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January declutter challenge-we did it- we got rid of 9966 items!!

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OK, ground rules...

First of all get any holiday stuff put away, returned, taken down etc before you can begin challenge!! This is something you should do- does not count towards the challenge!!!

We have done these before its amazing what gets donated, put on ebay, the tp, thrown out whatever.

Remove 500 items from your home. The reason the number is sooo high is some of the new mamas posting in this section and their stuff they are talking about-yikes! You have until Jan 31st to get all items removed and then brag about your conquests! Be sure to check in and brag brag brag about what went out the door because it helps others decide to try it as well!

Things you can count in the 500 items (believe me it adds up quick!)

-your 1998 income tax return (counts as 1 item not every piece of paper) shredded. and any years before count as one item.
-last years calendars
-any old cables/cords from your pc, old cell phone etc count as one each
-any filled manilla folders in your file cabinet- toss the whole thing its one item!
-a box of bills in your attic is one item.
-expired anything in your fridge, pantry, freezer, cabinets that you throw out when going thru them. Like those old spices you used once 3 years ago you know!
-each container you find that has yuck on the sides counts as one
-cooking utensils and pots/pans w lid etc count as one item each
-linens count as one- so a set of 3 = 3 items
-old soaps, half used boxes of whatever, count as one each
-stacks of magazines- each one = one item
-happy meal toys, giveaways etc all count as one each
-each article of clothing counts as one item each.
-add anything else you can think of and share!!!

So this should get us started. Remember when looking at something and not sure- ask yourself "do I think this is useful and/or beautiful?" answer is no- get rid of it.
Remember some stuff is good that you do not need or have the space for it
so maybe look into ebay or our own tp here. Don't wait until Garage sale season to unload. If needed, call a charity right now to arrange a pickup next week and another at the end of the month to help you.

Are you in??
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Oh i'm so so so IN!!! I NEED THIS! I had to LOL as i read the first part about christmas stuff... b/c it is Jan 6th and i have *most* of the stuff gone and out to the shed but i do still have some wraping paper and bags in my bedroom and my nice boxed ordaments in a big box in my living room under the bar needing to go into my closet (i refuse to store thoes outside since they were form my grandmother one for every ear till i was 21) but they do need put up and the bag of stuff sitting next to them needs boxed and put into the shed.... So i'll report back after that stuff is done... but to get 500 items out of my house will help so much and i'm hoping that atleast 100 of thoes can be old toys of the kids that they don't play with anymore since they got so much new stuff from christmas!!!
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Well, I took a bunch of stuff to the women's crisis shelter eariler this week, so I'll just count yesterday and today!

13 plastic bowls I never use *BOXED UP*
baby food puree-er thingy *promised to friend, in diaper bag*
2 oak barstools that we never use anymore *to brother, GONE*
1 quilt rack *to mom's, GONE*
20 paperwork items *GONE*
10 magazines/ect. *GONE*
5 old cups *trashed*
1 box Pringles *trashed*


I went thru our office stuff today It's BAD! I'll just count this as 20 items, but we had insurance policies all from 2003 and since! It was an entire bag of paper items, but my file cabinets look so nice and organized! I added a few new hanging folders,and re-orgainzied a few things. I"ll aske DH about throwing out the old tax returns, we have since 1996

I also tackled one of my major clutter spots today! The area on the bar (that we never eat at, hence the getting rid of barstools) is where we put all of our bills, mail, ect. It makes a HUGE mess all of the time, and keeps my kitchen looking messy. Last year or so, I bought 2 of those little paper orgaizer thingys, with 3 trays in them, and they've both been on the cabinet to keep the paper at bay/organized. TOday I got one of them cleaned out, re-organized, and put the other one w/ current magazine/catalog, ect. stuff in DH's office space in the basement! It looks SOOOOO much better! I'm only counting that as 10, but It was WAY more. How do we get all of this STUFF!!! We do run a home business, so we get bus. stuff and personal stuff, and TONS of paperwork.

