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My goal.... your goal....

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Starting some embroideries today.... and will have 5 diapers sewn by next Friday. I have 1 week to do this.
(I haven't sewn a dipe since C was born.... and she's outgrown her NB sized dipes.... actually never really fit them well.) so we need more smalls!!
Thats my goal.

What is your goal this week?
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Get the rest of my clutter-cleaning done so that I can set up the sewing machine and attempt my first diaper!!
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I need to clean up my sewing area and get my supplies in the mail. I have yet to sew one dipe but I am excited to get going!
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Get some work done on my nephew's training pants. I have 8 PUL cuts done, but need to cut the flannel insides and the soaker pieces.

Goal #2 is to spend the OSDS gift certificate my dad gave me for Christmas. I recieved the code yesterday and am trying to decide what all to buy!
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OK... the first embroidery is on the machine. It's a Celtic knotwork rainbow on purple PUL.
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Sounds like a pretty embroidery - you'll have to share a picture!

My goal this week is to get two dozen prefolds ordered, finish a batch of 6 small pockets (not for me) with their inserts and mail mail mail all the stuff I have to mail!
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Hmm My main goal is to have a baby I'd like to get a couple more diapers done for William though. Maybe give a go at a pocket, but I'm not sure about that one, not much energy these days!!
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to get the 7 pairs of longies and 8 covers done witn pictures taken by next friday so my friend and I can get our diaper -selling website up and running... It's hard to get the enthusiasm and the practicality of each of us having two children in step to attain all the start-up goals.
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Well, we are moving into an apartment w/o washer/dryer, so it's back to the laundramat and back to using quick drying, easy to wash diapers. We currently have a stash with almost all internal soakers. So, my goal is to make 3 dozen medium VB AIO's (quick drying), at least a dozen with embroidery. Most immediately, I have almost 2 dozen outers cut out from all of my scraps. I need to cut out the rest of the inners and outers and soaker parts, hopefully within the next week. And I'm hoping to get to the embroidery tomorrow. The actual assembly probably won't take place until next month after we move.
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I tydeyed some birdseye last week and cut it yesterday to make some mama bird larges since dd is growing out of all her smalls. I plan on making six by the end of next week. I just finished making four dipes with my own pattern and they turned out pretty nice but what a pain!!! I thought I'd be all cool and make them with three body pieces, snaps, some with internal soakers, some with attached quick dry soakers and 4 layer gussets on all of them and it took forever to get them done. Dd needs some new diapers pretty fast so I'm going back to the good old easy, fast mamabird pattern for this next set. I'll tweak my own pattern more later .
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A half stash of preemie prefolds for the first days with my spring baby, made out of reclaimed t-shirts. About 4? covers from recycled sweaters to go with those.

About a dozen infant prefolds and a dozen infant fitteds for my spring baby. (I already have about a dozen purchased prefolds)

About 6 covers for my soon to be infant, I have made one so far.

A whole stash of small fitteds and covers. Some special fitteds and covers for friends who are also having babies.

Slings (4?) for friends who are having babies.

Wipes for all the baby butts.

My DS, 22 months, could really use some trainers...

All by the beginning of May. Yet here I sit.
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Well, I finished a little over half my goal for the week.

This morning, I placed my order from OSDS using the gift certificate my dad gave me for Christmas. And I cut out 2 cuts of flame flannel for the inside of my nephew's training pants (this will go with the neon orange PUL - I love it!). I need to cut out 2 more, but as it was, I was cutting while DS was sitting ON the fabric (my cutting table is badly needing cleaning off, so I used the dining room floor). So I wasn't going to press my luck at trying to get a good cut once more (I did 2 cuts at a time). I should have enough flame flannel left to do an AIO for DS (I think I have enough for one of his size neon orange PUL), and probably a fitted or two. We'll see. I didn't actually measure the flannel to see how much was there in the first place. My sister just sent a bunch of flannel along with her son and ex-husband when they came to visit my parents at Thanksgiving. So I have flames, dog bones, dogs, cats, and some kind of moosey wilderness motif. She wanted some of it to be used for the training pants, and the rest was for me to play with (in particular, the dog stuff, since I'm a dog person).
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I need to sew 4 fitted diapers by Monday. 1 for e-bay, 1 for my etsy shop, and two for an MDC mom. Come to think of it, I should probably sew 6, DS needs some too.
I'd also like to sew a couple fleece covers.
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I have 3 embroideries done... and I put in an order for some PUL print diaper cuts. That way... (I have to take my embroidery machine into the shop... for the sewing timing, but I'm procrastinating) I won't have embroidery withdrawals while she's gone.
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Well, I got the inners and soakers cut for 10 AIO's today. I'm hoping to get at least another 10 done while the kids are taking a late nap right now (the little one just went down for a second nap.) Probably won't be getting any embroidery done today since I didn't get my butt around to ordering what I wanted yet. I couldn't make up my mind until this morning and the place I want it from won't process orders on Saturdays.
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My goal for this week is-
3 fitted diapers(only 1 is for my DD) others to give away
2 prs of fleece pants(need to find a good pattern first ) and a dress/shirt that will match the diaper print and both prs of fleece pants

oh edited to add I made 2 fitteds tonight but they just need snaps and they can go out. Now I need to start on DDs stuff
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okay, so I'm making super cute itty bitty VB AIO's to send to a friend who hopefully won't have her baby until the diapers are in the mail! (she's due NOW) I'm making 5 and have 3 mostly done. I just put the elastic in the last 2. I have aplix left to put on all 5 and then can send them on out.

I also have 2 pr of longies to finish embellishing for a gift exchange. I've got all the pieces cut out for one pr and half of them sewn on. The other pair are made but I have to cut out all the embellishing bits and sew them on. sigh. here's hoping I get lots of sewing time this week! (of course my DD is just on the verge of crawling and is now pretty mobile and has learned to pull up this week, which means we have to be a bit more vigilant when she's playing on the floor beside us...)
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No goals were met this past week, as my dh was on leave and I don't get much done when he's home. Plus, we were out-of-town for the New Year. Next week though, I want to finish my shopping cart cover. It's almost done, just decided to wait for the new machine to finish it. I also want to start making cloth diapers for my son and finish setting/cleaning his room. It's been 2 mts since we moved here and his room is the only one not done. It's not too big of a deal since he sleeps in a co-sleeper in our room, but I'd like to try to start putting him in his crib for naps. So, those are my main goals for this upcoming week. Yay!!
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Beth: Do the "2 foot project". Go through the room or set of rooms babygated off and remove anything unsafe within 2 feet from the floor. If she's pulling up already, maybe make it a 3 foot project. When she's getting close to walking, it will be more like 4 feet (because they start climbing ON things!).

Kat: My DS is 18 months old, and his room is STILL a mess. I really need to clean it out and make it toddler-proof before he gets old enough for a big boy bed (I *think* we have at least 6 more months). We just don't use his room for anything except diaper changes and sleeping because it's upstairs, and everything else (including my bedroom) is downstairs.
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My goal's for this week are to get my house clean(since we got internet haven't had time to clean all free time goes for researching stuff) after that i would like to sew more diapers and fugure out what i am doing worng. Get rid of my sons diaper rash and figure out where it came from.
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