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DS has rash

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My DS is 6 mon. He is having some rash on his arm.
I wasn't sure what could be the reason. Could anything in my diet cause it ? The only thing I can think of that I might be eating a bit more than usual is wheat based food - I got so hungry every midnight, so I start to eat something before I go to bed.

I am putting baby lotion (johnson-johnson) on my body every time after bath. Is it possible that it will cause the rash ? Do I need to put lotion for him after bath? Ped told me to change to another lotion - Eucerin, I did, and then more rash broke out on his body, so I stopped the Eucerin and get back to Johnson-Johnson.

And now, my in-law is visiting. She wants to do massage to the boy. What kind of massage oil is good for baby ? I heard that oliver oil or any vegetable oil is not good for baby, is it ture?

Sorry I got so many questions. I know it doesn't completely fit in BF board. But I find this board so help and you gals are so knowledgeble.

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Olive oil is fine for babies. I used it on my nipples when they were sore in the beginning, and it's a good carrier oil for any essential oil. Other choices for massage are apricot oil or sweet almond oil. Just be sure whatever you use is food-grade and all-natural.

I would think that a rash on just one arm is probably not due to something you're eating. More likely it's a heat rash or a contact dermatitis. I would switch lotions again-- try something very mild with no added chemicals. You don't necessarily need to put lotion on your babe. If he seems sensitive, again, you could try some apricot oil after a bath to keep his skin soft and protected.
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