I'm on a ROLL, so watch out for more! I'm off to clean out more cabinets!
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Thats the idea! I am at 110 items to date (1/6). As I make my way thru things such as drawers and filecabinets etc it will grow. My list so far includes things such as nail polishes that seperated! Now for the bathroom and the empty bottle etc!!
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WOW! 500 items seems like SO many! Can I actually do this??
Not sure but I sure want to try! Thanks for the challenge...
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I was reading this thread earlier in the evening when my computer froze up and had to be shut down. I took this as a sign that now was the time to declutter! I managed to get rid of 85 things so far. That was only tackling the dining room counter and closet. I don't think I'll have any trouble at all finding 500 things to get rid of.
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Thanks for keeping us motivated! I'm in. I am planning to do lots of decluttering this weekend, but made a bit of a start today before reading this thread:

* mailed off 6 items I sold on eBay (a PITA but that's another story)
* tossed 2 old baking mixes that have been in our pantry forever
* tossed 3 broken toys

Hope to be back with LOTS more later this weekend.
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I'm in! I was on a decluttering roll several months ago, but it got pushed aside (probably during my first trimester & feeling crappy). I need a fire lit under my butt!

So I just put 33 items up on Freecycle. If no one wants them there, I will bring them to the donation center. Plus I got rid of old calendars, etc. for another 3 items. That's my official start: 36 items.

Tonight or tomorrow I plan to go through the baby clothes I saved from dd & get rid of ones I *know* I won't use with this new babe.
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Ok, all christmas stuff gone and put away!!! I got that done, then i started in the kitchen while the girls were eating dinner. I went through my medicine cabnit in the kitchen and trashed about 5 bottles of old pills the dogs were on at one time or another, and about another 10 paper items out of there too, i can now fit all my meds/vitems that were on top of the microwave in the cabnit! YIPPY then i went through my bills and trashed all the old ones that i paid last month online (which is about 70% of my bills). so that was prolly about 10 paper items. so that's 25 items as of tonight...

Tomorrow my plan is to tackel the rest of the kitchen and laundry room i'm guessing i could 200 tomorrow alone in thoes two rooms and i need to still get my livingroom, both kids rooms, and my bedroom, and two bathrooms!!! I will update hopefully tomorrow afternoon when i'm done with these rooms!!!
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Oooh! I am so in! Especially with all these inspiring stories. So first thing tomorrow, down comes the tree and other decorations, and all x-mas things get put away.
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I'm in. 500 will be a stretch, but I think I have that many things that should be removed from the house. I put a bunch of stuff on Freecycle this morning - I'll have to count it up next week, when people are picking it up.

We have company coming next week, so I am ready to clean this place up!
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I'm In!!!!

500? woah! i'm not sure if i can get rid of that much stuff. i recently did a decluttering of our home 5 months ago and gave away so much to charity. i easily gave away around 150 items, most in near new condition (and that was just from one room ). it was hard and gut wrenching, but i did it. in the end we only managed to declutter 1.5 rooms in our apartment, and then moved into our home.
now that we have moved and dd is climbing everywhere and raids all cupboards and drawers, i decided that once and for all we were going to remove everything we don't want or use. period. dh has been a hoarder in the past but i've talked to him many times about it and asked about the logic of keeping it all if it wasn't in use. he couldn't come up with a good reason and started to see the light. he is now 110% on board with me! he even opened the cupboard and said he didn't want 2 of his work sweaters that he doesn't like wearing and that we should give them away to someone who will put them to use.

i'm not sure how many items i have so far.. i'm guessing in the 70's range. i started the declutter a week ago. i went through 6 boxes in the last 24 hours and organised our books and a shitload of papers.

it's amazing - once you get started, you don't want to stop! and it's also amazing how easy it is to live peacefully when you open a cupboard, find what you want in an instant, take it out and use it. no searching, no yelling, no cussing.

anyway, i'm off to shred some no longer needed documents..
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I'm in!!!

