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I'm a posting fool today.

So we're probably moving last 4 weeks of the pregnancy. Totally stressful, but probably a really good opportunity to start out scaled back and uncluttered. I'm thinking of the first few days/weeks PP - I will probably only have the time and energy to really unpack and finish one or two rooms before the baby gets here, so I want to concentrate on creating a space thats perfect for the first few days (a babymoon spot).

Any suggestions on what to include here? Practical items, as well as anything frivoulous too that contributes to relaxation, bonding, etc? My husband won't be able to take off work, and I'll have no family really around, so it'll just be me and the critter during the day. I don't want to go bonkers either from boredom.
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The living room and our bedroom were where I spent most of my time during the first few weeks of dd's life.

A few suggestions for whatever room(s) you pick:

- make sure you have an area cleared for commonly used things (water, books, snacks, etc) that is within easy reach when you're feeding the baby; you'll probably be spending a lot of time there!

- set up mini diaper changing areas in the rooms you'll be in most

- whether you're planning on nursing or bottle feeding, having a nursing pillow is probably a good idea; have it handy in the space you feed the baby the most

I can't really think of anything else right now. I spent a lot of my time sitting with Kylie, working on nursing, so the items I've mentioned above were the things that were most important to me. It's also great if your husband or a family member can be around to get you drinks and snacks while you're nursing. If someone can't be there to help you with this, I'd suggest getting yourself prepped with water and easy to reach snacks between feedings.

Have fun preparing!

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I tend to be minimalist in most things baby so most of the time it was baby and I in bed. I had a Tv in the room and reading material available. Clean clothes for both and diapers, etc for baby. I'd strongly suggest setting up your space close to the bathroom, i wasn't allowed to go up and down steps for a week either. If it's just you, see if hubby will pack a cooler in the morning for some food for you to keep nearby or if you can afford it, a minifridge.
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I'd agree with the previous posters:

-A side table where you can have a lamp, snacks, water (with a pitcher so you don't have to keep going to the faucet), and reading material (including any nursing/baby books you have). If you want to chat on the phone, bring it in and put it nearby (with address book), but keep the ringer turned off. Have another phone hooked up in the house so you can hear that ringer from a few rooms away.

-mini changing station within one room of where you are (we just put a few fluffy towels on a stomach-high dresser and used that). The one(s) you use the most could have a diaper pail and laundry basket nearby.

-A tv or radio/stereo (NPR and cds) nearby to keep your mind occupied when baby's asleep or when you're bored. Remotes are a BIG bonus.

-LOTS of pillows in and around your bed so you can sit up comfortably, support your nursing positions, and even sleep with supported, elevated legs if you want.

-a supply of swaddling blankets for baby...when one gets spit up on it, you can just toss it in the laundry and use a fresh one. My babies weren't happy unless they were "burrito babies"

-in the livingroom, have at least one comfortable chair with a table (snacks, water, phone) next to it. You might also want a plushy bouncy seat for the baby so you can put him/her down for a few moments and use the bathroom. A place to sit with your feet up is nice, but not vital.

-In the bathroom, make sure you have a place to store your post-birth pads, a sitz bath (or whatever you're using for perineum care), nipple cream, and whatever other things you'll need in the few weeks following the birth. A temporary shelf or corner is fine, just as long as they're handy and reached in a jiffy.

-In your new town, try to grab a dozen or so takeout menus from local restaurants, delis, etc. Having a good supply of takeout choices can be really, really nice during the babymoon.

I sat on my behind for the first three months because I had twins that couldn't be put down. One or both of them were nursing 24/7. The most vital "nearby" things for me were: food, water, phone, radio remote, pillows, and bouncy seats. Try to be in at least one room full of sunshine--it's a mood improver that's good for you and for baby.
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I just wanted to toss in a suggestion that you check out www.bellywomen.net; it is a listing of doulas nationwide who work for free (usually they are still working on certification). You might be able to find a post-partum doula in your area who could come by a few times in the first few weeks to help out with whatever you need.
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I don't have any words of wisdom, as this is my first baby. I just wanted to say how glad I am that you posted this! Our due date is March 8, we won't move into our new home until March 12! We just signed the papers to buy today, and the owners need to rent it from us until their home is finished.

So DH and I are talking about the necessities for me cause either I'll be moving with a new little baby, or I'll be just about ready to deliver! It's great to see this list of must haves for getting the house set up.
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Originally Posted by RedOakMomma
Try to be in at least one room full of sunshine--it's a mood improver that's good for you and for baby.

YES!!!! I had some post partum blues with dd #1 and I craved to have the shades open and to have lots of light. Luckily she was born in August and there were lots of sunny days.

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Originally Posted by JillChristina
YES!!!! I had some post partum blues with dd #1 and I craved to have the shades open and to have lots of light. Luckily she was born in August and there were lots of sunny days.


Using Full spectrum lightbulbs in the room(s) you'll be in most helps too (or heck, the whole house!)

http://store.mercola.com/itemdesc.asp?CartId={433172F0-0D8F-EVEREST4737-8832-AAA9D249F2EE}&ic=1000274&eq=&Tp= (not suggesting you buy from here, just first place I thought of where one can look at what a full spectrum bulb is)

Especially great for those of us in cloudy/up north areas where light and dark are huge differences. (sun is starting to set after 330pm again here, yay! heh)
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Ooh, good point about sunny rooms. Didn't even think about that! Our house is on a completely wooded lot; hence, we get almost NO natural light in the house (or even in the yard!), just a tiny bit of first-morning sunlight up in our bedroom.

Should pick up a few full-spectrum bulbs before the baby comes . . .
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Yeah, definitely. And keep in mind they are so expensive for one bulb because they last many many hours.

I picked one up that was a large socket size, doh... all our lamps use small sockets *sheepish grin* So I think I will be lazy and just try to find a large socket lamp, Tee hee! Talk about pregnancy brain!
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Herbs for your tub or sitz bath. Helped my tear heal fast and oh so relaxing when you have a minute for yourself. I get a premade mix from an herb store, but there are probably recipes online.
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