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Wow, it's so encouraging to see so many student moms!
My major is English, and I'm taking Art History 1, Business 1, and an Early Childhood Education course this semester. I plan to graduate in 2008.
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How many have planned a baby while going to school full time?

I would like to have another baby. I have been thinking about this for a while, and if I time it right... as if a baby is ever really planned, If I can get pregnant in Aug sept Oct and have the baby around May June July I will have untill Sept with the baby full time before going back to class.

Daycare isn't a problem. My husband watches our 2 children while I'm in school and goes to work when I get home. Our situation is pretty good. I'm just not sure about having a newborn while trying to keep up with 12 or more credits at a time.

Am I insane. I think I might be
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Both of mine were planned while I was a full time student. I would like a third, but I have some significant weight loss goals to reach before we tread that path again.
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So, what class/es are you taking this semester? What's your major? When are you graduating?
This is my first semester after several years as a SAHM. I'm majoring in Political Studies, thinking about a double major in Anthropology, and I'll be a 2009 grad depending on how much I can get done during the summer sessions.
Classes this semester are: Political Philosophy 222, Intro to Literature, PoliSci 202, Intro to Anthro, and Intro to Drama.

I've been lucky enough to schedule things so DH is available to watch the kiddos, but finding study time is soooo tough. My first midterm is coming up in 3 weeks though, so I'd better figure it out soon!

I'm so glad to have this thread- I'm going to need lots of moral support.
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Hi student mamas! I started this semester this week. I'm taking 12 hours twice a week--3 are core classes for my major and one is an elective (I needed one more upper-div). I dropped my elective and now am taking this really cool history course--I had forgotten how much i love taking history classes! Anyway, i think it will be a great semester.

Anyway, just wanted to check in!
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Starbucks lover here, too. But I'll have to imagine for now that it's Washington SB, instead of Louisiana.


Soc major/Anth minor
Spring '06:
Carribean Peoples
Food & Culture
World Geography II
Intro to Fiction
(may add one more) all online due to the fact that we are crossing our fingers for the move back to WA.

I just found out I need 5 books for my one ANTH class. WTH? With mail service still screwed up, I've got to get on it quickly.

Good studying vibes to you all!
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'k ladies... I'm officially nuts. Dh and I are going to an open call for Biggest Loser Season 3 tomorrow. We both need to lose some weight - him only about 30, me about 110. Wish us luck. Don't know which way though... If I get on the show, I will miss a trimester of school and push graduation back 5 months, on the flip side if I don't get on the show I will lose the weight just slower. Kinda hoping for a special edition of the show pitting us as a couple against another couple KWIM??
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Good luck, Jennifer!

I may be a little insane myself. I just signed up for my fifth class online, Major American Writers.
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Hi All, I am a ful time student with 4 kids. My major right now is Liberal Arts at a community college and after next year, I will tranfer to a 4 year college for my Bachelors degree with a major in English and a major in secondary education. Syudy time is hard to accomplish with the duties of being a mom, but so far I guess I am doing something right with my GPA coming back at a 3.9 which totally shocked me cuz I was convinced that I was failing my pshcology class. That was my easy semester tho....it just gets harder from here...
I start Tues with English comp 2, Music Appreciation, Literature of the Western World and two online courses in Algebra and History of western Civilization. It seems that they expect more of you in the distance education than they do in the classroom. Good Luck to all of you!!!!!
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Good luck, Jennifer. I think they only take you if you have 100 or more lbs to lose. Let us know how it goes!

My name is Valerie and I just stumbled across this thread. I just started back to school last quarter after a looooong hiatus. I'm studying nursing and right now only taking classes in the evening when DH is home from work. This quarter I'm only taking one class since it's 4 hours, two nights a week. It's a Nurse's Aide class, required for the nursing program. After this and Chem next quarter I'll be able to take the exam for the program and then the real wait begins. It could be 4-8 quarters before my name comes up on the list for the program. In the meantime I'll be taking a couple of classes a quarter till I can take the "only for nurses" classes. After this quarter I hope to apply at our local Children's for a Patient Care position. They'll send me to the school I already attend for the PCA class. Then I'll be able to start IV's and other "nursey" things and work with kids.

