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anovulation and clomid

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Just curious if anyone is dealing with anovulation and clomid? I am starting my second round of clomid soon (50mg didn't induce ovulation) after struggling with ttc for some time. This whole process is so consuming of my thoughts but am trying to stay calm and relaxed! Any success stories would be appreciated! Thanks!
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It IS very consumiing, isnt it?!

I wanted to share a *success* story to encourage...

I have had ammenorhea most of my life, and when I did get my period, charting showed that I wasnt ovulating. I took clomid for the first time in 2002 and conceived my magic girl, and then again in 2004 and conceived my big little man. I didnt have side effects the first time but sure did the second. There are many posts on this board about clomid... there really should be a clomid thread. Anyway, try to be in the moment as much as possible. TTC is your life as much as when you're pregnant. Try not to live in another time, right? (yoga helps me do that).

good luck
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I have PCOS, and tried clomid for 5 months, with no results, but I think had we done more close monitoring and an IUI, it may have worked for us. We have some male factor issues, too.
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I took Clomid and have a success story.

I started taking only 50 mg and did not ovulate so my doc increased the Clomid by 50 mg each time. I finally ovulated when I was taking 250 mg of Clomid on days 3-7 and all three times I did this I conceived. So I have found my cocktail for ttc and Clomid works for me, but in a higher dose than normal.

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I am supposed to start Clomid 100 mg on Monday. This is my first Clomid cycle. I saw my OB/GYN yesterday and he did an ultrasound and said that all looks well to start. When do you start taking the pills for your second round? Did you actually ovulate last month or not?

I know what you mean about the ttc process. It can be very hard to take at times. We have been ttc on & off for over 2 years now. I am 38, so I worry about the biological clock issues too. I only had FOUR periods last year, all between August and December. lol They ranged from 31 days to 56 days! It could take me forever to get pregnant with a 56 day cycle!

Good luck to you. Perhaps we will both see success this month.
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after i wrote my message, i did end up ovulating very late and my husband was on night shift so we totally missed our window. i was so disappointed but am hopeful that i am on the right track. have a doctors appointment tomorrow so hopefully will get some answers. thank you for success stories...i'm read a book on mind/body infertility stuff and so that is helping me shift focus to other things a bit.
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What book are you reading now? Would you recommend it? I've been looking for mind/body and infertility books lately, so I'd be interested in checking it out.

There is a chapter in "Mind Body Medicine" about infertility. I got a copy of the book from the library last week. But I haven't had a chance to read it yet. It looks like a really great book though.

Sorry you missed your window this month. That sucks. I so understand. I didn't even know that I *had* a window this month. I bought the ClearBlue Easy Fertility MOnitor. This was my first cycle on it. The blasted thing did not detect my LH surge at all. I used a regular CBE ovulation test kit to test several days in the evening, so that I would be sure to catch the surge. I still didn't get a postive test for my surge. I am not sure if I am just one of those women who has really odd LH surges that don't work well with the kits or what. :

I hope you have better luck next cycle. Btw, when did you ovulate? How far after when your doc told you that you should ovulate was it?
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Have you all read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? If not, DO. As for a window, (and I say this realizing that our bodies are all different) you should have between 2-5 days to possibly conceive, whether you have sex the day before you ovulate or not. That is, you can have sex (again, individuals vary ) up to 5 days before O and still get preg. What I did was start BD-ing on day 10 or 11 of my cycle, and then BD every other day (so 10, 12, 14, 16...) until I O'd. That way, I have spermies in my system all that time for whenever I O.

RosesToys - About starting on 100 mlg. Clomid (I know you didnt ask, so forgive if not my place), from what I understand you *should* start at 50 and if that doesnt work, then go up (maybe you did this and I missed it). Also, Clomid should regulate your cycle so that you are cycling between 28-31 days, so while you are using it, you wont have to wait so long for each cycle, however, it is not recomended that you do ... well, some docs say more than 3, some say more than 6, cycles of Clomid because it thins your uterine lining with each month of use and makes conception a little less likely (another reason why starting with 100 mg is maybe not a good idea?)

There is a website called, well, the site is at inciid.org. There you can read up on a lot of this and there are places where *experts* answer questions which I found helpful to read 9the questions and answers of others).

Good Luck everyone!
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