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I'm so excited! 32 weeks!

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Totally random post, I know, but I just had to share....today marks the end of 32 weeks!!!! Waaaa-hooooo!

My best friend is a NICU nurse, and she told me weeks ago that 32 weeks is a real goal for preemies...not that I'm planning on having a preemie, but still-- the fact that 32 weeks are done and over, and that my baby is doing well...I'm on cloud nine today.

Tomorrow I start work on week 33, and really, when you look at it, 33 is SOOOO close to 35, 37, and term! This baby is just around the corner!

Wishing you all speedy, happy, healthy weeks until all our babies are ready to be born,
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Congrats, RedOakMomma! Must be a big relief!

I've still got a way to go before I hit 32 weeks (only marking 29 weeks on Monday!), but I am very excited. It was a great moment to hit "viability", and I can't believe that the big day is getting so close!
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: : : :

I'm up for a little celebrating! Congrats to the first-of-the-monthers who have reached 32 weeks!
I'm in the same week as Birth Junky, but I'm also celebrating because I had my last ultrasound/cervix check today. Had to have them every 2-3 weeks since week 14 because of surgery on my cervix 8 years go. Even though I really enjoyed seeing the baby so much, I would never have elected to subject her to so much ultrasound, and of course getting vaginal ultrasounds so often has been no fun at all! But my cervix looks great and I'm free and clear to have a laid back rest of pregnancy with no more scheduled interventions!
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I just hit 31 weeks - very exciting although its hard to believe that this baby could be here so soon!! Hard to believe I was so excited about 20 weeks, but after reaching that milestone, time just flew by.

I can't wait to see start seeing the birth announcements!
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I'm due March 2, and I'm 32 weeks... so does that mean I'm starting on the 33rd week? This baby should be here somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks from now. When put that way, it seems like that's no time at all!
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32 weeks, wow! Isn't time just flying by? I can't believe I'm already 28 weeks (due on the last day of March). It seems like this pregnancy has just passed me by.
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Hey, I'm right there with you!! I'm getting excited, also. I had complete previa earlier in the pregnancy, and had another sono done, the placenta is very high, not even close to the danger zone. Baby is already heads down and each time I get checked by midwife, he's still that way. I've been having BH's and drinking my red raspberry leaf tea three times a day. We're getting ready!!
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I'm due date buddies with Birth Junky- so I'm in week 29 too, still have a little ways to go till 32 weeks here... Seems like its just around the corner!!!

Congrats on the milestone!
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32 weeks weeeee!!!
I am with ya!
Still 8 weeks seems like a long way away. I have a home visit with MW in a couple of weeks so I know things are coming around soon. I just feel so big already. Part of that may be that DD is frank breech right now and her head feels like its above my ribs.
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I'm 31 weeks, but I was thrilled with passing the 29 week mark due to my son due being born at 29 weeks last time. So I've iradicated my 29 week demons. I'll breathe the second sigh of relief after 34 weeks which is when most preemies can really start being put to the breast successfully.

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Coming to the end of week 31 here! You are one week ahead of me, Elisabeth.

I'm trying hard not to think of this as "near the end," because I know that will make the last weeks interminable!!
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etoilech~ Congratulations! That must have been a HUGE milestone to pass, emotionally and psychologically. Wishing you a 40-weeker this time!

nubianamy~ No matter how close I think I am to the end, time CAN'T slow down. I'm chasing after 3-year old twins all day, and nesting like a maniac all evening...time is flying by!
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I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow, and this pregnancy is FLYING! I can't believe how short of time we have left!
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