was head down!! Will Charlotte deliver your baby breech? When the position of my babe was unknown, Charlotte kept telling me that I was a perfect candidate for a breech birth. I had an appointment with Trish today (I'm still seeing them as back up just in case I have a medical need) and my urine was fine, bp fine, and swelling down. Weird how that can change overnight!! Oh - and she also said that she doesn't think that this baby is as big as my last one (he was 10, 2). That's been one of my biggest fears this pregnancy - another big baby. He got stuck coming out and it was scary!!

Kelly - You've still got time!!! I'll be thinking of you! I know my chiro recommends getting the Webster technique done every day at this point in pregnancy if the baby is breech. Good luck!
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Jennifer, thanks. My chiro works 4 days per week so I've gone 4 times... I'm almost 39 weeks so I wonder if labor will start with the full moon this weekend. Then I'm supposed to go straight to the hospital. If so, with any luck that will cause him to turn. I guess I'd better pack my hospital bag tonight then. I've been procrastinating.
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Kelly, I will still be wishing you heads down vibes I really hope your baby turns for you!

Back from the u/s and yes baby is head down Thank you everyone for you wonderful thoughts and support
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