So, it'll be a few years before I finally get my RN. Someday after I start making some money, I'll go for the Bachelor's and eventually the Master's and further training to become a CNM.
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Originally Posted by sappylady
How many have planned a baby while going to school full time?
I did. We are expecting our first this summer; I am a full time PhD student.

I am done taking courses (just research left to do to finish) but I am teaching a first year math course this term. This is the first course I have taught that is all mine. I get to set the syllabus, set the exams, decide the marking scheme and I even get a TA! It's very exciting, and the stipend is going to really come in handy for the babe. That is, of course, providing my union doesn't strike (which is a possibility right now.) :
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Yup, we planned on having our first while I was a full time student. It wasn't so bad with dd, but #2 was totally unplanned and it was wicked hard. I thought my head was going to explode last semester. (he was born in June, so I had the whole summer off) The hardest part was the lack of study time. There was always one or more kids nursing on me and/or waking up in the middle of the night when I was trying to study. And ds wouldn't take a bottle, so I could be gone long enough to study during the day.

That said, it is easier than working, I think. It is flexible, for the most part. THe hours are good. But there is no doubt that it is hard. Are you still taking generals or are you going to be at the end with harder classes? That was a kicker for us, I only have hard stuff left.

This semester I am taking International Org. and the Law, Women in Politics, Speech, Judicial Politics, and a stupid wellness class. (Can you tell I am a poli sci major?)

I am scared to death. I start tomorrow and I haven't even bought books or notebooks for my classes. Yikes, it kinda snuck up on me this time.
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Jennifer, let us know how it goes! Good luck!

Are we doing a Starbucks roll call? Because if so, I'm pretty much hooked.

So. Much. Reading. But at least my classes are interesting this semester.

Louise, I was the same way this semester--it completely snuck up on me. Haden't bought my books, and fortunately dh picked some notebooks up for me, or i wouldn't have those either. Maybe because it's a spring session? I don't know...
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Knock-knock, may I come in?

My semester starts this week and I've only got two classes - Piano I & Music History II. I would love to take more, but since this is only my second semester back after a 5 year absence, I need to take things slowly. I'm currently at a county/community college, but I hope to transfer this fall or next year, depending upon what school accepts me. I'm a music major at the moment, but that could change. I have no idea when I'll finish, but that should clear up when I transfer schools.

Is anyone here finishing school with no career goal in mind? I have no specific career in mind when I finish, I just love music and have this desire to finish the college education I started back when I was 18. I want to prove to myself that I *can* finish something I start (it seems I never stick with things).
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OMG, I think this semester is going to kill me.

I have lecture 2 days/week, clinical 2 days/week and I have to work 12 hr shift 2 days/month. Plus study, plust take care of the kiddos (dh is a huge help. he's such a trooper.)

2 weeks in and I'm overwhelmed. The good news is I only have 8 weeks left until I precept. Precept is where I go to school 1 day/week (Friday) and work with one RN in the hosp doing all of the nurse's roll. I have to complete 11 shifts in 5 weeks. Then I'm DONE!!!

Today, after the boys are at school I apply to the BRN to sit for my boards! I'm so thrilled. I can't believe these days are finally here. Although I'm completely overwhelmed by the amount of work that is required of me, I'm almost done!!!
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Suzie-phew, just reading all you have going on right now made me tired!

I think I'm , I decided to add another class (intro to computing) to my schedule, so now I'm full time. It's self paced though and only 8 weeks long, so I hope it won't be so bad!
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I have four classes and two labs this semester.

My hard class is Anatomy and Physiology.

I have A&P
Writing (Public Sphere)
Women Today

I love two of my instructors, just love them. My Women's Studies professor is a scream, I love her. My Botany Prof. is so sweet and nice and I *love* Botany.

