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Debra, that is just awful!! I hope the school takes some kind of action--that kind of treatment shouldn't be tolerated.

I hope the experience hasn't deterred you from using a tutor, and that they place you with someone more competent.
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Debra that is just aweful about your tutor!! I would have sat there is shock, I am SO GLAD you went and said something about him.

For me the key to Anatomy was to come up with mnemonics. Here is a good link, it really helped me when it came time for the lab exams (I think it has all the more popular mnemonics on there for the cranial nerves, carpals, etc):

I also bought the Anatomy coloring book, some people say it didn't help them but for me personally it did. I also went in for open lab times right before the test (like on the weekend when my husband was home to watch the kids or at night--I usually only made it to one open lab per test but it realllly helped to have that extra time) to work on my cadaver and go through and FIND all those nerves, muscles, etc It about killed though! lol

For me, Physio was something I had to just know and understand, memorizing didn't help me much. I had to really sit down and work out in my mind how everything worked and how it worked together. Most of the questions for physio were application questions, but every instructor is different.

I made an A in both classes and I know you will do excellent as well because you have he drive to do so. Those 2 classes and Microbiology were two of my fav classes ever! Actually last semester I took a class called Applied Anatomy just for fun

Anyways, your Botany teacher sounds wayyyy better than mine! I HATED botany and dreaded going to class because of him. I learned absolutly nothing (all I remember is phloem and zylem or however you spell it...lol).
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Debra- What a jerk. I'm glad that you had higher ups you could talk to about him. Hope that they get you someone better soon.

Marilyn - like the link... wish I'd had it 2 years ago. When dealing with the cranial nerves I learned "On old olympus Towering top a Finn and German Picked (viewed) some hops" But I also had a very old doctor that used some of the older names for the CNs.

I found "Anatomy: A regional atlas of the human body" by Clemente to be an excellent reference when I couldn't make it to the cadaver lab to study.
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My daughter is a Second Year medical student.

Some of the pnemonics are downright hillarious!!

Like (I'm not sure I'll get it right.) for the purpose of the cranial nerves (Motor, Sensory or Both) Some Say Marry Money But My Big Brother Says Big Boobs Matter Most

Now, off to check out the link.

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that is just horrible!

Good for you, for standing up for yourself and for those that he may have "tutored" after.

Classes start for me today, I'm ready and then I'm not. Only one of my courses is up on Blackboard... still waiting on the other four. Off to check again.
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Subbing, though I won't have much to post yet as I'm applying to a new school. I was in a distance BA program that worked for awhile and then you study system fell apart.
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I'm resurrecting this old thread.

My new tutor is awesome. An Indian grad student who is actually a MD. She must do another residency here in the US, I feel as though it is a waste of her time to tutor me but she's sweet, bright, and good.

Oh, about creepy crawley other tutor. I was chit chatting with two students in my A and P lab and they were telling me about their tutor who said to them (paraphrased) "Oh, you all think A and P is such a hard class but it's easy, so easy, I'm a BIO major and they won't even let us apply it to satisfy our major requirements, so I don't know why you're whining about this easy class."


I got a revelation and asked them if his name was Brandon and they were sort of shocked like How'd she know his name. HA!!! They said he quit and I wonder if he just got sacked from the job because of the way he treated me.

Later last week, I ran into another girl who had similar problems with Tutorcreepy.

I told the two girs in the lab not to take what that male appendage had to say about them into their spirits because he was an anal oriface and because *I'm* a Bio major and *I* think A and P is a challenge so Brandon can keep his opinion where his head is, namely up his ass.

Anyway, I got a 96 on my exam and I got a 94 on my paper and powerpoint presentation.

So far I have straight A's and the 4.0 this semester is mine to keep or spoil!!

Debra Baker
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Way to go Debra! And heck ya Anatomy is a challenge--there is nothing easy about it. It's not the hardest class overall but it is certainly no cake walk!!!! I had to study everyday to make an A in that class. I loved every minute of it though.

Anyways, I've decided after I get my RN-BSN I will apply to the Physician Assitant program since I've been pre-med I have all the pre-reqs completed already except for like 1 class. I have recently met SO many RN's who worked for a couple years then had no problem here getting into the PA program and absolutly loved what they are doing and said it worked so well with being a mom.

I had been a Bio major but got scared because I just knew too many Bio majors with no medical experience applying to the PA program and not getting in (I only know 1 who got in with no experience) and there isn't a whole heck of a lot to do with an undergrad Bio degree (you need a masters or more) around here. I'm just speaking for where I live.

Debra are you pre-med or pre-PA or still deciding? What are your plans?

I feel good about going the BSN route and then to PA school. That way I have something to fall back on (nursing) if I dont get into PA school right away and can always go into advanced practice nursing so its a win-win situation either way for me I think.
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I'm a BIO major thinking about applying into pre med if I get good grades this semester.

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Hope everyone is well! I took my statistics midterm today (I'm working on prerequisites for midwifery school while also WOH). I think I did ok - not an A, but perhaps a B.

And I just signed up for A&P to begin in April.
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Debra - WTG!!! Anatomy is a challenging class without adding a jerk of a tutor to the mix. Congrats on the good grade!

JaneyHD - Glad to hear the test went well. Stats was not one of my favorite classes.