DH is the one responsible for putting away the Christmas decorations, so I'm going to go ahead and get started on the decluttering even as he's working on unChristmasing the house

So far today I've pitched/set aside for donation/posted on ebay/recycled 43 items (10 t-shirts, 1 bag of bubble wrap packing material, 6 bottles of vinegar - to be given to a friend who cleans with it, 13 old pictures, 3 empty boxes, towel warmer, 6 salad bowls, a towel rack and a hanging knob that never managed to be put up in the bathroom).

I am confident I can get to 500 this month simply because I have so many old photographs that need to be put in albums - and I know that I don't want to spend good money on albums for pictures that simply aren't album-worthy! So I'll pitch a good number of pictures, I'm sure... I had intentions of doing scrapbooks, but I find that it's just not me. I don't have the creativity or the time to put into the scrapbooks. So I'm going to sell the scrapbooking supplies I have and use the proceeds to buy proper albums that I will use (as in, just slide the pictures in the little slot ).

The basement as a whole needs a serious look - so I'm going back down there after I post. I'm sure I'll be back later with another update!

Shelley, a decluttering madwoman!
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This is off to a good start! A few questioning if they can get to 500.

Remember going thru your fridge and throwing out 5 expired things counts-incl the celery that got forgotten! Go thru papers, videos, medicines, books, old school reports, texts, packages of photo negs, old batteries that need to be recycled, the garage alone could have 500 items according to my dh. He has pitched about 25 items so far.

So my number right now is right under 200 w dh's stuff incl. Last night I took a big shopping bag and just went thru the kitchen junk drawers etc. It was filled with stuff to toss. Plus now you can find things in there.
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Originally Posted by mamamelia
500? woah! i'm not sure if i can get rid of that much stuff.
it's amazing - once you get started, you don't want to stop! and it's also amazing how easy it is to live peacefully when you open a cupboard, find what you want in an instant, take it out and use it. no searching, no yelling, no cussing.

anyway, i'm off to shred some no longer needed documents..
i think you will suprise yourself!
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I am up to 178. Over 3/4 of that total came from the kitchen/diningroom NOT including the fridge or pantry. I had no idea there was so much useless stuff in just those two rooms. I am feeling sick today but after I have a rest I am hoping I can get up to two hundred today. It feels so good to unburden us from this stuff.
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Well so far this morning i got 2 kitchen cabnits cleaned out and some plant shelfing that holds only junck as i kill all indoor plants.... so i got rid of 35 items now i'm up to 60 items... i'm hoping to just get through the kitchen today and wait for the laundry room tomorrow, i have 3 extra kids here now so that isn't helping but my sister in law wanted some of her kids to come over, she has 6 so 1/2 of them came over.... 6 kids age 1,3,3,5,5,7 this is a little crazy!!! LOL
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Since last I posted, I've done away with 16 photos, 14 documents, 1 cd, 1 HUGE stack of random paperwork, 2 empty boxes, 2 packages of sweets that really shouldn't go to my hips, 1 dress, 3 hair products, 6 wedding cards, 1 picture frame, 7 glass jars, 1 vase and 1 dirty piece of linoleum that was hiding under the kitchen sink.

So 43 plus all that brings me to... 99 items of my 500.

And now - I need to reward myself with a relaxing shower Have a great day, all! Keep up the good work!
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Alright. Christmas tree and decorations down. I have an open window up listing all the books I am asking to trade. If they are not gone before my birthday (the 28th), they are going to goodwill. I have also pulled clothes from my drawers, some sheets and other things that are just too much to put on the list for trade so they will be going to goodwill (probably Monday as I drive by there on my way to court).

Sooooo...I can only count a few things perhaps 5-10 items that I have thrown out but am definetly getting rolling. Just getting the Christmas tree down was amazing for me! Last year it was February! before it came down.
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i AM in!~
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