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when should i test? (please respond!)

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I'm not neccessarily ttc, but my period is 4 days late. BUT, this isn't totally unusual for me, although my past 2 periods have been 28 days exactly. No symptoms except for that I'm really tired--but that could just be because I'm busy...

What should I do??
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Well...we tested the 5th day from my usual onset. I was clock steady as well. I got a positive and was in fact pregnant. BUT I was also doing the temperature check and was already pretty sure because my temp had not dropped. I would say go ahead and test if you want in a few days...but keep in mind that it is WAY early to test and the results may not be accurate because you may not have built up enough hormone in your urine to trigger a positive result.

Good luck
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I went ahead and bought a two-pack EPT and took it, and nothing appeared in either window!! The expiration is Oct 2004 so it's not that. I'll take the other one in the morning, I guess.
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You might want to wait a few days then. Most of these tests don't guarantee reliability until a week or more from the date of missing your period. Check the box.

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If nothing appeared in EITHER window, it means your urine was not concentrated enough. Don't throw away the first test; you can use it again tomorrow morning. Don't drink a lot of water before bed. When you get up, collect urine in a container (like a yogurt tub that you have washed but don't want to use for food storage ) and dip the test stick into it for about 30 seconds. That's what the toll-free # told me to do when that happened on my very first preg test. If it still comes out blank, you must have a defective test. The "control" window should always change.

If this one comes out negative, I'd wait a full week to test again.

Hope you get the result you want!
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really? 4 days late is still way early to test? sigh. I've never tested before, but I am charting and ttc, and I have a good feeling about this month, so I was going to behave and wait until 14 dpo to test, which is a day or 2 before I expect af.

I think the test I have says it's 99% accurate the day af is expected. I know I should wait longer, until af is actually late... maybe I will, but I'm only 9 dpo now and so impatient. Just need to put it out of my head, I guess.
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Must not be too early to test, because I tested tonight and got 2 lines!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it! We are in shock!! (But the good kind of shock!)
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Oh yeah, we are testing tomorrow in the morning, just to make sure this one is right--have any of you ever had a false positive? I mean, there are two dark, thick red lines there!
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Wow! Congrats! A line is a line is a line! You are pregnant! :-)

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Congratulations!!! I think the test instructions say that there are some drugs that can cause a false positive result, like beta blockers or something like that, but I don't think false positives are common otherwise.
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