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Ok, today I:
-Cleaned 2 of the bathrooms.
-Vaccumed downstairs
-Cleaned all the pictures and magnets off my fridge (getting ready to sell the house)
-Washed, dried and put away 1/2 of the laundry
-Packed away all of Kaylee's 12 month clothes and hung up all her 18 month (sigh... My baby's growing up )
Plus we had a playdate this morning.
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Oh, jeez, celestialdrmrmama and I are going to have to start a failure thread! I ain't done squat!

I did make a nice dinner last night.

Ok, so I need to work out, after that I was going to take a bath, so I guess I can clean the bathroom while the tub runs. And at least I'll have STARTED.


DH cleaned the laundry room, without even being asked! ANd id d a great job. Can i claim that?
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Progress report:

*clean off my desk in the office: halfway done

*post at least 10 items on freecycle: 2 posted

*go through at least one box in the office and find a home for everything or get it out of the house: almost done!

*reorganize the bathroom closet: hahahahahaha. yeah, haven't touched it.

*stay on top of the dishes (we finally got a good rhythm going -- don't want to ruin it!): well, I did a load yesterday. Then DH invited friends over for dinner. I love that he cooked, but wow can the man dirty up a kitchen!

*put away the mountain of clean clothes on top of Qualia's dresser: haven't touched this.

*sort out Qualia's clothes and store/give away her too-small ones: I decided with the new baby coming, hormonally I am just NOT in a good place to be giving away baby clothes. I'm going to try to sort them out and store some today and tomorrow, though.

*sort out all the old bills and junk mail and get a filing system for mail in place: oy. vey.

Procrastination cleaning:

*swept the kitchen yesterday

*tidied the living room

*cleaned off the dining room table

*did 4 loads of laundry (I even put one of them away)

Onward and upward!
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Ack! Help! Overwhelmed!!!

Trying to do too many things at once.

I started with the laundry and was doing well. But then a load got finished and I was in the middle of cleaning out ds' drawers, so I just put it in the basket and started another load. But then, when that one got finished, I didn't have time to do both loads, so I just stacked it in the basket. Etc. Etc. Now, there's 4-5 loads of laundry in the basket that's clean and dry, but needs to be folded.

Then there's the kitchen. I started with my organizer. Now, my confession. I am NOT organized. Dh is the organized one in this family and he keeps that organizer neat. I do not. So, old bills don't go out, new ones go in. A magazine that I'd like to have time to read. Another bill goes in. A card from a friend that I need to respond to. It's all stuffed in there. It's been getting stuffed for the last six months, since dh left. . I needed to clean it out. It's now clean. It took me three hours. : But now, I'm way behind schedule on the kitchen. I started moving small appliances to clean the counters properly, but then got distracted by the stove....adn then the oven. And so now, it's time to start dinner and the kitchen is a wreck. Honestly. The coffee pot is on top of the stove, the little stove burners are in the sink soaking and the bread machine is on top of the dishrack. I can't start dinner. I can't even get to the fridge!! And we're meeting some friends at the park in about 20 minutes, so it all has to stay that way until we get home and I just aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm going to have to either serve the kids cereal for dinner or pick up take out on the way home. I promised ds that we'd go to the park after school today so I can't back out....I'm just overwhelmed.

Where to start? Finish the kitchen? Fold the mountain of laundry? The bathrooms haven't even been touched yet. And neither has the playroom. And ds has hockey in the morning. Ugh. This was too much for me right now. I just want to scream and run!
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HUGS APMOM!! Keep it in perspective! Yes, you are dealing with a mess right now. The mess is still going to be there tomorrow. It will wait for you to come back and have time for it. Your babies are only going to have today with you this once. Love and enjoy your babies, and deal with the mess when you have the moments to do so. Just keep breaking off one small chunk at a time, and it will get better... In the meantime, hug your sweet kiddos and relish in the time with them, playing at the park and cheering them on at hockey practice!!
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Whoa! I think that is the first time anything I posted has been spun off or even answered with more than 2 posts. I feel so honored! I better make a list of my own of stuff I need to do this weekend:

1. Write at least 20 minutes each day
2. Take the lint roller to a couple places where cat hair gathers
3. Make bread
4. Vacuum
5. Mop the floors in the kitchen and bathroom (I really really need to do this)
6. Make some hummus so we have something besides peanut butter to put on our sandwiches this week
7. Dig a path to our cellar so I can put the decorations down there and bring up a couple things I want to sell on eBay (our cellar is walk-down outside access only and the doors currently have about a foot of snow and ice on them)
8. List the eBay stuff

Today I did all the dishes, picked up, and made the bed, so it's actually not looking too bad in here (as long as I keep the door to Hollis' room closed! ha!)
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Thank you LittleOne! I took your advice. The kitchen is now CLEAN! For the first time in six months, the kitchen in completely clean and organized. Now, for the laundry............... Well, maybe tomorrow Right now, I'm going to surf MDC and have a beer. :nana:
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Woohoo - go ladies! APmom, don't feel overwhelmed - I'm really not going to chase you down to do a house inspection

Here's my update:

I haven't done my scrapbooking/craft cupboard - friends from England just rang to say they're coming to visit! So I'm baking instead.

I've finished dusting (breathing easily feels so nice)

The yard looks like it could be in one of those beautiful home magazines - except for the long grass. It's been raining, so DH can't mow it. Other than that, the courtyard looks gorgeous, the swings and fence have been de-cobwebbed and the wind chimes are now no longer tangled up with each other!

The fridge and kitchen cupboards and all looking amazing.