My English teacher is a bit eccentric. I don't have him figured out. I was in tears yesterday because he was talking about splitting the class into groups of four to do papers and powerpoint presentations (we have four papers and a portfolio) for all the assignments. I don't mind doing this for a project but for everything, blech!! These are 20 year old kids with little in common with me. I do my work at home with my children (youngest is in first grade) and I cannot afford to take time to go meet with three other students on a regular basis. So I went up to him prepared to make my case and he told me I could do my papers, etc. by myself (without me saying a word, I think he knew my dilema.) So, I think I like him but he has the potential to be crazy, as long as his eccentricity doesn't affect my A, I can live with it.

My A&P, oy!! The Prof is spooky. He looks like the undead. Seriously. I was warned about the class as I was entering the room the first day of the semester. I actually had four people standing at the door warning me of the dire consequences of trying to take A and P. (Two of them were the Tweedle Girls, so I took it with a grain of salt.)

Oh, yes, I may post a seperate thread but I'm doing a paper on working/studying and mothering and would like to interview some other student moms.

Debra Baker
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so, I didn't get a call back for Biggest Loser. But I have lost 13 lbs since Jan 1.

I'm keeping plenty busy with exams and practicals - Finals are in about 3 weeks... just trying to keep up - I've been sick with the flu this week (and I do mean the flu). I have a test tomorrow that I really need to take on time, but am planning on spending most of the weekend resting.
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Joining in...I am in my LAST semester of my Ph.D. My comps expire this semester, so it's kind of do or die on finishing my dissertation. Fortunately, it is at a point where it is still doable. I work during naps and for a while after supper when DH can "watch" the kids (I use the term loosely), but I am getting so stressed out going back and forth between Mommy and grad student during the day.

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I had a harrowing experience in school yesterday.

I was going for my first tutoring in Anatomy and Physiology. I am doing this proactively because I'm determined to get an A and the course is notorously difficult.

I get there and the tutor isn't there. I sit and wait for him. I was studying my lab material.

About 20 minutes later one of the supervisors passed by and saw the tutor still wasn't there and she called him. 20 minutes after that (40 minutes after the tutoring was to begin,) he finally showed up to tutor me.

I was trying to make small talk with him, I asked him if he got an A. He did. I asked him to share his secrets for success and he said, "You need to find your own secrets" ?!?! I asked him for some strategies for learning the details of the bones (our lab started with the skeleton.) and he started telling me to number the bones. I interrupted him to tell him I already know all but the carpal and tarsal bones and he started getting all snarkey telling me I needed to respect him. He brought up my age (like you're an old lady but you still need to respect me) I didn't want to waste his or my time on something I had already mastered, I needed specific study habits.

I asked again for specific study strategies and he told me to drink water (I had a bottle of water with me.) and eat breakfast.

I was so stunned that someone was nast with me, my school experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I simply don't expect people to be nasty.

I ended the tutoring as quickly as possible and went to the person who coordinated the tutoring and told the woman (I've meet her a few times) that I needed to schedule tutoring with another tutor. She knew I was pretty upset. I wanted get the rescheduling finished and I ended up breaking down in tears and I told them what happened because I didn't want some other poor student to go through a similar experience with this young man.

I am a mature woman and as soon as this man was abusive I thought to myself, "This is the last time you're tutoring me, buddy." I expect to get an A in A&P, but there are more timid, submissive people, vulnerable students who are struggling to simply *pass* this course and don't need to be verbally abused by this man.

They wouldn't be getting the help with the material they needed.

I got home and told one of my daughters what happened and she was about to go hunt him down (I told her I could take care of myself!!) but she said I should have put an end to it at the moment instead of waiting until later but I think I was diplomatic about the situation but I'm irritated that I ended up in tears like a weak woman although it reinforced the fact that I wasn't treated well.

Oh, sigh, sorry this post got so long.

Debra Baker
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