I start finals tomorrow - Chiropractic Philosophy and Intro to Clinic are tomorrow. Next week I have Radiology III, Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis II, Thoracolumbar Technique, Pelvic Technique, and OB/Peds. I'll be done late Wednesday afternoon.

I have next Thursday "off", then Physiotherapy (active) starts on Friday for 6 days straight from 7am to 7pm... Next trimester starts on March 7. I've got 36 hours during the trimester, am working 10 hours a week in the Microbiology lab as a teaching assistant and will start seeing patients in late April... Before I can start seeing patients I have 6 weeks of clinic entrance exams to take
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I havn't posted to fourms in a long while...and I was a "working" mama when I did. Now I'm a student mama. While pregnant with number three I decided to quit my job and go for my Masters. My dh decided to continue on after his BA and go for his Masters as well LOL. So we're both graduate students: me in Religious Studies and dh in Spanish. We have all of our kids at home: Umberto, 5.5, Camille 2.5, and Piper Blue 9.5 months. We're commited to unschooling but I'm freaking out a bit about what will happen during Ph.D time.

Last semester I took three classes, and managed to pull off a 4.0 but gained something like 20lbs!!! Stressful is a mild understatement. This semester both dh and I wised up and we're taking 2 classes each (he's a TA teaching two intro Spanish classes). He's trying to get me to get a TA so he can stay with the kids:P Of course even though I'm only taking two classes (Material Christianity and Religion and Media) I was asked to contribute a chapter to a book on Religion and Class, and I've joined a theory reading group. So I'm as busy as ever. Oh, and hte baby started crawling just to make things even more interesting.

Like the rest of you I'm having a hard time juggling it all. Dh is AWESOME and we split weekend time so we each get to go do work. My mom takes the kids for us sometimes as well. But sometimes it's just not enough. The other day I was typing up a book review with a crying baby in my lap, and the other two going nuts around me! I figure if anything it will make me stronger!

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What a jerk! I'm glad that you told someone about what happened to you. I took A & P as an undergrad, and it was by far one of the toughest classes I ever took. So good for you on the A.

And I have to second that I loved the coloring book. It really helped me not only learn the parts but to maintain that knowledge.

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I've been actually sketching the bones and labeling the parts.

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Just checking in... five finals down, 2 to go... Pelvic at 7:45 am and Thoracolumbar at 11:45 am, both tomorrow. So far: A, B, A, A. I can't get an A in the two tomorrow, but I think that I got an A in the last one I took today.
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Ginger I am with ya on gaining weight while in school. I am still trying to lose 20 pounds, at this point I would be happy to lose 10 pounds! I'm going to just wait and deal with it this summer I think.

We homeschool as well
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Realllly bad day

I had the worse day of my life. Sorry if this gets long but I just want to talk.

I got up feeling fine and took the girls over to my moms and while I was dropping them off I had a funny feeling about today and told my mom, "mom Ihave a bad feeling about something"...but what do you do---stay home from work or school because you have a "bad feeling"? Plus I had a test to take and a paper due.

I went to school and to my first class (after parking in an ice rink....we have had an ice storm that come through the past couple days). I'm sitting in class and all of a sudden I am literally about to pass out! I have hypoglycemia problems but this was *really* bad. I don't know how I didn't pass out I felt REALLY bad and was totally out of it, my heart was racing and I was scared because Ive never felt this bad. I left the room and drank a coke (that will usually fix it) and came back and felt even WORSE and didn't think I would even be able to walk. I was feeling to stupid and scared to even ask for help (and I'm in a nursing class full of experienced ER RN's....lol!).

I go to the student union and buy 3 cokes and drink them all....and still feel reallllllly and scared. I can't even imagine how low my blood sugar must have been. I put my head down and blacked out and no one noticed...I was sitting down and I think I must have looked like I was sleeping or something. I was shaking really bad and I could tell the blood was drained out of my face. I drank another coke and after about 30 mins started feeling a tiny bit better, but still pretty bad.

I had a test to take, at this point you can't make them up so I had to go and take the stupid thing when I was in no health to take it and I know I didn't do so good because I was just totally out of it. No glucose to your brain equals not very good brain function! I finally felt ok to skip the rest of my classes and go back home.

So I was walking back to my car...now remember the parking lot is like a skating rink, it is *very icy* and the parking lot is at an angle. I get to my car and noticed I must have parked wrong but didn't think much of it and get in and notice a note on my windshield. Apparently my car had slid sideways on the ice when I was in class and HIT another car!!!! I just couldn't deal with this and started crying and was feeling so horrible anyways.

I drove home (I knew I was ok and not going to pass out). It took me about 5 hours for my blood sugar to get back to normal and even now at almost 8pm I feel ok but still can feel the effects.

Just a really sucky crappy day. I should have just listened to my gut and stayed home
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Oh, Marilyn,

That sounds like a horrible day.

I'm glad nobody was hurt.

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I give up. I'm unsubscribing.
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I'm not quite sure why Jennifer's upset and unsubbing.

If I, or anyone else, has done something, please say.

If you're just having a bad day, I sure understand!!!

I got an 86 on my Botany quiz and I'm so upset. It ruined my straight A's.

I feel like a common idiot. I understood the material but I didn't answer a couple of questions the way she wanted the question answered.

And this Prof. is the sweetest nicest lady so I can't blame the nasty Prof because she's the antithesis of nasty.

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