I finished (and am happy with) the scrapbooking album for my friend! I didn't think I'd manage to do that one.

All of our floors are sparkling - DS nearly slipped over in the kitchen this morning!

I cleaned all of our outside windows.

Pruned the hedges (whoa - someone want to come and get some prickles out of my arms??)

Scrubbed the laundry from top to bottom.

Still left to do -
* wash and vaccuum the car (I'll wait until the rain stops)
* clean window sills
* DH still has to do the garage and the Christmas lights on the roof.
* A bit more baking
* The curtains (But realistically it's not going to be done).

I've done jobs which I didn't have on the list, too! I'm amazed at myself - this little bit of motivation was all I needed. I've cleaned and tidied everything while looking for my son's lost teddy. I'm going to sleep so well tonight - I'm exhausted! But it feels so nice to have my house like this. It used to be like this all the time, but last year was a bit of a mess for us (I struggled with depression and DH had to work a heap of extra hours). So the house was the thing which suffered. Hopefully since I'm starting the year off on a good foot it will stay that way and I'll be motivated to do the little jobs as they happen, rather than letting them add up to a huge job.
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Originally Posted by Red
DH cleaned the laundry room, without even being asked! ANd id d a great job. Can i claim that?
Of course!

My DH said he'd help me tomorrow - he's been crawling around the ceiling at work fixing up cables so I don't have the heart to ask him to do anything today.

I think I'll join APmom with a beer!
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Originally Posted by celestialdrmrmama
*wash, dry, fold and put away ALL of the mountain of laundry - haven't started this yet, I'm not *too* stressed about it, because once the rest of the mess is done, I can always do lots of laundry tommorrow
*put away Christmas decorations and tree - its on my list for this evening. I'm only a week past schedule

*pay bills that I've been neglecting : and actually file them away - I paid the overdue ones (they weren't overdue cause we didn't have the $, just cause I kept procrastinating), but I've organized all the rest to be paid on Monday

*organize and declutter desk so DH quits whining about it- DONE!!! I did it nicer than I originally planned too. There was an entire bag of trash between the desk and clearing out old magazines around the house

*clean fridge - nah, it doesn't stink yet This will probably happen on Monday

*quick dust and pickup of main rooms - So far I've done a THOROUGH dusting and decluttering of the rooms bedrooms & dining room, still have to do the living room that dd is currently tearing apart. That will happen after I do the dishes that soaking

*vaccuum and mop all floors (we have all hardwoods) - thats the last thing I'll do this evening before DH comes home
*clean both bathrooms including showers

*clean out junk drawer (it can hardly close ) - Not going to get to this, but its on my to do list for next week

*make 4 lasagnas (2 to freeze, 1 to bake for dinner, 1 to take to a new mama) - DONE! I did this on Thurs night

*make banana bread with the dying bananas on the counter - they aren't completely dead yet, I'll do it tommorrow with dd
I've actually done more today than I originally planned on. I'm trying to be more thorough and just clean items that I see need to be cleaned rather than only do the items on my task list. Its 5pm here, and I need to finish doing the dishes, wash the kitchen counters, pick up and dust the toy room...errr I mean living room , put away the Xmas stuff and then clean the floors. DH will be home around 6 or 7 and we are having leftovers or pizza tonight...I'm hoping to be done before he comes home!

Anyone else still working on their task lists? How did everyone do overall with their 3 day challenge?
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Originally Posted by celestialdrmrmama
Anyone else still working on their task lists? How did everyone do overall with their 3 day challenge?
Like usual, I started strong and got distracted. :

DH did a bunch of dishes today, so that's back under control after the dinner party last night.

My desk is finally clean -- first time in MONTHS.

I got one box cleared out in the office, ironically containing a lot of DH's stuff under the top layer of my crap.

Qualia's dresser now has only clothes that still fit her.

But I didn't finish cleaning off the small mountain of clothes on top of her dresser, and I didn't even touch the pile of mail to be sorted. The bathroom closet remains a monster, and I only posted two things to freecycle.

So . . . I think I got about halfway through my list of goals. Maybe that was a little ambitious given that I'm pregnant, have a 13-month-old running around, and am getting over being so sick. But it sounded so appealing to get all that done!! I'm keeping my task list going and challenging myself to finish it in the next three days.

Thanks for the "push," mamas!
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I just realized that I screwed up when I quoted myself earlier tonight and forgot to include the bathrooms. Those both are clean, except for the master bath shower (its a stall shower so easier to do when you are actually in there) which I'll do tommorrow am. The house is all picked up, decluttered in the areas that I wanted to work on (believe me there is still LOTS more to do eventually : ), kitchen is completely clean (I even wiped down the cabinets!), Christmas stuff is FINALLY put away, everything's dusted, vaccuumed, all the floors mopped....and I'm TIRED DD is eating dinner now, so once I clean up the floor where she fed the dog lasagna give her a bath (obviously a toddler eating lasagna needs a bath ) and start a load of laundry...then I can pass out. DH should be home in about 15 min and I think he is going to be shocked at how much I got done.

Since I got all this stuff done (even though not everything on my list) I feel much more in control of my house. I shouldn't have let it all pile up like that, but I was so exhausted from entertaining at the holidays. I bought that "Motivated Moms" planner and a dayplanner to put it in, so hopefully that will help me get things more efficiently. I need to get my house in a 'routine' before the baby is born, otherwise I have no idea how I will cope.
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I reckon it's about time we all check in, now that Saturday is over!

Even if you only got one or two things done, still be happy with your accomplishments!

I really enjoyed doing this - like Sarah said, thanks for the 'push'! It's been good for me to set goals and be motivated
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